Feast On This: 15 BTS ‘Twilight’ Photos And Facts About The Movie

Even the biggest fans haven't seen these...or heard the secrets behind them.

In honor of it being 10 years since Twilight first hit movie screens across the world, we have decided to take a look back at some photos from the film. We’re paring that with some tidbits fans may not have known about the movie series. The Twilight Saga film series was divided among five movies, which were originally drawn from four books written by author Stephanie Meyer. The first of the four books were initially released in 2005 and the rest were released subsequently until 2008. Stephanie Meyer said that the idea first came to her in a dream she had about a vampire boy who was in love with a mortal girl, but also had the desire to eat her. Meyer says she wanted to know what would happen next and began to explore the possibilities via writing.

Meyer was a stay-at-home mother when the idea came to her and she began to write. Given that she had kids, she admits she had to cut down on her sleeping schedule to fit in the writing as she did not want to sacrifice the time with her children. Fast forward 10 years later and Twilight is still recognized and watched by many. The Twilight film series grossed over $1.3 billion among all five films. Not too shabby for an idea that was born out of a dream. Perhaps we should all start writing our dreams down.

15 Lautner volunteered to be petted by Stewart

Every time Taylor Lautner’s character transformed into a wolf he did so smoothly, thanks to the creation of CG technology. While on-screen it may have looked like a smooth transition, in reality, it was a somewhat humorous scene to film as, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Lautner looked like he was wearing a Teletubby outfit. The source pointed out that even ordinarily passive-looking Bella could not contain a smirk while filming this scene where she pets him. Sure, it looks great on-screen afterward, but we can imagine what it must have felt like to rub Lautner’s head for hours (we may be exaggerating) to nail this shot.

Speaking about the effects and how the wolf turned out on-screen, Lautner admitted that he might have looked cuddlier than the director had originally anticipated. On the topic of the wolf, Lautner said, “It was very cuddly. I don’t know if that’s what we were aiming for.” Well as it turns out, initially, Stewart’s character was supposed to just pet the thin air while pretending that she was petting a wolf, but she started saying how uncomfortable it would be to just pretend. So Lautner volunteered to wear the Teletubby suit and stand in.

14 Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson denied being together at first

Rumors about Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson first started swirling in 2008 as filming on the first film wrapped and the pair started doing promotions for it. While frequently spotted on the red carpet together as costars, the two vehemently denied any involvement until 2009 when filming on the second movie started. The above picture was taken as a behind-the-scenes shot and appeared on Daily Mail. Although it appeared that everyone else already knew that they were together or would be making it official soon, Stewart, and Pattinson were not ready to acknowledge it; at least not publicly.

It also probably had something to do with the fact that Kristen was dating Michael Angarano at the time. According to E! News, Angarano made appearances with Kristen on the red carpet as rumors continued to swirl around her romantic involvement with Rob. However, it was not until filming wrapped on the second film that it appeared the pair was just about ready to show the world their love. Kristen reportedly ended it with Angarano and shortly after, in June 2009, Kristen and Rob officially became a couple.

13 Kristen Stewart said filming certain scenes with Lautner was hard

Although there was a point in time when some Twilight fans were rooting for Kristen Stewart’s Bella to be with Lautner’s Jacob, the on-screen chemistry did not translate off-screen. While Stewart had never spoken about feeling awkward filming intimate scenes with Robert Pattinson or saying that it was difficult, she did not feel the same way about Lautner. But it’s not what you may think. In Us Magazine, Kristen said that because Bella was always so against having any sort of romantic involvement with Jacob that it was hard to film the kissing scene in Eclipse.

Although in another somewhat intimate scene with Jacob, at the same time, she says it was gratifying to film while cozying up to Jacob in the tent scene, using his body for warmth.

If you can recall, in one of the scenes Jacob has to sleep in the tent with Edward and Bella because Bella is cold, but Edwards cold Vampire body cannot keep her warm. Reluctantly, Edward allows Jacob to sleep in the tent with them and Stewart said as a character it was satisfying to see Edward acting like a jealous boyfriend. Stewart also added, “Taylor [and I] have so much fun with this stuff because our intimate moments are so few and far between—and weird.”

12 The movie caused a surge in adopting wolf-like dogs

After the first couple of installments of The Twilight Saga, there was an increase in people buying wolf-like dogs—often a Husky mix. However, according to Metro, that led to an unfortunate influx of the same types of dogs being given up to rescue shelters. This often happens with “fad” pets when the reality of caring for a dog kicks in and the novelty wears off. It’s not the only time that a movie or a television show has inspired people to get a wold-life dog as a pet. HBO’s Game of Thrones has had the same effect over the years, thanks to its direwolves.

Dogs Trust, an animal shelter in the UK, spoke to Metro to reveal that, “[In 2012, 100 huskies, 35 Akitas, and 16 malamutes have been taken to the Dogs Trust.” The charities representative, Lynn Barber, also added: “These dogs are gorgeous creatures and can make wonderful companions, but they need owners who are willing to commit to them.” Apparently, the main reason cited for people when returning them is that they did not realize the work involved in caring for them upon buying or adopting them. At the end of the day, people have to keep in mind that the dogs on these movie sets are superbly well trained.

11 Taylor Lautner trained so hard, he actually lost weight

There is no denying that trying to look like a boy who is strong enough to turn into a wolf would take a lot of training. So it is not too surprising that hours of training and a whole lot of calories went into preparing Taylor Lautner for the role. Although while he intended to bulk up with the training program, he did end up losing weight at one point. For anyone who has seen the movies, you can definitely attest to the fact that he succeeded in the end.

Lautner is performing his own stunts is a giveaway that he accomplished that. Anyway, enough swooning.

When trying to get fit for the role of Jacob, the website Superhero Jacked reveals his diet and training program. Lautner was consuming 4,500 calories a day and spending hours in the gym every day. So how did he manage to get so many calories into his diet? Lautner revealed that it happened with things like this, “Sometimes my trainer, when we were filming — because he was up filming ‘New Moon’ with us — he’d wake me up at six in the morning and be like, ‘Hey, have a protein shake. And then I’d go back to sleep for a couple hours.”

10 Rob and Kristen filmed a lot of tree scenes

While quite commonly scenes like the one above are performed in front of a CGI screen and utilize stunt people, the team behind Twilight wanted to go all out. So, although they still used stunt people in the scene, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were still very much a part of the filming and actually had to film in a very tall tree instead of in a studio. So how did they manage to pull it off? According to The Los Angeles Times, the Twilight crew built a support rig about 100-feet tall that spanned across three pine trees.

Richard Kidd, the one leading the special effects team on set said that, “It was four really large pipes that created the structure like a box and they snapped together like Lego pieces.” So, essentially, the rig helped to keep the tree steady while at the same time acted as a support system for the pulleys and the winches used to get Stewart, Pattinson and their two stunt people into the tree. So we guess that answers our questions over whether Stewart and Pattinson had to climb all the way up the tree, which would’ve been very unpleasant. The cameras used to film this scene were supported by their own set of cables and winches and controlled by a remote from the ground below.

Rob’s chemistry with Kristen landed him the job

As mentioned above, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s love blossomed while filming the Twilight film series. But long before they came to the realization that they wanted to be more than just on-screen boyfriend and girlfriend, their chemistry actually helped Rob Pattinson secure the role of Edward. According to Hollywood Life, Director Catherine Hardwicke, who cast both of the stars, says she was taken aback by the chemistry between the two young stars. And it was that chemistry that led to Rob getting hired after Kristen was already for the role of Bella.

Catherine revealed it was not too difficult to find someone to play Bella as Kristen seemed like the perfect fit pretty quickly.

She said, “I thought Kristen was just amazing in Into the Wild. When I read the novel Twilight, I kept picturing her in that scene, where she’s sitting in the trailer, hoping to seduce Emile Hirsch. Her yearning was palpable, real and intense. I thought, “This girl would be wonderful.” So Summit flew me out to Pittsburgh, where Stewart was shooting Adventureland. However, when it came to finding Edward, she said it was difficult because he was described as so “perfect” in the book. Yet, once she saw the pair’s chemistry, it was a done deal.

Rob had his hair colored to play Edward

When watching the Twilight films, it may seem like Robert Pattinson’s character Edward just “woke up like this,” but he most certainly did not. For one, the character does not sleep, so there’s that. But secondly, it took some time and preparation to get his coif just right. The head hairstylist on set, Mary Ann Valdes, revealed that both Rob and Kristen’s hair color when they showed up was from previous jobs, so they both needed to have their hair colored before filming.

According to, InStyle, Rob and Kristen both tried on wigs to find the perfect color match for their hair before being sent to a Beverly Hills salon to have it dyed. The colorist at the salon said, “We wanted to give him bronze highlights that would complement the golden contacts he wore.” After coloring Rob’s hair, Valdes would style Rob’s hair every day with products that he actually suggested. Valdes mostly used the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and the Black and White Pomade. Now, when it came to Kristen’s hair, they wanted to keep it pretty natural-looking, so they were inspired by the visual of chocolate covered cherries. As for Jacob’s hair, it was far too short for the role in the beginning (remember those long tresses) so the hair team created a wig for him.

The first baby playing Renesmee ended up being cut from Breaking Dawn

In the final installment of Twilight, Edward and Bella have a baby that’s not exactly human, nor did it remotely look like that during the first round of filming. According to, the entertainment section in Time, the film crew needed Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee, to look special, so they had to make a choice between CGI or animatronics. After some thought, they decided on animatronics, which is the process of giving life-like qualities to inanimate objects. The only trouble is after the animatronic child was complete, she freaked everyone out on the set. She quickly developed a not-so-nice reputation and everyone on set began referring to her as “Chuckesmee.”

Perhaps looking at the photo above you can kind of guess why that is.

The cast and crew said that animatronic baby Renesmee looked less like a vampire/ human baby and more like the doll from Child’s Play. You know, like Chuckie the puffy-cheeked doll that liked to off people in the movie who somehow didn’t realize they could just kick a doll to defeat it? If it doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps do not Google it, unless you want to have nightmares (similar to how “Chuckesmee” gave everyone on the Twilight set nightmares). One of the doll’s producers, Wyek Godfrey, was even quoted as saying that it was “one of the most grotesque animatronic babies ever not to be seen on film.” You probably don’t remember seeing “Chuckesmee” on the big screen for that reason. They cut her and we hope they destroyed that thing or it may come back for revenge.

The actress who played Renesmee is now 17

This will probably make you feel pretty old. Actress Mackenzie Foy was cast in the role of Edward and Bella’s daughter Renesmee at just 9 years old. That precocious little half-vampire is now 17 years old, which means she’s almost old enough to vote. According to MTV, Mackenzie’s casting in 2010 was such a big deal that author Stephenie Meyer made the announcement herself. Meyer posted on her Facebook account, “Very excited about our new Renesmee, Mackenzie Foy. She’s an amazing actress and I’m very excited to work with her.” Rumors were only swirling for one week before Foy was confirmed as the latest star of the series. She had a brief appearance in Breaking Dawn — Part 1, which was the fourth installment of the series and then a larger part in Breaking Dawn — Part 2, the fifth and final installment of the movie series.

Prior to scoring her role in Twilight, Foy did not have a very extensive resume. She had appeared in the television shows, Flash Forward and ‘Til Death. In addition to that, she had done a bit of modeling and appeared in Gap ads, a Burger King commercial and in a Garnet Hill clothing catalog. Since Twilight, Foy has landed even more noted roles like her supporting role in Interstellar where she played Matthew McConaughey’s daughter.

Robert Pattinson didn’t enjoy the wire stunts

A lot of the cast of Twilight dabbled in performing some of their own stunts and admittedly some enjoyed it more than others. According to How Stuff Works, Jackson Rathbone, the actor who played Edward’s “brother” Jasper, had a great time performing his own stunts. The actor even compared the stunts to a ride at an amusement park. Rathbone said it was like “getting paid to go to the amusement park.” When you put it that way, we suppose there’s a lot to like about it.

Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, did not enjoy performing Edward’s stunts.

When speaking of the experience, Robert said, “Trying to maintain your center of gravity is tough. It can look really fake, and I didn’t have that much time to practice.” He added that, “They took a pretty big risk letting me do a lot if it. I’m really not an action movie kind of guy.” You could have fooled us, Robert. According to his cast member Peter Facinelli, watching him play baseball was even a bit of a struggle. Facinelli said that it didn’t help that he’s British, which means he didn’t know much about the American sport. He added that it was “fun yet painful to watch.” Perhaps next time, Rob will settle for having a stunt double the whole way through filming.

The same song plays during Bella and Edwards prom and wedding day

Leave it to the team behind The Twilight Saga to create romantic connections throughout the film series. Since relationships are undoubtedly at the core of the entire series, we are not too surprised that the team weaved little details throughout the series to connect their love story. They did it so subtly that you may have missed some of those moments. In particular, we are talking about the song that played at Bella and Edward’s wedding, which actually appeared earlier in the series. The song titled, “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine first played during Edward and Bella’s prom.

Do you remember the moment we are talking about? Well, if you don’t, let us refresh your memory. There is a moment at the prom when Bella tries to convince Edward into turning her into a vampire so that their love can last forever. Edward isn’t too keen on the idea and doesn’t take her up on the offer, but it sort of marks the start of their path to eventually getting there. Of course, marriage is one of the last steps that they take in order to get them there. That eventually leads to Bella getting pregnant and, consequently, Edward having no choice but to turn her into a vampire to save her life. Anyway, it’s fitting that somewhere in that journey, we hear the song that started it all.

Kristen had some injury issues on the set

A lot of the cast members of The Twilight Saga film series opted to perform their own stunts for the film. While everyone got out of filming relatively unscathed, they still experienced some injuries while on set, according to the website Clevver. Kristen Stewart injured herself twice trying to pull off her action moves. While filming Breaking Dawn — Part 2, Kristen didn’t notice a shard of glass on the ground and stepped directly onto it barefoot. The glass penetrated her foot and, as a result, she had to use crutches to get around for months. Another time, Kristen, who prides herself on performing a lot of her own stunts on the Twilight set, broke her thumb and had to film the rest of the time without the use of it but also not bringing attention to it.

Robert Pattinson wasn’t immune to on-set injury either.

He pulled a muscle in his glutes during one of his stunts. To make matters worse, this happened during the very first day of filming a scene with Kristen Stewart for the first movie. The injury occurred when Rob was lunging to lift Kristen up. Jackson Rathbone also got injured on set twice, with one of the times happening during a filmed fight with Kellan Lutz. He and Kellan were fake hitting each other, but Lutz accidentally punched him in the face. Another time, Jackson went to the hospital for a mystery illness and to this day, no one knows what it was.

The cast wore different colored contacts based on their moods

Part of the task for the costume designers and makeup and hair team on the Twilight set was to be able to differentiate some of the Vampires and their moods. In order to achieve this task, contacts played a significant role. According to Lubbock Online, all of the vampire characters would wear contacts based on their moods and preference in food. Let us clarify, shall we? Edward, Bella, Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett, Esme and Doctor Carlisle Cullen were all “vegetarian” vampires, in the sense that they would only eat animals and not humans. As a result of their preference in cuisine, all of them had a golden eye color. On the contrary, vampires who like to feast on humans like Dakota Fanning’s character, Jane, were given glowing red eyes.

Also, when the vegetarian vampires got hungry, their eyes would turn black, signifying that they needed to eat. It was at this time they were more likely to find humans desirable. The vampire characters were not the only ones that had to wear contacts the entire time as Kristen Stewart did too when she was just human Bella. Before Edward turned her, Bella had brown eyes, which were as a result of Kristen wearing contacts. Kristen’s eyes are naturally green, whereas Bella’s are brown.

The cast often argued like a real family

Having multiple consecutive years together filming and growing up together in a sense, it was common for the cast of The Twilight Saga to get into disagreements on set. According to Hollywood Life, the cast members would often have arguments and disagreements on set because they were spending so much time together and having such long days filming. Ashley Greene, who played Alice Cullen, admits that they would get into pretty typical family feuds, including her going head-to-head with Kristen Stewart. On the subject, Greene has said, “We’re exhausted! Things happen. But the nice part is that at the end of the day, it’s like yelling at your sister. You don’t stay mad at her.”

So, at least they would always make up at the end of the day.

Ashley also had to undergo a pretty lengthy transformation every day, so perhaps that led to her frustration. When speaking on what it took to turn her from Ashley into Alice every day, Greene says it would take hours. She added, “The whole process takes about two hours. My hair is pretty thick, and we wrap it and put it under a wig. To get it to fit so I don’t like look I have an alien head is a talent in itself.” Today, it is unclear whether any of the Twilight cast remain friends or have grown apart since filming wrapped.

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