Shoresy: How Letterkenny’s Spin-Off Differs From the Original

Letterkenny is a show you've probably heard of from your coolest friends, but have you heard of its funny new spin-off series Shoresy?

Letterkenny is a show you’ve probably heard of from your coolest friends, but have you heard of its new spinoff Shoresy? You probably haven’t (or maybe you have, also from your super cool friend with great taste; or maybe you are the super cool friend, good on you!). While Letterkenny is a show all about a small town in Canada, Shoresy is a show about a senior hockey league team, a hilarious ragtag team of losers if you’ve ever seen one. Led by their sort-of star player Shoresy, the team faces certain death (in the form of the team being disbanded) and Shoresy has elected himself captain and must fix it.

The show is very funny, which is appropriate since it’s made by the same creative team behind Letterkenny, and is thus similar in quite a few ways. However, viewers don’t need to be a watcher/fan of one to be a watcher/fan of the other. Keep reading to learn more about both shows and maybe find your new binge-watching obsession.

How is Shoresy Similar to Letterkenny?

Starting with the fact that the shows have the same creative team behind them, Shoresy and Letterkenny are also similar in that they’re both led by the immensely talented Jared Keeso. Keeso is not only the creator of both shows but also the star of both and the titular character in Shoresy. In that case, it is hard not to see the similarities in the comedy between the two shows. The shows have a very similar style of comedy that can be compared to “potty humor” but in a more thought-out way.

The jokes may often be scatological, but are written in a way where it sometimes takes a second to get just how funny the joke is. They are “thinkers,” if you will, thanks to the rapid pace of the dialogue and the meticulous layers of humor developed through the loquacious, excessive verbiage. There are very few shows today where audiences actually laugh out loud instead of just giggling. If you hear laughter from miles away someone is probably watching either Shoresy or Letterkenny. The two shows are both unashamedly Canadian in the best way possible. The lingo, the accents, and the energy are undeniably Canadian. These two shows are so alike in the best ways but trust, they also differ in quite a few.

How Does Shoresy Differ From Letterkenny?

While both shows are made up of ensemble casts, the Letterkenny cast is much larger than that of Shoresy. That is not a bad thing on either count, since Letterkenny follows an entire town of people and requires a much larger cast; the series frequently shifts between the small cliques throughout the town, from the meth users to the farmers, the hockey players to the town council. On the other hand, Shoresy follows a senior hockey team and the other people that work with them in a much more insulated environment.

One show is not better than the other by any means, and many fans of one are also fans of the other. Shoresy as a character does also appear in Letterkenny but in a much, much smaller role than that in his namesake show. It truly is a challenge to find many ways in which these shows differ outside their main plot. At their core, these shows are very similar in the best ways possible, with the same creative team elaborating their very specific comedic style within the confines of a sports-themed comedy, making them the perfect set of sister shows.

Why Should You Watch Shoresy Even If You Haven’t Watched Letterkenny?

You are not required to watch one show before the other. As previously mentioned, Shoresy appears in Letterkenny, but his role is infrequent and solely for comedic relief. Thus, if you do not know Shoresy from Letterkenny, it really doesn’t matter. You don’t need any background going into this show (except maybe a basic understanding of Canadian people, or at least caricatures of them).

In the case of the plot, the shows are more cousins than siblings. Shoresy could be considered a spinoff of Letterkenny, however, it is not set in to the town of Letterkenny, nor does it involve any of the main characters of the original show. Once you think about it that way, you see Shoresy as a completely separate entity from Letterkenny. Seeing the show as a separate entity allows you to watch it without having the background of the other show. Shoresy on its own is a well-written and hilarious show, so if it appeals to you, watch it and don’t dwell on the fact that you haven’t seen Letterkenny (but you should also watch Letterkenny because its hilarious).

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