Twilight: Cullen Family Members Ranked, According to Their Powers

The Twilight Saga's Cullen family is gifted beyond that of a normal vampire coven. But which Cullen's power is best?

In The Twilight Saga, all vampires are beautiful, fast, strong and have a superior sense of smell, all of which contribute to their ability to hunt humans. However, some vampires have special gifts.

The Cullens are a particularly gifted group. Over the course of the blockbuster franchise, each Cullen has the opportunity to show off unique powers, but some are better than others. Here are the Cullens’ powers ranked, from least to most impressive.

9) Esme Cullen – No Particular Gift

Esme Cullen was born 1895, then Carlisle changed her into a vampire in 1921, at 26 years old. She has no special gifts; however, throughout the series Edward comments on her incredible capacity for love and compassion, as well as a proclivity for motherhood. She functions as the coven’s mother, and although she does not have special powers, she is adored by her family.

8) Emmett Cullen – Advanced Strength

Emmett Cullen was born in 1915, and turned by Carlisle when he was 20 years old. Emmett is noted as having advanced strength beyond the typical vampire, but it hardly seems to be a gift worth getting too excited about. Newborn vampires are stronger than him, and his strength is weakened by his moral preference to drinking animal blood. While he is the strongest among the superhumanly strong, this is not much of a gift, considering what others possess.

7) Carlisle Cullen – Exceptional Self-Control

Carlisle Cullen is the leader of the Olympic Coven of Cullen Vampires. He was born the son of a pastor in 1640 and changed into a vampire at 23 years old. Alone most of his existence, Carlisle searched for a way to kill himself rather than feed off humans, later learning that he can survive on animal blood. Afterward, he dedicates his life to practicing medicine and saving human lives. While most vampires lose control around blood, Carlisle develops exceptional self-control so he can easily work in close contact with injured humans, best seen when he stitches Bella up on her birthday. He is low on the list because his self-control is not a gift as much as it is a perfected skill.

6) Rosalie Hale – Enhanced Beauty and Amazing Self-Control

Rosalie Hale was born in 1915 and changed by Carlisle when she was 18. She has enhanced beauty beyond that of a typical vampire, and like her husband, Emmett, her gift is a slight boost over normal vampire powers. Often in the series, her looks are held against her with Edward calling her vapid and Jacob referring to her as a Barbie. She’s above Emmett and Carlisle though because along with her enhanced beauty, she has never tasted human blood, and that level of self-control acts like an additional gift.

5) Alice Cullen – Subjective Cognition

Alice Cullen was born in 1901 and was sent to an asylum due to her visions of the future. Little is known about the extent of her abilities as a human, but she was changed by an unnamed vampire in 1920 as protection against a nomad tracker. Her visions are subjective, but they come in handy when playing chess against Edward or fighting a much larger adversary; however, she is low on the list because her gift doesn’t work when the werewolves or Renesmee are involved. Now that Renesmee and Jacob are eternally linked and a entwined with the Cullens, her visions have been reduced to a party trick.

4) Renesmee Cullen – Tactile Thought Projection and Shield Penetration

Renesmee Cullen is the vampire-human daughter of Bella and Edward. She was born in 2006 and, after rapid maturation, she will remain immortal once she reaches adulthood. She has the ability to share her thoughts by touch, an she can penetrate mental shields, meaning that her gift can be used on anyone, including her protected mother. The weakness of her gift is that she must physically touch the person she wants to share her power with.

3) Edward Cullen – Telepathy

Edward Cullen was born 1901 and changed by Carlisle at age 17, and he has the gift of telepathy. The more he knows someone, the farther his telepathic range for them is, and his telepathy allows him to take advantage of the gifts of those around him. For example, he can see Alice’s visions if he’s around her, and he can see any of Renesmee’s projections from a distance. His telepathy’s range gives him advantage in most fight and is also the reason he is so coveted by Aro and the Volturi.

2) Bella Swan – Mental Shield & Mental Shield Projection

Bella Swan was born 1987 and changed by Edward in 2006 just two days shy of her 19th birthday. As a human she possesses a special gift, a mental shield, and after she transforms into a vampire, her gift grows in power. She can manipulate her shield to protect others, and she can temporarily remove the shield to allow Edward to read her mind. The weakness of her gift is that it only provides mental protection, unable to stop physical attacks. She ranks second on the list because even as a human her gift was exceptionally effective against vampires and grew after her transformation.

1) Jasper Hale – Pathokinesis

Jasper Hale was born in 1844 and changed into a vampire by warlord Maria in 1863. He has the gift of Pathokinesis, so he can manipulate the emotions of those around him. He can also do this to a large group like he does with the newborn army he trains in the late 1800s. He physically manipulates brain chemistry, so Bella’s shield is unable to block him out. His gift was under utilized in the books and films which is a shame because he has the best gift amongst the Cullens.

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