Twilight Fans React To Midnight Sun News After Crashing Stephenie Meyer’s Website

The wildest fanbase in literature has waited a long time for this.

If there was ever any doubt that Twilight fans—known affectionately as Twihards—are still willing to throw down for Edward Cullen, it’s been erased today. Author Stephenie Meyer announced that after a 12-year delay, she’s releasing Midnight Sun, which tells the story of Twilight from Edward Cullen’s perspective.

Last week, Meyer posted a cryptic countdown timer on her website, inciting fans to question if finally, maybe, the time for Midnight Sun had arrived. Meyer had long aroused suspicion that the book was still in the works, though more than a decade has passed since she posted a rough draft of the first chapter to her website. After the unfinished manuscript was leaked online, Meyer cancelled all plans for publication out of sheer disappointment. That frustration only deepened when Meyer picked up the pen again in 2015, only to discover that E.L. James, author of Fifty Shades of Grey, was making waves with her new prequel, Grey.

“I have a feeling Midnight Sun is somewhat cursed,” the author told the crowd at New York Comic-Con that year.

But 2020 has overwhelmingly proved its capacity for chaos, so of course it was the perfect year for Meyer to flip the switch. As her countdown approached zero on the morning of May 4, her fans crashed the site’s server.

Perhaps most entertaining was the sheer number of Twihards who still didn’t know how to spell Meyer’s name. Within minutes of the site crashing, #MidnightSun, #StephenieMeyer and #StephanieMeyer were all trending on Twitter.

Not sure that she invented YA, but, y’know, we get the point.

Although the website refused to let fans in, Meyer announced via Good Morning America that Midnight Sun would arrive on August 4 and is available to pre-order now. Already, fans are wondering if this means a new Twilight movie is in our future—and, if so, would former Edward Cullen actor Robert Pattinson get involved? He’s been pretty forthright about his absolute hatred for the series, though perhaps he’s warmed up to the idea.

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