10 Fan Favorite Twilight Quotes, According To Reddit

Twilight fans love the romantic moments in the beloved film franchise, and Redditors are picking out their favorite and most memorable quotes.

With the epic premise of a human and vampire falling in love, it’s no wonder that there are so many memorable quotes in Twilight. Each of the five movies has some action-packed moments, but it’s the dialogue that often stands out to fans, as audiences appreciate the Bella Swan/Edward Cullen relationship and their ups and downs. Whether romantic, funny, or reflective, the quotes in the franchise show audiences that the characters are experiencing major problems and trying to figure it all out.

From some of Bella and Edward’s earliest exchanges to a hilarious moment when Edward is envious of Jacob Black, Reddit fans are picking their favorite quotes from the Twilight franchise.

10Bella And Edward Have An Awkward Chat

“You’re Asking Me About The Weather?”

It’s tough for Bella when she begins living in Forks, Washington, as she not only has to deal with the dreary weather but she feels uncomfortable since she doesn’t know anyone at her new school.

Redditor Savvy1027 likes the scene in Twilight when Edward asks Bella if she likes rain and she’s surprised that he wants to make such expected small talk. The fan wrote, “I love twilight!”

9Bella Wants Edward To Say Hello

Bella: “You Don’t Even Say Hi To Me.”

Edward: “Hi.”

Some things about Bella make no sense, and fans often wonder how she can be so comfortable with Edward being a vampire.

Bella is frustrated when she meets Edward because she has a lot of questions for him and he isn’t sure that he can trust her yet. Redditor Lixsymone97 likes when Bella tells Edward that he should at the very least greet her properly when they’re on a field trip at the greenhouse. The fan wrote, “Its small but I’m pretty much guaranteed to laugh EVERY time, probably just because of how serious Edward is when he says it.” Bella wants to know how Edward was able to literally halt a moving van and Edward answers, “I had an adrenaline rush. It’s very common. You can Google it.”

8Bella Falls For Edward Right Away

“About Three Things I Was Absolutely Positive. First, Edward Was A Vampire. Second, There Was A Part Of Him-And I Didn’t Know How Potent That Part Might Be-That Thirsted For My Blood. And Third, I Was Unconditionally And Irrevocably In Love With Him.”

Redditor Apprehensive_Flan_61 posted that when it comes to favorite Twilight quotes, “Mine is very basic but it’s my favorite.”

Twilight fans can never forget when Bella realizes that Edward is definitely a vampire but despite that fact, she can’t stop thinking about him and wishing that they can be together. She knows that things will change in her own life if she opens up her heart and takes this leap, but she’s willing to risk it

7Eric Jokes About His Surf Skills

“And I Don’t Just Surf The Internet.”

In Twilight, Bella meets her new classmates Jessica and Eric. While these characters are only in the movie fairly briefly, since the story focuses more on Bella getting to know the Cullens, there is one quote from Eric that a fan really likes.

Redditor imBr0k3n said “one of my favorites from the first movie” is when Eric jokes about his surfing skills. This is a nice, funny, small moment that shows audiences that while Bella doesn’t feel like she fits in at her new school, her classmates are kind.

6Edward Shares His Love For Bella

“No Measure Of Time With You Will Be Long Enough, But Let’s Start With Forever.”

Edward and Bella’s romance is cringeworthy at moments, but fans do think that some of Edward’s statements are romantic and poetic.

In Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Edward lets Bella know that he loves her so much that forever isn’t really enough, and Redditor Apprehensive_Flan_61 appreciates this quote:”Loveeee this one.” It’s true that Bella ignores too many possible friends and might be too intense about Edward, but Edward’s words are still sweet.

5Edward Takes Bella For A Ride Above The Trees

“You Better Hold On Tight, Spider Monkey.”

There are some moments in the Twilight franchise when the story veers in a more light-hearted direction, which is always needed given how dark and heavy the saga can be.

One Redditor posted that when Edward calls Bella a “spider monkey” when Edward shows Bella that he’s able to fly. It’s a small moment that has stuck with fans as it shows that the two characters share a playful and fun relationship.

4Emmett Jokes With Bella When She Sprains Her Wrist

“Try To Walk And Chew Gum At The Same Time?”

Emmett is a likable Twilight character as he makes jokes and often seems like he’s in a pretty good mood, which is important given what the Cullens have to deal with on a regular basis.

Redditor ThatOneWeirdoSav wrote that “My favorite moment was when Bella sprained her wrists” and Emmett asks this funny question. It shows that Emmett has welcomed Bella into the Cullen home and that he’s always going to be kind to her.

3Edward Is Jealous Of Jacob

“Doesn’t He Own A Shirt?”

Fans know that whether they’re on Team Jacob or Team Edward, they can’t deny the tense relationship that the two characters share as they both care about Bella. It’s hard for Jacob to realize that he will see Bella less often because she’s become a big part of the Cullens daily lives.

Redditor comilee0622 loves when Edward asks about Jacob, “Doesn’t he own a shirt?” This is definitely a hilarious quote that breaks some tension, which is necessary.

2Edward Talks About How What His Life Was Like Before Bella

“My Life Was Like A Moonless Night. Very Dark, But There Were Stars…”

While Edward is a confusing Twilight character, there’s no denying how he feels about Bella and how devoted he becomes the deeper into the franchise that fans get.

Redditor isalumiel likes this quote from the book New Moon and called it “beautiful,” writing “it’s so easy and simple to understand how powerful” Edward’s love for Bella is.

1Bella Jokes About Neighbors

“Could You At Least Act Human, I Mean I’ve Got Neighbors.”

Redditor Middle-Journalist762 has a few favorite quotes “From the movies,” including when Bella wants Edward to hide the fact that he’s a vampire and has supernatural powers.

Bella’s quote is both funny and practical as she’s right. Bella not only wants to keep Edward’s abilities a secret from her dad Charlie for the time being, but she doesn’t want to draw attention to him or their emerging love story.

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