Twilight: Ranking The Most Cringeworthy Moments From All The Films

It's hard not to cringe while rewatching the Twilight movies these days and with Midnight Sun on the horizon, let's hope the future is less cringey.

A new Twilight book is being released and it is called Midnight Sun. Diehard fans of the saga are eagerly anticipating this version. It will be a retelling of the original story, but from Edward’s point of view.

It remains unknown whether Midnight Sun will be seen on the big screens, but until then, we have the originals to look back on. They starred actors Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart in the leading roles. Admittedly, it’s hard not to cringe while rewatching the Twilight movies these days. The first movie was released in 2008 and the last movie was released in 2012. Enough time has passed for people on these vampire-themed movies with newly formed opinions… and they aren’t really that great. Let’s take a look at some of the most cringe-worthy moments of the Twilight films.

15 Edward Had To Flee The Room To Get Away From Bella’s Scent

One of the most cringe-worthy moments in the first Twilight movie comes to us when Edward has to flee the classroom to get away from Bella’s scent. It looks as if he is going to throw up when he smells her and she does not understand what is going on or why he’s acting that way. Neither do viewers when they are watching for the first time. This scene was the “start” of Edward and Bella.

14 Bella, Jacob, And Mike’s Third-Wheel Movie Date

When Bella, Jacob, and Mike go on a three-way movie date, it is super awkward and uncomfortable. Bella sits in between the two boys who are both pining after her affection. What both of the boys don’t realize is the fact that she wished she was with Edward Cullen instead of either of them!

13 Edward Makes Bella Feel Bad For Having Normal Physical Urges

Edward had a tendency to make Bella feel bad for having normal physical urges. She was a teenage girl who was passionately attracted to her boyfriend and she wanted to act on those feelings. He constantly made her feel bad about that and pushed the old-fashioned rule of waiting until they got married to be intimate.

12 Jasper & Alice And Emmett & Rosalie’s Adopted Sibling Romantic Relationship

The fact that Jasper, Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie are all adopted siblings that are engaging in romantic relationships with each other is cringe-worthy enough all by itself. Do we even need to elaborate? These adopted siblings are dating each other and it seems to be completely normal to everyone around them for some reason.

11 Carlisle And Esme Are In Their Twenties, Yet Act As Parents To A Bunch Of Teenagers

It is super weird to us at Carlisle and Esme are in their 20s, yet they act as parents to a bunch of teenagers. They are only a few years older than their adopted children yet they are supposed to act as parents. No one ever seems to question this or try to decipher the age differences between the family members.

10 Jacob Forcibly Kisses Bella And Then She Punches Him

The scene when Jacob forcibly kisses Bella is awkward enough, but it gets worse when she punches him and then gets even worse when she realizes that she’s broken her hand from punching him! This scene was most likely added for comedic relief, but it was highly cringe-worthy.

Edward’s Shirtless Scene In New Moon

Edward’s entire shirtless scene in New Moon was unnecessary, weird, and awkward. He stripped down and walked through the streets and it didn’t really make any sense. He was at a breaking point and willing to end his own life until Bella ran up to him and approached him with the fact that she was actually still alive… We get that the moment was super dramatic, but did he need to be shirtless?

Edward Watches Bella While She Sleeps

Watching Edward watch Bella while she slept was pretty creepy. We got the vibe that he was obsessed with her because he was always very controlling of her, but the fact that he would watch her sleep is just extremely cringe-worthy. He wouldn’t even let her know that he was there… He would do it in a super ghostly way.

Edward’s Glittery Skin Reveal

When Edward revealed his glittery vampire skin to Bella, it was pretty cringe-worthy and awkward. We were lowkey expecting to see something scary or crazy but instead, all we saw was his skin glittering in the sunlight. Bella famously responded by comparing his glittering skin to diamonds which didn’t make it much better.

Bella Admits That She Loves Both Edward And Jacob

When Edward asks her if she loves Jacob Black, she responds by saying that she loved Edward “more.” In saying that, she revealed that she actually does have a love for them both. It is already weird enough to be romantically involved with two guys at once but to admit it to the one you love more? Weird!

The Entire Pregnancy And Birthing Situation

The entire pregnancy and birthing situation for Bella Swan was horrifying to see. We don’t even want to use the word “cringe-worthy” with this one because it was downright horrifying. Bella got so skinny that she looked like a skeleton, she had to drink bags of blood, and overall… it was horrifying– there is no better word to use to describe this craziness.

When Edward Told Bella She Could Not Move During Their First Kiss

When Bella tried to kiss Edward for the first time, he told her that she could not move whatsoever. It was so tense and so awkward that we don’t understand how it could have been conceived as romantic. She was extremely stiff in order to respect his wishes and unable to naturally move or kiss him back.

Edward Almost Couldn’t Stop Drinking Bella’s Blood

When Edward was trying to save Bella by sucking the poison out of her bloodstream, he almost couldn’t stop drinking her blood and to us, that was very cringe-worthy. This is a woman that Edward was in love with, yet for some reason he came very close to killing her! Carlisle pretty much had to convince him to stop.

Renesmee’s Rapid Aging And Growth

Everything about Renesmee’s rapid aging and growth was cringe-worthy and weird. They simply should have gotten a baby actress, a toddler actress, and a little girl actress rather than trying to keep the same face on different sized children. The CGI that they used for the character of Renesmee was tragic.

Jacob Imprints On Renesmee

Probably the most cringe-worthy thing in the entire Twilight Saga is the fact that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. He honestly had no business doing that but at the same time, we realize that it isn’t technically his fault and that he doesn’t really have any control over it. He wanted to be with Bella yet he ended up with her daughter… Weird.

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