Did ‘Yellowstone’ Take ‘Subtle Dig’ at ‘Sons of Anarchy’?

Of the many great scenes that the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” has given us — one of the very best came last season.

We all remember the standoff between the “Yellowstone” ranch hands and the trespassing motorcycle club in season three. “Yellowstone” workers Ryan, Colby and Teeter come upon a group of bikers who’ve taken up temporary residence on the Dutton property. After being told to leave by Ryan, the bikers become aggressive and a fight breaks out. Heavily outnumbered, the ranch hands are getting the worse end of the fight. Rip Wheeler and Lloyd arrive to even the score and chase the bikers away. Seeking revenge, the bikers return that night with cans of gasoline with intentions of destroying the ranch. John Dutton and his team of cowboys are there waiting and ready. They force the bikers to dig their own graves before John Dutton gives them one last chance to leave. It is a great moment in “Yellowstone” history that is still often talked about.

It’s a terrific scene that you might want to watch a couple of times over. Now, some “Yellowstone” fans think the scene might have been creator Taylor Sheridan’s way of taking a subtle shot at another popular show, “Sons of America. Oh, and by the way, Sheridan was part of the “Sons of Anarchy” cast at one point. He played David Hale on the FX series.

Here’s what Reddit users are saying about the scene:

“Does anyone else think Taylor Sheridan was taking a subtle dig at SOA with how easily the cowboys handled the bikers?” a “Yellowstone” fan asks.

It’s an interesting and plausible theory for sure. Could this scene be Sheridan’s way of asserting that cowboys are tougher than bikers? It certainly seems that way.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Has Just Three Episodes Remaining

It doesn’t seem possible, but the fourth season of “Yellowstone” is hitting the home stretch.

Could we see the California biker club pop up again this season? Some “Yellowstone” fans think it is a possibility. In fact, some viewers think the bikers could be behind the attack on the Dutton family.

“I doubt it was meaningless,” a Redditor says of the biker scene. “I could definitely see some bikers coming back right as all the other stuff starts hitting the fan in the season finale.”

As we head into the final three episodes of the fourth season, there are plenty of questions that need an answer.

The biggest development in the most recent episode is John Dutton’s decision to run for Montana Governor. In doing so, he basically steps on his adopted son, Jamie Dutton, who thought he was getting Governor Perry’s endorsement.

It is all set up for a wild final three episodes and a whale of a finale.

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