Twilight: 10 Quotes That Prove Alice Is The Best Character

Alice Cullen has always been popular with Twilight fans, but her most memorable quotes throughout the series prove she is also the best character.

Alice Cullen was a standout character for readers of the Twilight books, with her endearing personality and became an even bigger fan favorite once Ashley Greene brought her to life on the big screen in 2008. Due to the diminutive size and bubbly energy of the fashionable vampire, Alice was often underestimated by opponents and able to easily gain the upper hand.

Alice’s devotion to her friends and family made her instantly lovable and her memorable quotes throughout the film series solidified that fact. The optimism with which Alice faced each problem and her ability to charm even the most unlikely allies made her the best character in The Twilight Saga.

Alice And Bella’s Friendship

“It’s OK. Bella And I Are Going To Be Great Friends.”

While most of the Cullens appear uncomfortable about Edward bringing Bella home for dinner, Alice gleefully hops down into the kitchen without an ounce of uncertainty and hugs Bella. While this quote from any other Twilight character would simply be a kind sentiment, Alice’s ability to see into the future makes this comment much more literal.

Although Bella hadn’t yet grasped the full extent of Alice’s psychic powers, the gesture makes her feel slightly more at ease during the otherwise tense dinner. Alice’s social skills allow her to not only put people at ease and make friends wherever she goes but also to gauge tricky situations and escape unscathed.

Alice’s Promise

“I’ll Keep Her Safe, Edward.”

Once it becomes clear that James will not rest until he’s hunted Bella, Edward and the rest of the Cullens devise a plan to keep her safe until James is killed. Edward struggles to leave Bella even in the hands of his siblings and reluctantly hands her off to Alice who vows to protect her. While Edward would trust Bella with his family in any other situation, the knowledge of James’ hunting prowess tests his certainty.

With the knowledge of Edward and Bella’s future together, Alice is the one Cullen who can fully grasp the gravity of the situation. Although Alice believed it would be much wiser to just turn Bella into a vampire —a future she had already foreseen for Bella— she honors her brother’s wishes and drives Bella to Arizona with Jasper in tow

Alice Calls It Like She Sees It

“I Have Never Met Anyone More Prone To Life-Threatening Idiocy.”

New Moon, the second movie in The Twilight Saga, largely follows the aftermath of Edward’s disappearance from Bella’s life and her developing relationship with Jacob Black. After discovering that she gets visions of Edward whenever she’s in danger, Bella pushes her limits, determined to see him again even to her own detriment.

Bella recklessly decides to go cliff-diving in an effort to feel the rush of adrenaline that would make Edward’s visage appear and nearly drowns until the newfound werewolf, Jacob, pulls her to safety. Due to the limitations of her precognitive abilities, Alice believes Bella to be dead and returns to Forks, shocked at the realization that Bella is very much alive, and chastises her for her rash decisions.

Team Edward

“You’re Going To Come Back, Right?” “As Soon As You Put The Dog Out.”

Disturbed to find Bella and Jacob’s relationship upon her return, Alice unleashes her anger on Jacob whose existence as a wolf impedes Alice’s capacity to see into the future. Although the age-old mistrust between the Cullens and the Quileute people lingers in Alice she gives Bella a moment of privacy to speak with Jacob (though not without a snarky comment on her way out).

While Alice’s surprisingly cold response may have been a result of her frustration having suddenly limited access to her powers, it is also possibly a reaction to the sight of Bella potentially moving on with Jacob instead of Edward. From the beginning, Alice was the number one supporter of Bella and Edward’s relationship and she refused to give up on their happily ever after without a fight.

Grand Theft Alice

“I Figured You Wouldn’t Be Opposed To Grand Theft Auto.”

After Alice predicts Edward’s plan to reveal his true form to the masses at the St. Marcus’ Day celebrations in Volterra, she and Bella rush to intercept him. With no time to spare, Alice steals a yellow Porsche to aid in their efforts. Given the severity of the situation, Bella has no qualms about the criminal acts necessary to save Edward from being killed by the Volturi.

Alice proves once again in New Moon that she will do whatever it takes to save her family, even if it means risking her own identity being revealed in the process. Not without a conscience of her own, however, Alice eventually returns the luxury car to its rightful owner once they’ve safely rescued Edward.

Welcoming The Newest Cullen

“I Already Consider You My Sister.”

It was evident that Alice loved Bella and treated her like a sister from the moment Edward allowed them to properly meet one another. Alice’s exclusive knowledge of their fate as sisters-in-law made her eager to begin the future she envisioned. Though Edward made it clear that he would not change her, Bella was determined to become an official member of the Cullen family as soon as possible.

After the Volturi allow them to return to Forks on the condition that Bella become immortal, Bella orchestrates a meeting among the Cullens and asks each of them to vote whether they agree with her decision to become a vampire. While Edward and Rosalie are vehemently against it, the rest of the Cullens enthusiastically welcome Bella to the clan.

Charlie’s Favorite Cullen

“Me, He Likes.”

As Victoria and her army of newborn vampires descend on Seattle in Eclipse, Alice uses her charm to establish an alibi for Bella’s whereabouts with Charlie. Alice and Charlie emerge from the interaction laughing and on a first-name basis, much to Bella’s surprise. It’s no secret that Charlie Swan was never a fan of Edward, but Alice manages to break past Charlie’s gruff exterior to become his favorite Cullen.

Whether it’s her sweet and innocent appearance or the compassionate, judgment-free way that she interacts with everyone around her, Alice proves that she is everyone’s favorite, both on the screen and off.

Precognitive Powers

“Bella Will Be One Of Us. I’ve Seen It. I’ll Change Her Myself.”

Despite Edward and Bella being the obvious main characters in The Twilight Saga, Alice demonstrates time and again that their love story would never have been possible without her help. When Edward draws attention to Bella’s human status in Italy, the Volturi decide that she must be killed immediately to prevent the modern world from discovering the truth about vampires.

Alice’s quick thinking buys the couple more time as she shows Aro her vision of Bella’s immortality in the future, claiming that she will turn Bella herself if necessary. Although turning Bella is the last thing Edward wants for their future, Alice prevents the even worse outcome of their demise.

Always The Optimist

“Weddings: They Bring Everyone Together”

Rosalie’s blatant hostility toward Bella became a common theme across the Twilight films, creating a source of tension for Bella in the otherwise welcoming Cullen family. Bella’s clear disregard for her humanity outraged Rosalie who was killed before she had the chance to fully live her life. Wanting to create unity within her siblings, Alice gradually tries to involve Rosalie in the wedding preparations.

In a surprisingly sisterly gesture, Rosalie offers to do Bella’s hair for the wedding day. Despite her inability to understand Bella’s point of view, Rosalie sets her differences aside and chooses to become a part of her brother and sister-to-be’s wedding celebrations. Alice’s remarks are said without an ounce of sarcasm as she is genuinely thrilled to see two of her favorite people share in a moment of joy.

Alice Saves The Day

“That’s Your Future. Unless You Decide On Another Course.”

In one of the most shocking fake-outs in movie history, Edward and the majority of the vampires and werewolves who joined forces to fight alongside the Cullens are killed in a brutal battle against the Volturi. After the carnage, it’s revealed that the battle was Alice’s vision of one potential outcome. Alice shows Aro that the fight will not end in his favor and Alice’s final attempt to save them all is a success.

Knowing Aro and the rest of the Volturi would never listen to reason, Alice figures out that the only way to prevent complete destruction would be to show Aro his own demise. Alice’s clever plan and social aptitude deters the Volturi and allows them all to return home unscathed, making Alice the best character in the Twilight series.

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