Twilight Cast As CGI Characters Looks Like A Bootleg Disney Movie

The cast of Twilight has been rendered in hilariously poor CGI animation through new DALL-E AI art, and it looks like a sad bootleg Disney film.

The Twilight actors are reimagined as characters in an animated movie, and it looks like a bootleg Disney film. Twilight was first released by Summit Entertainment in 2008, and the franchise has managed to remain relevant since then with four sequel films based on the three sequel books: New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2. Several spinoff novels written by author Stephanie Meyer have also been released in recent years. Despite mixed critical reception, the Twilight movies and novels have a surprisingly devoted fan following, not to mention the portion of viewers who only watch because they love to hate the movies.

The Twilight Saga’s main actors, Kristen Stewart as Bella and Robert Pattinson as Edward, have gone on to star in critically praised films like Spencer and The Batman, but fans haven’t forgotten their humble beginnings. Their performances are considered a highlight in the otherwise mediocre films. The story of the vampire falling in love with a human and protecting her from werewolves and other vampires was a cultural phenomena for a time, and arguably, as much as the actors have worked to put Twilight behind them, the series launched Stewart’s and Pattinson’s careers.

Now, with the help of AI program DALL-E, the original Twilight movie is reimagined as a computer generated cartoon. The images are not completely clear, but there is enough to see Edward, Bella, and several others in the scenes as animated characters. The intense expressions on Edward’s face rendered in CGI are quite something, and Bella’s smirks and stares offer their own uncomfortable hilarity. Check out the images below.

The popularity of the AI generator continues to grow as it creates seemingly anything people can think of, including Pedro Pascal as Dr. Strange, Pikachu with Harley Quinn on a beach, and now Twilight as this weird Disney movie bootleg. The CGI certainly does not hold up to the standards of Disney’s usual projects, and the images really only serve to assure fans that Twilight was released in the correct live-action medium.

Imagining Twilight as an animated movie is hilarious. The drama and intensity of many of the characters simply would not have worked as a cartoon. Indeed, intense staring and smoldering is a Twilight staple that would become even more ridiculous in an animated format. The talented actors barely pull it off in live-action, and some would argue that they really don’t manage it. CGI eyes and faces pulling those expressions would have likely ended up in the uncanny valley, like the creepy Breaking Dawn baby already did, and the rough AI rendering here just proves that.

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