Twilight: 20 False Things About Bella That Everyone Believed

Bella may be the lead character in the popular Twilight Saga but she's far from a perfect character.

Released in late 2008, Twilight was the movie that made vampires cool again. The movie about a normal teen girl falling in love with an edgy vampire and a cool werewolf spawned a whole bunch of supernatural YA novels that followed suspiciously similar plotlines. Twilight had an entire legion of fans dedicated to the franchise and desperate to see it through to the end. Despite the fact that it has been well over a decade since the first book came out in 2005, the series still has a strong fanbase to this day. Now that it has been so long, the series can be looked at with 20/20 criticism. We live in a very different time and Twilight can be viewed through a different lens.

Looking back, Twilight was very flawed as a series. From the spotty lore to the story beats to the characters, there are some open problems in the foundations of the series that can be painful to look at. However, what must be remembered is that, in spite of its flaws, Twilight got a lot of teens into reading. Commercial novels are often criticized within the literary community but any book that encourages children to become passionate about reading or writing is worth having around. This fact cannot be overlooked, nor can its overwhelming popularity at its peak. However, there are certain misconceptions floating around about the series that need to be cleared up.

Here are 20 False Things About Bella That Everyone Believed.

20 Bella Is Devoid Of Emotion

Once the first Twilight movie came out, a certain rumor began circulating; Bella Swan is emotionless. Whether it was due to Kristin Stewart’s acting style or from certain passages in the books, it was a popular thing to say when ‘criticizing’ Bella. However, this could not be further from the truth. One of Bella’s greatest character flaws is her lack of control over her emotions; in New Moon, Bella throws herself off of a cliff to feel closer to Edward, she agrees to marry her first boyfriend, she feels completely lost when Edward leaves her. All of these examples do not point to someone who feels no emotion.

19 Edward Purposefully Appeared To Bella In New Moon

In New Moon, Edward believes that Bella will be better protected from the Volturi if he and the Cullens cut contact with her and leave. This causes Bella to spiral into a deep depression that lasts for the entire novel. However, when she hangs out with Jacob on his motorcycle, she sees a ghostly version of Edward begging her to stop. After seeing this, Bella begins to keep doing dangerous things with Jacob so that she can see Edward again. Many people were confused about this ghostly Edward. Was Bella going crazy? While there is no official confirmation in the books, most think Bella was projecting Edward onto her conscience.

18 Bella Turned On Edward With Jacob

The love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob was highly invested in by both Meyer and the Twilight fanbase. People rallied behind Team Edward and Team Jacob and heated debates were had online regarding who Bella should ultimately be with. Team Jacob did have some key Bella/Jacob moments, like their hangouts in New Moon and the tent scene in Breaking Dawn. However, there was one scene in Eclipse that created some contention with fans. To prevent Jacob from running to his demise after vampires and purposefully ending her life, Bella asks Jacob to kiss her. This was while she and Edward were engaged, leaving fans wondering whether this was classed as turning her back on Edward.

17 Bella And Jacob’s Friendship Was A Lie

During Breaking Dawn, Bella gives birth to her first child, Renesmeé. It was a traumatic birth, to say the least, and it almost ended Bella’s life. In another twist, Jacob imprints on Renesmeé on seeing her for the first time. Imprinting is an involuntary process by which members of Jacob’s pack find their soulmates. This particular moment sparked an outcry from outsiders and fans alike, calling the scenes strange and alarming as Renesmeé was a baby. However, as Jacob and Leah prove, soulmates do not always get together nor are soulmates always romantically involved with each other.

16 Bella Had A Bad Relationship With Her Mother

At the beginning of the Twilight series, we find out that Bella’s parents are separated and she has been living with her mother for years. Now, Bella was depressed when she moved back to Forks, Washington to live with her father, Charlie and does not speak to her mother very much during the series. Many folks who had not read the books claimed that Bella’s mother chose her new lover over Bella and shipped her out of the house to move him in. However, this is incorrect. In fact, Bella agreed to move back to Forks to be with her father. Bella has a relatively good relationship with her mother but frankly has a lot going on and cannot always talk to her.

15 Bella Had A Bad Relationship With Her Father

Other casual fans who did not do their homework tried to claim that Bella did not want to leave her mother and move to Forks. She had not lived with her father for a long time and was depressed upon arrival, so unfair assumptions were made. However, Bella lived with Charlie for a few years before moving to Arizona to be with her mother. Bella said to herself that she wanted to move back to Washington to be with Charlie. Throughout the novels, Bella is always looking out for Charlie and worrying about him and Charlie does the same for her in his own way.

14 Bella Was Not A Mary Sue

‘Mary Sue’ is an old fandom term for a character who is annoyingly and unrealistically perfect in every way. The author will usually give this character a weird bloodline and encounter many supernatural beings, whom the Mary Sue will immediately upstage. Mary Sues are not popular and are often made fun of or insulted in fandom culture. Fans of Twilight tried to claim that Bella was not a Mary Sue due to her clumsiness and inability to understand that people had a crush on her. However, Bella is soulmates with a vampire, has especially delicious blood, and has impossible control over herself when first turned into a vampire; there are many examples that prove Bella is a Mary Sue.

13 Bella Was Very Self-Controlled

Bella has a very eventful and hectic life in the series. From vampire attacks to werewolf transformations to romantic adventures, she goes through a lot. However, she often seemed a little to calm to certain fans and outsiders, leading them to claim that Bella had a lot of self-control. However, as discussed earlier, Bella had barely any control when it came to her emotions. Bella experienced the deepest depths of depression, the highs of falling in love and getting married, the angst of being in a love triangle and more. These emotions caused her to do crazy things, like threaten vampires or throw herself off of a cliff; no, Bella was not very self-controlled.

12 Bella Was A Copycat Of Anastasia Steele

Anastasia Steele is the protagonist of Fifty Shades Of Grey, the hit franchise that took the world by storm. Many have noted that Bella and Anastasia are very similar characters, as are Edward and Christian. Many have claimed that Twilight was a fanfiction, or fan-made work, of Fifty Shades Of Grey. These folks would be mistaken as it is the other way around. Twilight came out first and it is confirmed that Fifty Shades Of Grey started out as a Twilight fanfiction written by Fifty Shades author E. L. James. James made some major changes to the fic before publishing it under the title we all know now.

11 Bella Was A Well-Written Character

Twilight has received a lot of mixed reviews within the literary community. Some praise Twilight for its commercial success and its ability to get teens interested in reading while others criticize its poor writing and questionable story beats. Bella, in particular, has been under the authorly microscope more than once in the past. Her fans argued that she was a well-written character who was believable and fleshed out. That being said, whether she is well-written or not is subjective, but more than that it does not matter; she is a black slate for teen girls her age to project themselves onto and relate to.

10 Bella Was Very Self-Aware

With so much going on in Bella’s life and her vampiric powers, you would think that Bella would be hyper-aware of the goings on in her life. However, this could not be further from the truth. In the first novel, Bella was hyper-aware of Edward and his behavior but had no idea that other guys were into her. She is also oblivious to Jacob at first before she warms up to him. In typical nerdy teen girl fashion, Bella does not always have the best self-awareness in the world but that does not matter. She notices what the plot needs her to notice and that is okay.

Bella Is A Typical Teenager

Bella’s entire character is meant to cater to young girls her age. She is the shy nerdy teen girl who is also the new girl in town that falls in love with the perfect boy. However, Bella is absolutely not a typical teenager past the first chapter of the first novel. She is okay with her first boyfriend staring at her in her sleep, being a vampire, and wanting her blood. She easily accepts the existence of various supernatural creatures and becoming one without her consent. Not only that but Bella also perfectly masters being a vampire within a matter of days and has a bunch of people falling for her. Definitely not a typical teenager.

Bella Was More Angsty Than Edward

Being a hormonal teenager, Bella has her fair share of angsty moments. In fact, New Moon is where her most intense angst occurs. However, no-one is a bigger angsty teen than Edward Cullen. He constantly worries that he is a danger to her, that he is not good enough for her, that she will not be happy with him. He even leaves Forks and moves to Italy because he is so angsty. It seems that being a hundred-year-old vampire does not stop someone from acting like a moody teenager. At least he has Bella’s best interests at heart so it may be worth it.

Bella Was Good At Taking Care Of Herself

Being the protagonist, there is an unfair expectation among some folks that Bella should be able to handle herself no matter what. To an extent, she handles certain situations as best she can; turning into a vampire, finding out her boyfriend is a vampire, planning a battle against other vampires, and so on. That being said, Bella is not always graceful under pressure; she flipped her lid at Jacob imprinting on Renesmeé and spiraled into a deep depression for months when Edward broke up with her. She lost a huge part of her personality when Edward left her which is not the best way to handle a breakup, especially after the two-month mark.

Bella Can Take Care Of Herself

As the protagonist of Twilight, Bella is seen by some as highly capable of taking care of herself. While that may be true in terms of knowing how to cook, do laundry, and manage household tasks. However, she is not the best at caring for her health. She is very clumsy and hurts herself often. Bella constantly puts herself in danger throughout the entire series; she has been captured by vampires, attacked by vampires, targeted by thugs and more. These events all happen in a relatively short timescale of a year or two, which does not exactly support these claims.

Bella Knew What She Was Getting Into

When Bella first suspected that Edward was a vampire, she spends all night researching any piece of vampiric lore that she could. From there, she practically interviewed Edward, trying to separate myth from fact. Soon, she was satisfied and entered into a relationship with this vampire that she barely knew. This knowledge soon shows its flaws later in the series. The vampire characters have to tell her certain facts about them, such as the difference between new vampires and old.

Bella Should Have Been More Careful

When their relationship was taken to a deeper level, Bella and Edward had to face the dilemma of whether to be intimate or not. While Bella is fine with it happening before marriage, Edward convinces her to wait until they are married. However, he then avoids the topic entirely while they are on their honeymoon. When many people are considering consummating their relationship, one or more of them will take measures to prevent anything from happening. That being said, the topic of birth control did not come up at all. Edward did not even bring some. Not the best example for young people.

Bella Was A Great Example For Young People

Bella quickly became a beloved character to many teens who read the novel. They related to her and wanted to be like her in any way they could. Bella is not exactly the best role model for young people to follow; Bella married her first boyfriend months after first meeting him, she quickly molded her personality to be with him and did some really reckless things in the name of love. While she is an excellent character for teens to project themselves onto, she is not necessarily designed to be a role model for young people. That being said, a lot of people knew this but others did not.

Bella Had An Excellent Personality

Twilight left a lasting impression not only on fans but on pop culture as a whole. It truly was a phenomenon that some younger kids may not remember. Bella became a favorite character for many fans across the globe and holds a special place in people’s hearts. While we remember her adventures and troubles, her personality is a little harder to define. She was a shy nerd who became a vampire. Bella did not exactly have a strong or especially distinctive personality, but she was perfect for young teens looking to relate to a character their age and imagine themselves in her shoes.

Bella Was A Bad Character

As mentioned earlier, some folks criticized Twilight’s written quality and the quality of the characters within it. Bella has come under fire for being a bad character, but what does that mean? Bad is an odd choice of words; it could mean that she is a badly written character, a bad person, or anything else. Context is important. Bella is not exactly the best-written character, but she is most definitely not the worst. Bella has negative sides to her, but who does not? Bella is not a bad character, which is perfectly okay. No character has to be perfect and no work is perfect.

What do you think about Bella? Were you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

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