Here’s Why These Twilight Fan Theories Can’t Be True

Whether you hate or love Twilight, there is no denying the passion of the fans- but not every fan theory stands up to scrutiny.

The story of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen captivated millions of fans around the world. Whether it is the popular film series or the original novels by Stephenie Meyer, the Twilight franchise has a legion of fans. Of course, not everyone is a huge fan of the series and it has faced plenty of criticism for its basic storytelling and lazy writing.

Whether you hate or love Twilight, there is no denying the passion of the fans. Avid supporters of the franchise are so enthralled with it that they have analyzed every little piece of information from the books and movies. That has allowed them to come up with some great fan theories, some of which are even better than what fans got in the final films.

Unfortunately, not every fan theory about Twilight stands up to scrutiny. These are some of the ones that fall down when you examine them properly and just could never come true.

15 Bella Cannot Be Be From A Long Line Of Powerful Vampires

This theory argues that Bella is from a long line of powerful vampires, explaining her strong powers and abilities. It uses her mother’s name, Renée, as evidence of this by saying it is derivative of a name used by the Volturi. However, if it were true, this would almost certainly have been revealed at some point in the films or novels as it makes no sense to leave out.

14 Bella Imagining All Of The Events Would Be Lazy Storytelling

Just like with any popular series, there are some fans who have said that the events of Twilight are actually just a dream or hallucination. In particular, they argue that Bella is imagining the story. Even for those who think the series isn’t great would understand that this is unlikely, as it is a cliché trope that would be an incredible example of lazy storytelling.

13 Renesmee Couldn’t Have Turned Bella Into A Vampire As She Is Female

Although Bella wanted to be a vampire for a long time, Edward refused to turn her until the very last moment when it was the only thing that would save her. One theory states that Edward didn’t turn Bella at all, but rather it was their daughter Renesmee while she was in the womb or being born. Yet, her female form means she wouldn’t have been able to turn Bella.

12 Alice Once Being A Shapeshifter Contradicts Several Plot Points

A few theories suggest that Alice may not have been a human at all before she was a vampire. Instead, they argue that she was a shapeshifter. Unfortunately, for this to be true it would mean that Alice would be able to see visions of shapeshifters, which she cannot, and the other characters would almost certainly be able to tell what had happened in her past.

11 Bella is Not An Unreliable Narrator Since Other Characters Have Seen Supernatural Forces

A popular fan theory argues that Bella is an unreliable narrator and is making the events around her seem more mystical and magical than they really are. Some even argue that she is in a cult trying to make sense of what she sees with vampire stories. However, this doesn’t explain how other characters other than Bella have clearly witnessed supernatural phenomena and seen the vampires themselves.

10 Panic Room Being A Twilight Prequel Leaves Out Lots Of Information

Panic Room is a 2002 film that starred a young Kristen Stewart. A few fans have suggested that this could be a prequel to Twilight, set in the same universe, showing Bella’s early life. Of course, this ignores key details in the plot of the film series and does not explain how she ended up near Edward or had a strange type of blood.

If Bella And Edward Shared A Telepathic Bond, He Would Be Able To Hear Her Thoughts

Some fans believe that Bella and Edward end up sharing a telepathic bond after they are married. This is how they explain Bella being able to effectively see what Edward is doing and read his thoughts. Surely, though, this would mean that Edward can also see into Bella’s mind which is not the case in any of the movies or books.

If Bella Is Part Werewolf, Why Can Nobody Smell The Scent?

Many fans have argued that Bella might actually be a part werewolf, and this would explain some of her abilities and powers. In order for this to be true, surely the other characters would be able to smell the scent of a werewolf on her. Especially when the likes of Edward spends so much time with her.

The Volturi Mean The Vampires Cannot Be Faeries

A theory that has attracted a lot of attention suggests that the vampires in Twilight are actually faeries. This is because they sparkle when in light, live in the dark, and are also known to drink blood. Yet, this is contradicted by the Volturi, as such creatures would never meet and organize as vampires do with the Volturi.

Alice Wanting To Become A Vampire Ignores Key Details

Another theory to do with Alice states that she actually wanted to become a vampire and this is the reason she has forgotten her time as a human as she actively wants to not remember it. Unfortunately, this theory cannot be true as it ignores key details about how she was turned into a vampire by an older worker in the hospital who befriended her.

Although this fan theory is not meant to be taken all that seriously, it still makes little sense. After all, if Sirius and Jacob Black were brothers, Twilight would have to take place in the same universe as Harry Potter. This is obviously not the case as there are no wizards in the vampire series.

Bella Cannot Be A Succubus Because Alice Can See Her Future

There is a popular fan theory on Reddit that Bella is not actually a human or a vampire. But rather she is a succubus who gains power from sleeping with powerful men. However, if this was the case, then Alice would not be able to see into her future. This would be because Alice can only see visions of those who are either a vampire or a human, meaning Bella must be too.

The Theory To Explain Emmett’s Intelligence Makes No Sense Since He Is Not Actually Dumb

One theory attempts to explain Emmett’s lack of intelligence in the Twilight saga by arguing that he is damaged from being given morphine during his transformation. But in reality, Emmett is not really dumb. He just doesn’t enjoy the same things as the other vampires and prefers not to get involved in long term plans and strategies.

Despite Theories That Bella Isn’t Human, No Explanation Is Ever Given

There are dozens of fan theories on Reddit that try to argue that Bella Swan is not as human as she appears. Unfortunately, all of them fall flat for not really providing any solid evidence of this. They also ignore the fact that others in the series flat out say she is human and later a vampire.

If Volturi Are Harvesting Humans, Why Do They Seemingly Have No Scientists?

A few fans suggest that the Volturi are actually harvesting humans to use in genetic experiments. While vampire scientists certainly exist in the Twilight universe, none of them appear to work directly with the Volturi, making the theory seem very unlikely as they would have no one to do the experiments.

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