Why Alyssa Milano Won’t Let Her Kids Watch ‘Charmed’

Fans of the “Saturday Trilogy” never missed an episode. Between 1998 and 2006, “Charmed” told the stories of the three Halliwell sisters, witches having to fight against evil forces. A cult series in which Alyssa Milano played the role of Phoebe. More than fifteen years after the release of the last episodes, the actress nevertheless refuses that her children discover her work on the screen.`

A story of men and looks

Mother of Milo, 10, and Elizabeth, 7, the fruit of her relationship with her husband David Bugliari, Alyssa Milano explained in a video posted on TikTok why she did not want to show them certain episodes: “I kiss a lot of men in “Charmed”. So many men who are not their father. So no. According to the actress, her looks in the series would also be problematic: “My daughter is 7 years old and all she wants to wear is tops showing her navel. And all this without ever having seen “Charmed”. I constantly tell her “No, you can’t wear a crop top” so imagine what she will ask me after watching the series, she will say to me “Mom, you were wearing tops that showed your belly.” »@alyssa_milano#answer to @c.h.fortenberry #Charmed#Brazen#FYP#qanda#FY#ForYouPage♬ How Soon Is Now? (2011 Remaster) – The Smiths

Contrary to what the series suggested, at the time of the filming of “Charmed”, the agreement between the actresses was not good. Alyssa Milano recently spoke about the tensions and took responsibility for them: “I think a lot of these problems came from the fact that I felt in competition with the girls, rather than betting on the sorority whose series talked so much. And I feel a certain guilt about my role in these stories. »

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