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Is The Peaky Blinders Movie Already In Production?

Now that Peaky Blinders the show has come to an end, what's next for the Shelby clan?

Netflix released the final installment of Peaky Blinders on Friday, June 10th, 2022, following the season’s initial premiere in the United Kingdom a few months prior. The British crime show follows a powerful gang in Birmingham, England, in the decades after World War 1. Peaky Blinders started in 2013 and became a hit show over the six seasons that followed, developing a community of loyal cult-like fans.

The cast features stars including Cillian Murphy, the late Helen McCory, Anna Taylor-Joy, and John Cole. Cole, who plays a Shelby family sibling, allegedly left the show on his own terms in Season 4 because of disagreements with Murphy. Cillian Murphy carries the show as the complicated protagonist, Tommy Shelby, leader of the Shelby family gang, The Peaky Blinders. Now that Peaky Blinders has come to an end, what’s next for the Shelby clan?

Peaky Blinders Movie Rumors

Now that the series has finished, there are rumblings of a Peaky Blinders film. Nothing has been confirmed by the cast or crew, yet Cillian Murphy did acknowledge he might be interested in replaying his character. He told Deadline in an interview, “If there is more story to be told, I’ll be there.” If the movie happens, it’ll begin production in 2023.

The Movie Would Be A World War Two Story

World War One and its aftermath loom large on the storylines in Peaky Blinders. Characters battle PTSD and fortify bonds created while they fought in France (an expression frequently used in the show). Season 6 leads the series to the eve of World War Two, suggesting that a movie would be a war movie. It’d be fascinating to see the characters in a real wartime environment.

Other TV Series Have Had Success With Movies

Downton Abbey, another hit British period drama, started a film trilogy after the series ended in 2016. The two movies, Downton Abbey and Downton Abbey: A New Era, have been successful in the theaters, giving fans a glimpse at the lives of the characters post-show. The American comedy show, Sex In The City did the same thing, releasing a series of movies after the series wrapped up.

Where Will We See Cillian Murphy Next?

Now that he’s wrapped up playing Tommy Shelby (for now), Cillian Murphy will star in an anticipated Christopher Nolan film called Oppenheimer. It’ll be released in the summer of 2023, and it’s a war story about the development of the atomic bomb. After that? Cillian told Deadline, “I think you just need to recharge everything. But at the moment, I am 100% unemployed and happy with that”.

How About Paul Anderson?

In Peaky Blinders, Paul Anderson plays the depressingly humorous Arthur Shelby. He’s also played roles in Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows and The Revenant. According to IMDb, it doesn’t look like the British actor has any projects in the works. He’s probably joining Cillian Murphy in being glad for the rest after playing such a strenuous role for many years.

Sophie Rundle Stars Currently In Gentleman Jack

Sophie Rundle, who plays Ada Shelby in Peaky Blinders, is having a busy year. Beyond starring as a favorite in the British crime show, she also plays one of the lead characters in HBO Max’s Gentleman Jack. The popular period drama tells the story of a secret same-sex marriage in 19th century England. The show discusses politics within its plot. At the moment, Sophie doesn’t have any other projects lined up.

The Final Season Plays Tribute To A Late Actress

The final season of Peaky Blinders is dark enough on its own, but it’s even sadder with the real-life death of Helen McCory. The acclaimed actress played Aunt Polly, one of the show’s most beloved characters. At the beginning of Season 6, Aunt Polly is swiftly killed off and only appears in flashback photos. It’s unsure how a pending movie would include the character in any way; however, the final season serves as a tribute to McCory’s life.

Does Peaky Blinders End Happily?

There are mixed reviews about Peaky Blinders’ final season. It’s well-made and well-produced but difficult to watch due to its darkness. No spoilers, but the whole season takes Tommy Shelby down a very dark road, a journey that starts at the end of Season 5. The season also features a brutal villain in Sir Oswald Mosley, a fascist in the years right before World War Two. Perhaps a future movie might be more light-hearted.

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