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Peaky Blinders: 6 Best Moments From The Final Episode

The finale of Peaky Blinders did not disappoint fans as it wrapped up unfinished stories in a satisfying way.

The finale of Peaky Blinders was magnificent and it more or less cemented its status as one of the greatest television series in recent history. The show wrapped up several stories by making the finale longer than the usual episodes. It was 81 minutes long, while the rest of the episodes have a run-time of under an hour.

The final episode of Peaky Blinders had many outstanding moments, and it is extremely difficult to pick just a single one. It brought an end to the story of many characters, and it is fair to say that it was done in an exquisite manner, which was very satisfying.

Tommy Shoots Michael

Ever since the fifth season of Peaky Blinders, there has been a great deal of tension between Michael and Tommy. Michael’s relationship with Gina was also a key factor for the change in their relationship. The tension between the two reached an all-time high when Polly was killed by the members of the IRA. It became clear that one of Michael or Tommy would die.

In season 6, Tommy flew to Canada for a “deal,” but in reality, he was leaving for his showdown with Michael. After Michael’s attempt to kill Tommy was foiled, the former knew that he was in big trouble. Before killing Michael, Tommy told him that Polly still visited him in his dreams, but now she would no longer pay any visits.

Arthur And Jeremiah Kill IRA Fascists

When Tommy’s plan was sabotaged in the finale of season 5, no one could quite believe it because Tommy’s plans are always carried out meticulously. As the sixth and final season began, it all began to make sense. Tommy was targeted by the IRA fascists, and they were responsible for preventing the assassination of Oswald Mosley, the main villain of the fifth season.

When Laura McKee showed support for the fascist movement, Tommy’s resolve to kill her was further solidified. He asked Arthur, Charlie, and Jeremiah to get rid of her. The battle took place in Small Heath and after shooting for a long time, Arthur and co. triumphed and killed Laura and her soldiers. With Laura’s death, Tommy successfully avenged Polly.

Tommy Meets Ruby

Tommy was extremely troubled for the most part in season 6, because he was dealing with outrageously powerful enemies this time. In addition to this, his daughter, Ruby fell sick. After getting Ruby to a hospital, it was revealed that the little girl was suffering from tuberculosis, and it was not possible to save her with the medicine available.

Ruby died and her death visibly affected Tommy, who wasn’t near her when she passed on. In his rage, Tommy killed the woman, who had cursed his family. This wasn’t Ruby’s final involvement as she appeared one last time before her father to stop him from taking his own life and giving him a new purpose to live, which will be seen in the movie.

Duke Kills Billy

Duke was one of the few new characters in the sixth season of Peaky Blinders. Tommy was introduced to him by Esme. Like Tommy, Duke was a gypsy, and it was easy to deduce that Duke would have a role an important role to play in the series. Originally, Duke decided to run away from Tommy after he witnessed Billy killing a football referee.

However, after a short meeting with Tommy, Duke was ready to be a part of the group. He was selected by Tommy to be a part of the team that would get rid of Billy. When the selected group of people arrived at Tommy’s mansion, Finn was asked to shoot Billy as he was the traitor, but the young Shelby hesitated and decided to shoot Isiah and Duke instead. However, Duke was prepared beforehand as he had kept the first two chambers of the gun empty. After taking the gun from Finn, he shot Billy in the head and kicked out Finn from the Peaky Blinders.

Tommy And Arthur Share A Special Moment

Tommy had not told anyone about his condition. No one in his family knew about the condition, and it would have remained the same if Arthur had not broken into Tommy’s office. After breaking in, Arthur found the medical report, which showed that Tommy was suffering from a lethal disease known as Tuberculoma.

When Arthur confronted him, Tommy tried to brush it off and told him that there is still business to be done. After a brief standoff, Tommy and Arthur hugged each other. The two brothers had another special moment towards the end of the episode where Linda read a letter from Arthur to Tommy. The letter insinuated that Arthur would die along with Tommy as he loved his brother too much.

I’m Back From Under The Ground

Undoubtedly, this was the best moment in the entire episode. After finding out that Dr. Holford had lied to him, Tommy decided to confront him. During the confrontation, the doctor tried to save himself from Tommy’s red right hand. Tommy tells him that he is back…back from under the ground.

As he said the words, Tommy had a big smile on his face, and it clearly points towards that the enemies of Thomas Shelby are in big trouble. Before walking away, Tommy fires a bullet at the ground, as he headed towards his wagon he was surprised to see it on fire. The burning of all of his old stuff symbolized his rebirth.

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