Everything You Need To Recreate Twilight In Sims 4

The Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack means players can finally recreate the Twilight series - but there's a few ways players can improve reenactments.

The new Sims 4 Game Pack Werewolves means that many Simmers can finally make their dream of recreating the Twilight series in-game come true. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the possibility of a Sims 4 Twilight crossover since the development team began hinting at a werewolf-themed pack earlier this year. Although Twilight’s Jacob Black and his tribe are actually shapeshifters and not werewolves, the latest Game Pack will still let players create narratives with fairly high accuracy – particularly when paired with the right downloads and cheats.

The Sims 4 has always offered players expansive options when it comes to expressing their creativity, whether it’s recreating Twilight or making their own stories. The game offers massive amounts of customization when it comes to Sims’ appearances, from facial contouring and hair to clothing and accessories. The architectural options provided by The Sims 4 is no different, letting players build homes from the ground up and furnish them however they’d like. After players create a character or build within The Sims 4, they can upload it to the Sims 4 Gallery to share with other users. For those desiring even more freedom, players can download mods and custom content online to add new items, clothing, and gameplay mechanics.

The possibilities when it comes to recreating Twilight in The Sims 4 are nearly endless and can be tailored to different play styles. Some fans may way to focus on stricter recreations, with an emphasis on accuracy and following the plot, whether it be from the book or movie. Others may want to build upon existing material with their own twists to see how they play out in-game, perhaps pairing Bella and Jacob or letting Edward break his moral code. Players can even enjoy Twilight in The Sims 4 in a more hands-off way, simply putting characters together in a household and observing how they interact and live their lives.

Twilight In The Sims 4 Starts With The Right Characters

At its core, Twilight is about the characters, which is a fact many creators on the Sims 4 Gallery are fortunately aware of. It’s simply impossible to begin a Twilight save file in The Sims 4 without icons like Bella, the Cullens, and Jacob Black. For those looking to start with a big Cullen household, SirSIM has a family of 8 Cullens – including Renesmee. The collection of vampires doesn’t include Jasper or Rosalie, but they can be found in separate uploads from Scarlettee3333 and lolprot respectively. Unfortunately, players will have to pick and choose their Cullens, as only 8 Sims can inhabit a lot; however, players do have the option of using a mod like TwistedMexi’s Full House to negate this. An excellent Jacob Black can also be found on the Sims 4 Gallery from SugarySweetSims.

Twilight In The Sims 4 Needs The Right Lots

From the meadow where Edward showed off his sparkles to the restaurant where Bella famously enjoyed a plate of mushroom ravioli, the Twilight series is full of iconic locations. Although it’s hard to choose, some Sims 4 Gallery lots are simply must-haves when it comes to recreating the series in The Sims 4. Players can find an excellent recreation of the Cullen home by Xhexenia1 that would be perfect for a birthday party gone awry, and if players would rather play a Jacob Black storyline, a version of his home is also available from saralemmess. A beautiful lot by Rikkie987 recreates the lovely outdoor setting where Bella and Edward get married, and although listed as a Generic lot type it can be designated a Wedding Venue with the My Wedding Stories Game Pack.

Players Can Live Out Twilight Feuds In The Sims 4

Once players have all the Sims and lots they need, it’s time for storytelling. The long-standing feud between vampires and wolf shapeshifters is a key part of the Twilight series, and the relationship between vampires and werewolves in The Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack contains similar themes. In-game Edwards and Jacobs can easily be pitted against each other utilizing relationship cheats. To modify the relationship between two existing Sims, players can enter the following code, replacing the “X” with a number between -100 and 100: modifyrelationship [FirstName] [LastName] [TargetFirstName] [TargetLastName] X LTR_Friendship_Main

This code lets Sims 4 players make Jacob and Edward enemies from the start – whether players decide to have the two Twilight love interests patch things up or duke it out is up to them. This code can also be used for more feuds besides that between vampires and werewolves – Bella and Rosalie started off with an incredibly rocky relationship as well. Can players win Rosalie over as Bella, or will Rosalie be able to convince Bella to leave the Cullens alone for good?

Epic Twilight Battles Can Come To The Sims 4 (Kind Of)

Although it isn’t possible to recreate the huge battles from Twilight on nearly the same scale they’re portrayed in the books and movies, with a few downloads players can still have a fun fight. The clever Sims 4 creator known as SirSIM has also shared an excellent version of the Volturi on the Sims 4 Gallery, and has made them all-powerful Grand Master Vampires with maxed-out skills and Aspirations – perfect for playing out a confrontation about Renesmee. If players would rather recreate the fight from Eclipse, a version of the infamous Victoria designed by tallelote can also be found on the Gallery, ready to avenge James.

Although The Sims 4 already lets players fight, the game doesn’t offer anything too devastating or lethal, which doesn’t exactly match up with the possible strength of wolf shapeshifters and vampires in Twilight. If fans wish to play out more extreme fights – perhaps more in line with Alice’s bloody vision in Breaking Dawn – mods like SACRIFICIAL’s Extreme Violence and Evil Toddler mods may fit the bill. These mods expand upon the power already offered to werewolves and vampires in The Sims 4, and will allow players to do things like kill Victoria for good, and even let Renesmee join in the fight if they so desire.

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