Charmed: 10 Best Couples In The Shows

Charmed has featured some iconic romantic couples throughout its run time, but these pairs remain the most memorable.

Older fans of television series would likely think of Charmed whenever they think of witches, and it doesn’t help that both the Halliwell sisters of the first Warner Bros. series and the Vera sisters of The CW remake have more than enough charm, appeal, and superpowers to impress fans of supernatural fantasy media. However, as fate would have it, each set of sisters wouldn’t be complete without partners in life to accompany them, proving to viewers that the power of love can be enough to defeat the strongest of evils.

However, for Charmed fans heavily invested in their ships, it’s important to identify which couples between the Warner Bros. and The CW iterations of the series are just the best of the best.

10 Phoebe And Cole

Despite having more “wrongs” than rights, the tragic relationship of Phoebe Halliwell and Cole Turner was a memorable saga to watch. After all, Cole started as a warlock hell-bent on destroying the Charmed Ones, to the point of Cole being the Source of All Evil during their just to try and accomplish this goal. Regardless, Phoebe and Cole fulfilled the “from enemies to lovers” trope, and to a degree that satisfied viewers.

Their love initially began as a conflicted sense of “attention” that developed into care, to a point where Cole began “working” with the Charmed Ones by subverting the forces below. Even upon his death, a once-apprehensive Cole finally accepted his death and continued watching over Phoebe from the other side, nudging some forces to help Phoebe move on and find true love.GAMERANT VIDEO OF THE DAY

Paige And Kyle

With Paige Matthews demonstrated as having dealt with a bad hand when it comes to her love life, things started to pick up pace when she met Kyle Brody, a Homeland Security Agent. Motivated to take revenge on the Avatar for the death of his parents, his determined personality matched Paige’s unrelenting bravery and immediately sparks began to fly.

Unfortunately, Kyle’s untimely death and transformation into a guardian Whitelighter essentially ended their relationship. This was unfortunate on the part of fans as well, considering that both of them had potential when it comes to a long-term invested relationship.

Maggie And Parker

It’s Maggie Vera and Parker Caine that became one of the most conflicted couples in the reboot, especially considering the nature of Maggie as a witch and Parker as a former demon. Seemingly taking a step from the Phoebe-Cole relationship in the original series, it’s evident that Parker’s former nature as a demon would be a source of conflict – especially when he knew Maggie’s nature as a witch but pretended to be a human for much of their relationship.

It didn’t help that while Parker dies at some point in their relationship, he was actually alive all along and managed to “purge” his demonic heritage. While he tries to convince Maggie to get back together, Maggie forgives him and is happy that he is trying to change but must go their separate ways. Despite the sad ending to their relationship, their partnership is a testament that relationships don’t always have to end so tragically.

Mel And Jada

Throughout the series, it was Mel Vera and Jada Shields who made history as they were the first lesbian couple in the reboot, especially between two people who have supernatural abilities. While Mel and Jada’s relationship started with Mel spying on Jada and the rest of the Sarcana rebel witches on behalf of the Elders, their attraction for each other became evident throughout the rest of the series.

Literally a “power couple,” it’s the conflicted “yes-attraction-or-no-attraction” that made Mel and Jada quite a couple to look forward to in the show. And while they’re currently broken up, their relationship was certainly something to look forward to for the rest of the run.

Macy And Harry

It took a while for Macy Vaughn and their Whitelighter Harry Greenwood to acknowledge their relationship with each other, especially when Harry fell for Macy and her strong personality as soon as they met but couldn’t express it – to the point of being jealous of Macy’s relationships with others. It ultimately took a near-death experience to have the two of them confess and date.

Unfortunately, their story would come to a tragic end as Macy decides to sacrifice herself to defeat the Whispering Evil and save the world. Their farewell came in a touching exchange of love, and Macy told Harry that he would love again. While it’s true that Harry may find someone else after Macy, their love ended up true – and this is what ultimately mattered.

Maggie And Jordan

The relationship between Maggie Vera and Jordan Chase started when Maggie discovered a horrible curse that afflicted Chase’s family, in which the males in their family are destined to die at 25 years old due to one of Jordan’s ancestors killing a witch. After Maggie helps Jordan with this curse, they develop a close friendship that soon becomes romantic.

At some point when trying to help Whitelighter Harry, Jordan was imbued with a small amount of healing powers. Maggie and Jordan are currently dating in the show, with no more magical secrets between them.

Paige And Henry

While a quick romance for some fans, the relationship between Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell is seemingly written in the stars. Proving that passions can bring two people together, Paige sees a kindred spirit in Henry, in that they were both raised without their real parents (Paige was adopted, Henry jumped across foster homes), and had a passion for helping others as adults.

While a mortal, Henry’s job as a parole officer made him quick to understand the nature of Paige as a witch, a kind of independence and affirmation that Paige has always wanted in a partner. Sometimes, all it takes isn’t a partner that is “the same” as the other, but rather a partner that truly understands one’s aspirations and helps them work towards them.

Phoebe And Coop

While Phoebe Halliwell and her relationship with Cole was her most epic, it’s her relationship with Coop that gave her the happiness she deserved. Essentially a Cupid, Coop had the ability to help others find their respective love interests – initially sent by the Elders to help Phoebe find her true love.

Annoying, happy-go-lucky, and funny to a fault, Phoebe initially became irritated with Coop. And while Coop desperately tried to accomplish his mission, Coop and Phoebe realized that they were developing feelings for each other. It’s when they realized that they were actually in love with each other was a refreshing time in the show, especially due to the trials the sisters had to face soon after.

Prue And Andy

The epitome of the “friends to lovers” trope, Prue Halliwell and Andy was something highlighted throughout the first season, especially with the fact that Andy has been a childhood friend and confidant to Prue. Essentially the only person she’s openly vulnerable to, viewers see Prue conflicted as she has to shut him out to avoid getting him in danger due to the fact that she’s a witch.

Their unspoken love for each other is further cemented when Andy puts his life on the line in a demon attack, dying in Prue’s arms. While Prue ends up in other relationships for the next seasons, Prue subtly admits her “true” feelings for Andy. This was in “Primrose Empath” (Season 3), when Prue temporarily gains empathy and feels Cole’s deep feelings for Phoebe, and said she hasn’t felt something like that since Andy.

Piper And Leo

Arguably “the” couple in the series, Piper Halliwell and Leo had a lot of pressure on them to fulfill the romantic side of the show – something they’ve done excellently. Beginning first with Leo as their guardian Whitelighter and Piper as just a neophyte witch, their feelings towards each other eventually transcend even “rules” that state Whitelighters and witches cannot be together.

Their relationship is constantly tested through time, with various domestic, marital, and supernatural disputes coming in the way. However, Piper and Leo are proof that sacrifices might not be that “heavy” in the name of being happy with the people that truly make them whole, with Leo sacrificing not just his status as a Whitelighter but even his position as Elder, and eventually Avatar, to become a mortal.

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