How Twilight: Midnight Sun Totally Changes the Edward Vs. Jacob Debate

Midnight Sun shows Twilight from Edward's point-of-view, and it changes the famous Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate.

When Stephenie Meyer’s popular young adult novels were adapted to the big screen, The Twilight Saga became a phenomenon that almost rivaled Harry Potter in popularity. The film featured then up-and-coming actors Robert Pattinson as Edward, Bella’s love interest and future husband, and Taylor Lautner as Jacob, Bella’s other love interest and friend. Nearly a decade has past since the last film installment, but the franchise has received a bit of a nostalgia boost thanks to the release of a new novel, Midnight Sun, which tells the story of the first novel from Edward’s point-of-view.

Bella is the narrator of the previous four books. In the first book, Edward is the primary love interest while Jacob is relegated to a small supporting role. Had the sequels never been written, there would be no Edward vs. Jacob feud, but with the following books, the love triangle developed. Now with the new novel, Edward’s side of the story changes how fans see Team Edward vs. Team Jacob.

Some fans prefer Jacob over Edward because Edward stalks and controls Bella, like a classic vampire. However, he isn’t meant to be a antagonistic force. Where a villainous vampire watching the object of his affection sleep is one thing, it’s another when said vampire is supposed to be the romantic love-interest of the series. In the new novel, Edward at least acknowledges he is a, “sick peeping Tom,” but he continues his uncomfortable behavior.

Edward also makes it a point to remind the audience that Bella’s scent is so strong upon their first meeting that he can barely breathe. Unlike regular humans, her scent is so overwhelming that he’s tempted to kill her and the whole classroom instantly. During their first interaction, Edward is awkward and hardly talks because he’s trying to restrain himself.  It’s as if the creepy things he does to Bella throughout the novel are minimal compared to what he could’ve done, at least in his eyes.

Another crucial scene in Midnight Sun that alters the Edward and Jacob rivalry is the conversation Bella and Jacob have at the novel’s end on prom night. Edward knows he will leave Bella to protect her, as he does in New Moon, and he lets Jacob dance with her for a little bit. While Edward’s away he realizes the two may wind up together because she appears more comfortable with him than any other human.

While the tension and animosity between Jacob and Edward continues throughout the series, this novel reveals Edward is actually welcoming of Jacob being part of Bella’s life. This is because he knows he’s leaving Bella with someone who will make her happy. What Edward’s jealousy stems from is the fact that he cannot be the human who can protect Bella, like Jacob is.

If there’s anything to learn about Edward after reading Midnight Sun it’s that, while his actions are still creepy, he does want what is best for Bella. He’s even willing to let her be with someone else if it keeps her happy and safe; however, fans of the original novels know Bella returns to Edward in the end. Perhaps Jacob could get a novel from his perspective to enhance the Edward and Jacob rivalry as well, illuminating what really drives his animosity against the vampire.

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