According To Fans: 15 Things That Should’ve Happened In Twilight

Even the biggest Twilight fans have concerns and suggestions about the series.

The Twilight series is one of the most popular of its kind and completely revolutionized both the young adult fiction genre of writing and the subject of vampires. While some would argue that this was not for the better, others have fallen in love with the story of Bella and Edward, a human and a vampire who become soulmates against the odds. Still, even the biggest fans have concerns and suggestions about the series.

Some fans have come up with theories about the background of certain characters, while others have pointed out the various plot holes in the story and been vocal about the way things should have gone down in the story. Check out these 15 things that fans believe should have happened in Twilight.

15 Bella Should Have Had Higher Self-Esteem

Those fans who have problems with Twilight have noticed that one of the things that’s wrong with the series, is Bella’s lack of self-esteem. She should have loved herself enough to not become so obsessed with a guy and believe that he’s all that she has to be thankful for in her life.

14 Jacob Should Have Imprinted On Someone Else

The top thing that makes no sense about Jacob Black has to be the fact that he imprinted on an infant. If fans had their way, Jacob would have imprinted on someone else rather than a newborn baby. The relationship between Jacob and Renesmee Cullen is too creepy this way.

13 Edward Should Have Been Less Stalker-Ish

Most fans agree that in an ideal world, Edward would be less stalker-ish. There’s no need for him to show up in Bella’s room to watch her sleep and tune in on her private conversations, whether he’s a vampire or not. While some find it romantic, most find this behavior inappropriate.

12 Charlie Should Have Had A Better Farewell

The character of Charlie Swan is one of the more grounded Twilight figures and not all fans are happy with the way he is farewelled in the final installment. He seems completely uninvested in his daughter’s life and a lot of fans think he deserves better after trying his best to be a good father to Bella throughout the franchise.

11 Alice’s Gift Should Have Been More Consistent

The power to see into the future often leaves fans unsatisfied. Many fans feel that Alice’s power to see future events is slightly inconsistent. People’s choices are supposed to affect the future, which changes the outcomes she sees, and yet she’s still able to predict the stock market and make the Cullens money. Go figure!

One of the biggest criticisms of Bella’s character is that she instantly becomes popular at her new school despite doing nothing to earn that popularity. So, a lot of fans believe that the story would have been more realistic if Bella had had trouble making friends when she first moved to Forks.

Carlisle Should Have Invented Artificial Blood So The Cullens Could Legitimately Be Vegetarians

In the first Twilight movie, Edward explains to Bella that he and his families are vegetarians. But if we’re going to be technical, the fact that they drink animal blood makes them the opposite of vegetarian, at least by human standards. It would have been better if Carlisle had invented artificial blood for the Cullens to drink and legitimately be vegetarians.

The Vampires Should Have Been Less Powerful

The story of Twilight might have packed more of a punch if the vampires weren’t so invincible. Many fans have noticed that Edward and Bella’s love tale would have been even more exciting if there were more traditional vampire conventions included in the story, such as garlic and crucifixes having the power to bring down the Cullens.

Bella Should Have Been Closed Off From All The Vampires, Including Jasper

Some fans have criticized the lack of clarity in the story when it comes to Bella being impenetrable as far as the Cullens’ powers are concerned. Vampires are unable to get into her mind, but Jasper can still manipulate her emotions. Fans would have liked Bella’s ability to withstand their powers to be a bit clearer.

Bella Should Have Gone To College

In the Twilight books, Edward encourages Bella to go to college but there’s no mention of this in the movies. Fans would have loved to have seen her actually go to college in the films because it would add another dimension to her life and show that she’s got more to live for than just the Cullens.

Bella Should Have Treated Her Friends Better

Most fans agree that Bella should have treated her friends better. She treats them similarly to her family in that nobody will ever be as important to her as Edward and his family. Bella is emotionally distant, mopey, and doesn’t support her friends in any way, yet they still seem to love her.

The Cullens Should Have Had Jobs Instead Of Being Students

According to Twilight fans, the movies would have been more interesting and made more sense if the Cullens had gotten jobs instead of repeating school year after year. They’re not learning anything at school and by working they could actually be of service to the community, so this would have been a better way to go.

Edward And Bella Should Have Had Their Happily Ever After Without Renesmee

Renesmee is one of the biggest question marks in the Twilight universe. Although fans love seeing Edward and Bella so happy with their daughter, the general consensus seems to be that things would have been a lot simpler if the two had lived happily ever after without their half-vampiric child.

Bella Should Have Had More Reservations About Becoming A Vampire

Bella immediately wants to become a vampire when she gets the chance, but fans have wondered whether she should have had more reservations about the transformation. After all, she was giving up her entire life and future as a human to live eternally as a blood-sucker. It seems that the story would have been more realistic if Bella was at least a little concerned about the change.

Other People Should Have Noticed When Edward Saved Bella From The Van

The results are in and one of the things that fans think makes no sense about Twilightis the way no one in the school parking lot notices when Edward saves Bella from the van. He moves about 60 feet in half a second but nobody questions it except Bella. In reality, others should have noticed Edward’s swift movement.

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