Seinfeld: 10 Things That Would Be Different For Jerry Today

Fans love the classic '90s sitcom, Seinfeld. But if the show was remade today, Jerry's life would change in many ways, thanks to modern technology.

The ’90s sitcom Seinfeld is still incredibly popular and the setting, which can now be considered “retro,” is charming, as Jerry and his friends use landlines, go to the movies instead of using streaming services, and spend tons of time together in real life, instead of online chatting. Many classic storylines don’t involve technology, from the characters losing their car in a parking garage to Kramer choosing to use butter and not sunscreen.

Just like some jokes on Seinfeld have aged poorly, some parts of Jerry’s personality and some of his storylines were tied to this ’90s setting, and it’s interesting to think about what life would be like for him in the present day.

10Jerry Would Become Obsessed With “This Is Us” Instead Of “Melrose Place”

In the season 6 episode, “The Beard,” Jerry was totally obsessed with Melrose Place, and it was hard for him to admit that this was such a big guilty pleasure for him. He even took a polygraph test because he was lying about his love for it.

If Seinfeld was set in the present-day, Jerry would have another show that he couldn’t stop watching or thinking about, and This Is Us is a good contender. The TV drama has great characters and juicy storylines that hook viewers, and Jerry would become invested in the Pearson family’s beautiful lives.

9Jerry And George’s Sitcom Deal Would Be With A Streaming Service

Fans loved watching George and Jerry pitch a sitcom to NBC, mostly because George was scared of the meeting and Jerry was trying to keep it all moving forward. This was not only hilarious but also showed their friendship dynamic: while they both got upset over small, petty things, Jerry tended to be a bit calmer than his pal.

If the show was on the air today, their sitcom deal would be with a streaming service, and Jerry would be really excited about it. The meeting would likely still be awkward, though, as George might make jokes about the world of streaming that wouldn’t go over too well.

8He Would Have A Netflix Comedy Special

Many comedians have specials on Netflix now, including Jerry Seinfeld himself, with 23 Hours To Kill released in May of 2020.

A modern-day Seinfeld would definitely feature Jerry filming a Netflix comedy special. He would be interested in bringing his observational humor to the streaming service, and everyone he knew would talk about it and compliment him once they got the chance to watch it.

7George Would Tell Him To Use Tinder And He Would Be Nervous

If a sitcom is set in 2021 and features characters’ dating lives, it makes sense to include some discussion of dating apps. Jerry had no trouble meeting new people and his love life was always active, although he broke up with people for silly or stupid reasons.

He would try to use Tinder, maybe at George’s suggestion, but he would be nervous about it and would definitely make some jokes about it both in his stand-up and with his friends.

6Jerry Would Call An Uber, Not Kramer, To Take Him Home From A Party

In the season 3 episode, “The Stranded,” Jerry and Elaine went to a party and had a horrible time, even having a signal to show the other person that they were having a boring conversation. They waited for Kramer to pick them up from the party.

If the show was set in the present day, Jerry and Elaine would have a much more convenient way of getting home, as they could call a car service like Uber or Lyft. This is something that they would be used to doing on a regular basis.

5Jerry Would Remember His Girlfriend’s Name, Thanks To Social Media

In the season 4 episode, “The Junior Mint,” Jerry had trouble remembering the name of his girlfriend, and the joke was that it rhymed with a body part.

This storyline would play out much differently today, as all Jerry would have to do is look his girlfriend up on social media and he would know her name instantly. His friends would likely tell him to look her up on Facebook or Instagram, and if he resisted, they would do it for him and the mystery would be solved.

4Jerry And George Would Try Hosting A Podcast

Many comedians and actors love hosting podcasts, as they can interview interesting guests and explore topics that are meaningful to them.

Jerry and George seemed to enjoy working on a TV show, at least some of the time, and they might team up on a podcast if the sitcom was remade today. This would make for a hilarious storyline, as they would struggle to figure out what the podcast should be about, and they would end up talking about their dating lives and making observations about daily life, much like Seinfeld itself.

3He Would Get His Groceries Delivered

Kramer and Jerry are in many hilarious episodes, including when Kramer gets banned from a fruit store and Jerry tries to go in his place.

Jerry’s 2021 life would be very different, as he might forgo physical stores for a grocery delivery service. He would love the ease and convenience of it, and Kramer might even convince him to give it a try. He would influence Elaine and George to go this route, too, and they would all feel that they had much more time in their day for other activities.

2He Would Complain About Newman And Bania’s Social Media Presence

Jerry’s two main enemies are Newman and Kenny Bania. He could never get along with either one and believed that they caused him a lot of trouble.

But Jerry would follow them both on social media if Seinfeld took place today, and he would complain a lot about everything that they posted. Elaine would tease him about this and George would become just as invested, wondering what Newman and Bania were up to.

1He Would Video Chat With His Parents

Jerry’s parents were a huge part of the show, as he visited them regularly and they came to see him in New York too, and viewers became invested in their funny comments and complaints.

Nowadays, Jerry would talk to his parents via FaceTime or maybe Skype or Zoom instead of just calling them, and this would make for some funny scenes. They would like having a regular time to talk to him, but they would complain about the technology the entire time.

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