10 Sitcoms That Are Only Worth Watching Once

Some sitcoms are so good they can be rewatched again and again, but others are best as one-time binges.

Some shows are just too good to watch once, while others are too long or too tragic to re-watch. But one thing is for sure: are a lot of sitcoms to watch. With so many long-running shows, it can be daunting to choose one to watch. Shows like Friends, Parks and Rec, and The Office have staunch fans and dozens of seasons. Sometimes audiences just want a thoughtful or easy-watching show to sit down and enjoy, without having to commit too much time.

There are plenty of TV show sitcoms that are ideal for a one-time watch, whether it be because they don’t have many seasons, have a heartbreaking (or heartwarming) story, or have been canceled and so won’t return in any capacity.

10 Ricky Gervais’ After Life Is Darkly Funny And Tragic

After Life is a British comedy-drama series with three seasons currently on Netflix. Starring Ricky Gervais (who also writes and directs the show), After Life follows Tony after the death of his wife, Lisa. The tragic event turns his previously perfect life upside down, and after contemplating taking his life Tony decides he would rather live to punish the world by saying and doing whatever he likes. After Life has a heartbreaking theme but manages to put a darkly comedic spin on bereavement and grief. Naturally, with such a tragic story, After Life is best enjoyed once to spare viewers from re-living Tony’s grief.

Letterkenny Is A Hilarious Tongue In Cheek Parody

Letterkenny follows the residents of Letterkenny, a small rural community in Canada, including siblings Wayne and Katy who run a small farm and produce stand. Wayne’s friends Daryl and Dan help out around the farm, though in truth they spend much of their time sitting out in the sun drinking beer. The town’s inhabitants fall into one of several groups, like any real-life town, such as the farmers, the out-of-towners on the local hockey team, the drug addicts, and the natives (members of the First Nations). Letterkenny is a relatively long show at ten seasons long, but audiences may find jokes fall flat on a second viewing. This makes Letterkenny ideal for a singular binge-watch.

This Country Looks At Life For Young Adults In Rural England

This Country is another British comedy that takes a realistic situation and puts a darkly funny twist on everyday life. This Country explores the lives and experiences of young people in modern, rural Britain, with the audience being taken on a joyride across fields and lazy villages. Viewers follow the antics of cousins Kerry and Lee Mucklowe, each episode examining the melancholy that comes with rural life.

While the premise of This Country sounds dull and uninspired, its documentary style makes it ironically entertaining. With the show having finished in 2020 at only three series, This Country is a great show to watch for fans of mockumentaries or those looking for a contained binge-able series.

Great News Is A Short But Entertaining Satire About Working In News

Great News was a short-lived news-centric sitcom that aired between 2017 and 2018, following a news reporter as she navigates the challenges placed by existing in the same workplace as her mother, who has landed an internship. Being only two seasons, Great News is great to kill time with, though fans are in agreement that the second season is worse than the first. Jokes occasionally land, but the overarching show attempts to be too much like The Office rather than being its own show. Audiences observed that the series was canceled just as it was getting into its stride, and so perhaps will never know if it could have been as fantastic a workplace sitcom as The Office.

Men At Work Follows Hapless Men As They Stumble Through The Dating Scene

Men at Work follows a man who, after ending his relationship with his girlfriend, is forced by his friends to get back into the dating scene. Available on Apple TV and with only three seasons, Men at Work is an ideal short show for fans of series like How I Met Your Mother and Friends. Men at Work is pleasantly predictable and easy to watch, with well-known character archetypes such as the ladies’ man, the writer, and the awkward reporter. If audiences are looking for a simple and mildly entertaining show, they should look no further, for Men at Work is the ideal one-time watch series.

Arrested Development Stars Jason Bateman As His Family Deals With Fraud

Arrested Development has five seasons, and as it finished airing back in 2019 viewers are in for an entertaining and contained show. Arrested Development follows the Bluth family after they lose everything when the patriarch is convicted of fraud. Michael (Jason Bateman) struggles to maintain peace at home in this Emmy award-winning comedy-drama.

Arrested Development is not overly complicated nor simple, making it a perfect watch for lovers of family drama and comedy. Some performances from the cast can be a little grating, however, with awkward situations inducing cringe-worthy shivers, so viewers might not fancy re-watching the show.

Joey Is The Friends Spin Off Many Were Surprised To See

Joey is the Friends spin-off that many current Friends fans don’t know exists. After Friends finished in May 2004, Joey started airing in September of the same year, capitalizing on the fans’ desire for more Friends content. The show follows the titular Joey after he moves to Hollywood in order to pursue his dream of being an actor. There he meets his nephew Michael and ends up sharing a unique camaraderie with him. Joey is certainly a must-watch for Friends fans who want to see what happened to Joey and his acting career, but misses the mark with Joey’s personality, confirming that Joey is a one-time-only watch.

The Thin Blue Line Stars Rowan Atkinson As A British Police Inspector At An Idle Station

The Thin Blue Line was a short but sweet series that aired back in 1995, starring Rowan Atkinson as Inspector of the Gasforth police station. The officers at the police station often find themselves at blows with one another, the uniformed officers constantly disagreeing in true comedic fashion with the detectives under the supervision of Detective Inspector Derek Grim. As a winner of the British TV Comedy Award, The Thin Blue Line is a must-watch for any British humor lover but might be a little grating. With only two seasons, The Thin Blue Line is ideal for a one-time binge-watch.

Ted Lasso Follows An American Football Coach Hired By A British Soccer Team

Ted Lasso, which is available on Apple TV, follows American football coach Ted Lasso after he is hired to manage a British soccer team. Of course, he is totally inexperienced with regard to soccer, but what he lacks in knowledge he makes up for in optimism, determination and biscuits. Starring Jason Sudekis as the titular Ted Lasso, the show is loosely based on NBC sports persons.

Ted Lasso currently only has two seasons at a total of 22 episodes and is a must-watch for any sports fan. It is bizarrely funny, putting characters in out-of-this-world situations. For lovers of character acting and light-hearted humor, it is the ideal show to binge. With an easy-to-follow story, episodes may get a little monotonous and predictable, so Ted Lasso is best enjoyed once.

Space Force Stars Steve Carell As A General Tasked With Starting The US Military Space Force

Space Force stars Steve Carell, Jimmy O. Yang, and John Malkovich. Carell plays General Mark Naird, tasked with establishing the United States’ first Space Force. Naturally, the concept is bizarre. Audiences were quick to point out that the second season makes up for the first’s lack of wit and silly storytelling. Space Force is absolutely not for sci-fi fans, but for viewers looking for a nonsensical show that is even stranger than fiction. Space Force might be enjoyable on a one-time watch if viewers are fans of Steve Carell, or political satire like Vice and Don’t Look Up.

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