‘Charmed’: The 6 Best Relationships From the Original Series

On a weekly basis, Phoebe, Piper, Paige, and Prue worked together to save the world (or, rather, San Francisco) from demons and warlocks in the original Charmed, which starred Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, and Shannen Doherty. Despite their endless Wiccan duties, these women rarely failed to maintain their personal lives amidst the chaos of being a Charmed One, having a variety of quite unique relationships with different men explored over the course of the show’s eight seasons. Whether or not these relationships lasted, those that made the list had a profound impact on one of the girls involved (and some afterward, too).

Prue and Andy

The friendship between Prue (Doherty) and Andy (T.W. King) is one of the first season’s highlights. The childhood friends to lovers trope shine brightly here, and the two’s connection is palpable from the start. It’s heartbreaking to see how Prue feels compelled to push Andy away after discovering she’s a witch and becoming involved with Andy’s ostensibly unsolved cases. It’s obvious that she desperately wants to be with him (and be open with him). The first season concludes with Andy’s death, as his love for Prue puts him in the line of fire when a demon attacks, emphasizing their love. Prue’s other relationships in the following two seasons (before she, too, dies) can’t compare to how Charmed depicted Andy as her true love without a doubt. This is confirmed in the Season 3 episode “Primrose Empath,” when Prue temporarily gains empathy, feels Cole’s deep feelings for Phoebe, and remarks that she hasn’t felt anything like that since Andy died. Prue and Andy are like star-crossed lovers, unable to make their relationship work. Though we never received any kind of confirmation, there’s a reason why many people believe Prue and Andy reconnected in the afterlife.

Paige and Henry

Paige (McGowan) and Henry Mitchell (Ivan Sergeilove )’s are incredibly special, albeit a little rushed because their entire relationships, from first meeting to post-honeymoon, took place over the course of 12 episodes in Charmed’s final season. However, this adds to the relationship by demonstrating that these two were just so perfect for each other that everything fell into place for them right away. Their love is genuine, and it feels like the love Paige has been searching for her entire life. It was easy to be with Henry (for the most part), which she lacked throughout the series, and their best moments came when she decided to be spontaneous and simply be herself. Paige and Henry had a lot in common, possibly more than any of the other couples we saw on Charmed over the eight seasons. Both grew up without their birth parents — Paige with adoptive parents and Henry in foster care — and decided as adults to help others. Henry became a parole officer, doing everything he could to help people get back on track, and we all know that helping people was Paige’s top priority, even more than her sisters at times.

Phoebe and Drake

Phoebe (Milano) and Drake (Billy Zane) may seem like an odd choice for this list, but their beautiful, whirlwind romance was one of the best things to come out of Charmed Season 7. Drake entered Phoebe’s life with only weeks to live after striking a deal with a sorcerer to live as a mortal for a year with a soul, and he taught her how to love again after being heartbroken so many times before. Their adventures during Drake’s brief three-episode stint brought some joy and life back into Phoebe — both for the character and for the viewers, as Phoebe had taken a rather depressing turn for the majority of Season 7, with her sole focus being on love or the lack thereof in her life. Drake is one of Phoebe’s many love interests, and he’s also one of the most exciting to watch… unlike Dex and Miles.

Paige and Glen

Paige and Glen (Jesse Woodrow) first appeared to viewers in Charmed Seasons 4 and 5 as long-time best friends (like, since kindergarten) who occasionally became more than friends, but it never lasted. This relationship, as one of the first people in Paige’s life we meet (aside from work) in “A Knight to Remember,” gives us a very different perspective on Paige. Glen knew Paige intimately before her sisters entered the picture, so his concern about Paige’s acceptance of her new life with Piper and Phoebe demonstrates how strong their bond is and how well he knows her. He notices the difference in her behavior right away and begins to wonder what’s going on. It could come across as obtrusive, but it doesn’t because the connection between them is done well from the start. Glen wasn’t her perfect match (though he could have been), but the few times we saw their relationship remain enjoyable contributed to Paige becoming a well-rounded character so soon after Prue’s death.

Piper and Dan

Despite their brief appearances in Charmed Season 2, Piper (Combs) and Dan (Greg Vaughan) make an excellent couple. Piper and Dan make a lot more sense than Piper and Leo most of the time, which may not be a popular opinion. The one constant in the show is Piper’s desperate desire to live a normal life free of the influence of magic and Charmed One duties. Dan isn’t television material, so even though his relationship with Piper is great, normal, and healthy, it appears clear from how things play out that it wasn’t providing enough drama for the story, unlike her forbidden love affair with Leo. (Don’t worry; Piper and Leo are also on the list.)

Phoebe and Jason

Phoebe and Jason Dean (Eric Dane) had an intriguing relationship that seemed to have staying power. But, by all accounts, this relationship was doomed from the moment it was revealed that the man who had mesmerized her with his beauty was her new boss. The romance did eventually end, but the writers managed to fool the majority of the viewers. Starting out as her arrogant boss didn’t exactly win over Jason’s heart, but his affection for Phoebe quickly became apparent. Their relationship was going swimmingly until “Used Karma,” when Jason discovers Phoebe is a witch in a very Charmed way, as Phoebe is possessed by the spirit of Mata Hari. After Cole (Julian McMahon), it’s nice to see Phoebe in a more normal romance with someone who understands her. He allows Phoebe to devote more of her adult life to herself, her career, and romance after she has spent so much of her adult life helping others — as a witch and in her new job as an advice columnist.

Piper and Leo

Piper and Leo (Brian Krause) are unquestionably the show’s leading couple, but that comes with a lot of pressure. They are the show’s primary source of romance and domesticity, particularly in terms of how this affects Piper’s relationship with her sisters and the dynamic in the manor. Their love is perfect, according to the show, but that doesn’t stop the numerous marital squabbles we see them go through. Piper and Leo work hard to make their romance thrive, which is admirable, but it can be frustrating to watch them face yet another challenge, especially in the latter half of the series. Leo’s journey from Whitelighter to Elder, Avatar, and mortal is exhausting, so his absence in the latter half of Charmed Season 8 is actually quite welcome. When given the opportunity, Piper and Leo make an excellent romantic couple, but it’s a shame that this isn’t the side of them we see the most.

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