Does Marcus Have Powers In The Twilight Movies?

Marcus was one of the Volturi's most powerful members in the Twilight movie adaptations, but the saga never fully explained his supernatural powers.

While the Twilight movies never made the powers of their vampire characters clear, the Volturi villain Marcus did secretly have a helpful supernatural skill that the adaptations barely utilized. It was not easy to bring the Twilight saga to life onscreen when the franchise’s devoted fanbase wanted absolute fealty to the source novels. The creators of the Twilight movies needed to keep fans happy while also ensuring that the runtimes of the movies were reasonable, resulting in a lot of exposition being cut from the finished films.

Since Michael Sheen’s memorable Volturi villain Aro’s powers are pivotal to the last Twilight movie finale, his abilities got an onscreen explanation to allow unfamiliar viewers an understanding of what was going on in the ending. However, his coven colleague Marcus wasn’t afforded the same explanation, mainly because his powers don’t play as big a role in the action of the Twilight saga. However, Marcus does have powers and they do end up influencing the plot of the Twilight movies (however slightly).

Marcus, unlike Aro, doesn’t have an immediately obvious supernatural ability. However, unlike the final Volturi member Caius, he does possess a paranormal skill—it is just a lot more subtle than most of the vampires in the series. Like the Cullen family, Twilight’s Volturi is made up of vampires with skills and those without any. For his role in the coven, Marcus can sense the relationships between people without speaking to or touching them, meaning he can know their innermost loyalties at a glance. It is a skill that proves useful for the paranoid Aro who is often convinced that everyone around him is plotting against him.

What Are Marcus’s Powers In The Twilight Novels?

Marcus can discern Bella’s relationship with Edward in the Twilight novels, as well as working out her relationship with the rest of the Cullen family. This means that the minor Volturi villain could have stepped in and saved Twilight’s heroic Cullen family a lot of trouble by telling Aro that the group didn’t pose a threat to their coven and wanted nothing more than a quiet life in the Pacific Northwest back in 2009’s New Moon. However, Aro’s paranoia evidently rubbed off on Marcus during their hundreds of years spent together since the supporting star couldn’t see the lack of threat that the heroic Cullen clan posed in that early sequel.

However, the apparent failure of Marcus’s powers does have another explanation here. His dark backstory includes Aro secretly killing his own sister (Marcus’s mate and the love of his life) to avoid the pair running off together and weakening the Volturi. This event could have dulled Marcus’s powers as centuries of heartbreak is likely to have made Marcus’s ability to see the relationships between others weaker, meaning it makes sense that the Twilight villain’s powers barely come into play during the saga’s movie adaptations.

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