Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra announces big news as she branches out for new venture

The Bollywood star has some news to share

Priyanka Chopra had some exciting news to share with her fans and followers concerning the expansion of her venture Sona into home goods.

The Bollywood actress revealed that it was officially launch day for Sona Home, and she couldn’t have been more thrilled about it.

She shared a clip of herself and co-founder Maneesh Goyal talking about what the collection meant to them and why it was important for them to start this venture as immigrants.

“The thing about India is family, community, culture…and that’s what the ethos of Sona Home is to me, is bringing people together,” she said.

Priyanka further opened up about the emotion behind the launch, explaining: “Launch day is here! I couldn’t be more proud to introduce you all to SONA HOME.

“It was challenging to come from India and make America my second home, but my journey led me to a place where I found a second family and friends. I bring a piece of India into everything I do and this is an extension of that thought.”

She continued: “It’s awesome to be working alongside @maneeshkgoyal and our entire team in creating something so dear to our hearts and heritage.

“Indian culture is known for its hospitality, it’s all about community and bringing people together…and for me that is the ethos of SONA HOME. From our table to yours, we hope that you experience our same love for hosting, community, family, and culture in your home.”

The star was showered with messages of support and praise from her fans, many of whom simply inundated her with heart emojis.

One wrote: “This is so good…. Another feather to your cap… All the best,” while another said: “So proud of you.” A third sweetly commented: “I love this so much, it’s very beautiful and brings a sense of ever needing love and comfort.”

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