Shoresy Faces Off Against The Jims [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant has an exclusive clip from the upcoming Letterkenny spinoff, Shoresy, which features three Jims and the nicknames they refuse.

Screen Rant has a beaut of an exclusive sneak peek to present from the upcoming series Shoresy, which premieres May 13 on Crave and lands on Hulu May 27. The comedy is a spinoff of the long-running, hockey-loving Canadian show Letterkenny, which has been gracing the English language with new slang for ten seasons now.

Shoresy consists of six episodes and follows fan-favorite character Shoresy (portrayed by Letterkenny’s creator and bench boss Jared Keeso) as he makes the move from the local hockey team onto a senior AAA team in Sudbury. Hilariously, Shoresy is known for not showing his face on Letterkenny, seeing as Keeso distinguishes him from protagonist Wayne (whom he also plays) by wearing a wig and using a falsetto voice. But now it’s Shoresy’s time to shine, and he’s getting much more than just a face reveal.

In this exclusive Shoresy clip provided by Hulu, everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed, chirp-serving player is berating new teammates about their names after a short rollcall. That’s right, because not one, not two – but three members are named Jim. In the face of such unacceptable odds, Shoresy searches for potential nicknames to not get bunged up. Even better, he rattles off an impossible list of musical references amidst a storm of curses, which is how we can confirm that Shoresy will contain every inch as much rapid-fire wit as Letterkenny. Check out the full clip below:

Shot on location in Sudbury, Shoresy not only features Jared Keeso in the titular role, but also contains a cast of certified beauticians and absolute legends. Tasya Teles (The 100) stars as Nat, Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat (Tribal) plays Sanguinet, Blair Lamora (Paranormal Nightshift) is Ziigwan, and Keilani Rose (Flimsy) portrays Miigwan.

There are plenty more exciting cast appearances to go around, with rapper Jonathan-Ismael Diaby starring as Dolo, Montréal Canadien author and actor Terry Ryan as Hitch, Ryan McDonell (The Crossing) starring as Michaels, and former Kahnawake Condor, MMA fighter Andrew “The Canon” Antsanen joining the cast as Goody, and Letterkenny’s beloved Max Bouffard returns as JJ Frankie JJ.

Last but most certainly not least, legendary all-time tough guy Jon “Nasty” Mirasty, former ‘Canes center Brandon Nolan, and three-time Stanley Cup winner Jordan Nolan star as Jim, Jim, and Jim, respectively – whom you’ve just had the honor of meeting above – with Listowel’s Keegan Long as Liam and North Bay’s Bourke Cazabon as Cory rounding out the all-star cast.

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