Here’s How These Twilight Moments Should’ve Happened

There's no denying the success of the Twilight franchise, but we would have done things a bit differently.

The Twilight Saga has earned millions of fans around the world who are still talking about it, more than 10 years after the first film was released. Critics have claimed that the story paints a terrible picture of love for impressionable teens. Others have pointed out that Twilight is inappropriate at times, particularly for the age group most likely to watch it. But despite the disapproval, the franchise remains one of the most popular and successful.

Even fans who love Twilight have spoken out about certain elements of the storyline and how they should have been portrayed differently on the screen. From characters acting inconsistently to plot holes to scenes that just didn’t sit right, the following moments could be improved. Keep reading to find out how we think these Twilight moments should have happened.

15 Edward Should Have Sparkled In Every Sun Scene

Fans have pointed out the inconsistency relating to the sparkling of Twilight vampires. One of the rules that vampires have to follow is staying out of the sun, lest they sparkle and reveal themselves. So Edward should have sparkled in every sunny scene, rather than sometimes appearing in the sunlight without so much as a glimmer.

14 Bella Shouldn’t Cause Such A Stir With Everyone She Meets

There are a few details about Bella Swan that make no sense. One of the most obvious is the fact that everyone she meets seems to become obsessed with her. There’s nothing particularly amazing about her to warrant all this admiration, so she shouldn’t cause such a stir when she meets people. We’re talking about vampires, werewolves and humans.

13 Jasper’s Training For The Fight Against The Newborns Should Have Lasted Longer

When Victoria’s newborn army starts to grow, Jasper gathers and trains both werewolves and vampires. Really, his training should last longer than a few hours in a single afternoon. Their short training session makes it seem like the newborn army isn’t actually a serious threat, which doesn’t make sense because the plot of Eclipse revolves around them.

Feminists have pointed out that there are quite a few issues with the relationships between both Bella and Edward and Bella and Jacob. The latter kisses her without her consent, which isn’t okay. In Eclipse, when Charlie finds out that Jacob kissed Bella without her consent, he should have been a lot angrier.

11 Laurent Shouldn’t Have Turned On Bella

When you think about it, Laurent’s actions make him seem like he’s confused about what he wants. At first, he warns the Cullens about how James is a danger to Bella, but then he turns on Bella. He would have been a stronger character if he picked a side and stayed on it.

10 Edward Should Have Allowed Bella To Move While Kissing Her For The First Time

The relationship between Bella and Edward has garnered much criticism for being potentially abusive. One of the moments that make their relationship seem creepy, and should have played out differently, was their first kiss when Edward tells her not to move. It would have been less disturbing if he’d let her move.

Jacob Shouldn’t Have Lost His Temper When Bella Picked Edward Over Him

By the end of the franchise, a lot of fans felt fed up with Jacob thanks to the way that he constantly tries to control Bella’s decisions and throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. He would have been a more likable character if he’d let Bella make her own choices instead of running into the woods every time she chooses Edward.

Bella’s Papercut Shouldn’t Have Sent Jasper Into A Spin

The events of New Moon are kicked off by Bella’s disastrous birthday party, where a papercut leads Jasper to try and attack Bella. But when you think about it, her papercut shouldn’t have sent him into such a spin. Going to school, he’d be around bleeding kids all day. This was a bit more dramatic than necessary.

Jacob Should Not Have Made A Scene At Bella’s Wedding

No matter how clear Bella makes it for Jacob, he can’t seem to accept that she chooses Edward over him. The scene that he makes at their wedding is a little over the top, even for Jacob. By this point in the series, he should have learned that he’s not in control of Bella’s life.

James Should Have Been More Difficult To Kill

We’re glad that Edward ended up killing James to protect Bella, but James really should have been more difficult to kill. Laurence warns the Cullens just how deadly James is yet somehow Edward is able to kill him in a matter of seconds. It would have been more interesting for James to put up more of a fight.

Edward Should Have Found Another Way To Kill Himself Besides The Volturi

In New Moon, Edward decides to provoke the Volturi to kill him by revealing himself to humans. As dramatic as this is, it would have made more sense for Edward to do the deed in a number of other ways. Relying on the Volturi to do it suggests that he doesn’t really want to go through with it.

Bella Should Have Spent More Time Adjusting To Becoming A Vampire

Once Bella transforms into a vampire, she settles right in to her new life and doesn’t have any trouble adjusting. We would have loved to have seen her struggle to get used to it the way all the other vampires had to. The fact that she’s instantly a perfect vampire is more irritating than endearing.

Someone Should Have Told Irina The Truth About Renesmee

After Renesmee is born, the Cullens get in major trouble with the Volturi because Irina mistakes Renesmee for an immortal child. The drama could have been totally avoided if someone had just simply told Irina the truth about Renesmee. We’re looking at you, Alice, the vampire who can see future events before they unfold…

Edward’s Protection Of Bella In New Moon Shouldn’t Have Come In The Form Of A Vision

Edward abandons Bella for her own good in New Moon, but when she starts purposely putting herself in danger, he appears to her in the form of a vision to warn her. We think the films should have been more faithful to the books in this regard by having him simply be a voice inside her head rather than actually manifesting before her.

The Epic Battle Should Have Really Happened

It would have devastated us to lose the characters Alice foresees dying in the epic final battle between the Cullens and the Volturi. But a roller coaster of emotions like that often makes a story even more powerful. We would have loved to see an epic battle actually play out rather than having the climax of the franchise resolve before it began.

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