We Ranked The 20 Least To Most Romantic Moments From ‘Twilight’

Love it or hate it, these are the best and worst romantic scenes from 'Twilight'.

Remember when Twilight was the biggest thing to happen to the world of pop culture? Well, maybe we are still not over it.

As if the stories about vampires, the Vulturi, werewolves, and Forks, Washington weren’t enough, this series gave us some serious romantic moments to swoon over.

For those who are not familiar or who need a little refresher, here is the breakdown — Bella moves to Washington to live with her dad. She is immediately drawn to mysterious moody Edward Cullen, who *spoilers* ends up being a vampire. Along the way she also meets Jacob, a family friend who is completely smitten with Bella and just happens to be able to spontaneously turn into a werewolf.

While the supernatural world is an interesting facet of this book, we are really just here for the love triangle and romantic moments. And when Bella’s connections with Jacob or Edward weren’t romantic they could be a little on the more awkward side.

Because maybe we are still fangirling over Edward’s piercing eyes and protective nature or Jacob’s kindness and muscles, we have ranked the least to most romantic moments in the Twilight series because honestly, there is a little bit of everything going on.

20Jacob Imprints On Bella’s Newborn Baby, Renesmee

In possibly the most talked about and most awkward moment of the series — Jacob imprints on Bella’s newborn daughter Renesmee.

Imprinting is something that werewolves have the ability to do where they can look at someone and know they are going to be with them (eventually).

Because werewolves don’t age, by the time Renesmee grows up, Jacob will still be the same age and so we are supposed to think that everything is cool and good to go now?

For people living in 21st century America, it isn’t as easy to brush past. It also doesn’t help that Jacob quickly starts calling Edward “dad” and was, in general, a blow for people shipping Jacob and Bella.

Bottom line is that it is really not that romantic when your former love interest commits himself to your baby daughter, right?

19Edward Was Bothered By Bella’s Smell

This is one of the classic first moments of the Twilight series and is important because it is the first time that Bella shows interesting in finding out more about Edward.

I mean, if a guy seemed so bothered by my smell, I definitely wouldn’t want to pursue a relationship with him but I am not Bella.

Well, it turns out of course that Edward is bothered by Bella’s smell because her blood smells particularly good to him which just makes him all the more attracted to her?

Luckily this interaction was just a terrible first impression that both were able to quickly overcome.

18Edward Watches Bella Sleep — Multiple Times

This is honestly a nightmare situation much more than a romantic gesture in the real world. Breaking into someone’s home and watching them sleep has got to be at least a misdemeanor charge.

But in the world of Twilight, it is a sign to show Edward’s fascination with Bella.

And she takes the news of him watching her sleep with mild amusement and discomfort. I understand that is was an important vehicle for the story but as a viewer, at home, it is nothing more than just a sign of a really creepy guy.

The shot of Bella thinking she sees Edward in the corner but shaking it off as just a dream makes it all the more cringe-y.

17Bella Punches Jacob After He Assumes Too Much

For Jacob-Bella shippers, this moment is not only awkward but sad. In New Moon, Jacob and Bella end up spending more and more time together because Edward left Bella and skipped town.

It is no secret that Jacob had been feeling Bella, but it really solidified it when he leaned in for a kiss and she responded by, um, punching him?

Joke’s on Bella though because Jacob and his werewolf DNA didn’t feel any pain, but Bella ended up really messing up her hand — at which point Jacob just laughs it off.

Really not a great moment for either character or their relationship, to be honest.

16All Edward’s Siblings Are Dating Their Adopted Siblings

Once again, explained in the novels, this makes more sense- but it isn’t great at face value in the movies.

All of Edward’s “siblings” are all other vampires that their “father” Carlile helped out.

As to not blow their identity as a group of vampires, they try to portray themselves as a family — meaning that they are all siblings.

But this is where things get dicey — everyone in the town of Forks thinks that they are all adopted siblings that are all dating each other, which is still a pretty big taboo in today’s day and age.

I don’t see a scenario where it isn’t awkward that they go out and act like siblings in the day and then go home and act like husband and wife.

15Edward Can Hear Jacob’s Thoughts When Bella Asks Jacob To Kiss Her

In one of the most explosive moments of the love triangle we are all obsessed with, Edward can hear Jacob’s thoughts when Bella asks Jacob to kiss her.

Yes, Bella probably asked Jacob to kiss her to ensure that he wouldn’t leave and do anything rash when he hears that Bella is going to marry Edward.

Because Edward can hear people’s thoughts he hears it all goes down. And to make matters worse, when he confronts her about it asks if she loves Jacob she answers “I love you more.” Which means she loves both of them?

Juggling two men isn’t all fun and games, ladies!

14Edward Would Appear Everywhere Bella Was During The First Movie

Seeing your crush in the halls between classes? Cute. Seeing your crush around town when you are out with your family or friends? Cute. Your crush literally showing up every place you are at any time of the day? Not so cute.

Even though Bella was so infatuated with Edward from day one, she was still a fairly independent girl and you can see that she starts to become frustrated with the fact that Edward is literally everywhere.

From pushing that car off her in the parking lot or showing up while she was out with her friends shopping for prom dresses to appearing at the movies — a supportive, protective boyfriend is nice, but whatever happened to the importance of being a strong independent woman? Edward doesn’t give Bella that chance.

13Edward Calling Bella A “Spider Monkey”

This probably is one of the most quoted yet awkward moments from the movie series. Pet names are great – babe, honey, baby — all great options. But spider monkey? Maybe not so much.

This line comes when Edward finally admits to Bella that he is a vampire and proves it by carrying her on his back and flying around the forest.

It is a somewhat nice moment because it is the first time that Edward is playful and cute with Bella. He’s showing interesting in a relationship, but the pet name means this scene’s not the greatest it could be.

Maybe Edward just needs to brush up on his modern romance skills a little bit?

12Any Time Edward Stared At Bella

Looking over at your crush to see that they are looking over at you can be a great feeling. But when they are glaring at you all the time, it is not as nice.

One thing that characterized the first movie in the series was the theme of Edward ALWAYS staring at Bella.

At first, she was weirded out by it (understandably) but as time went on she started enjoying the attention.

We can understand Bella’s side of this because who wouldn’t want that from the cute boy you like? But from a viewer’s perspective, it’s kind of awkward to watch someone in complete silence staring at someone else making the whole thing not-so-romantic.

11When Edward Left Bella Crying In The Woods

For a guy who claimed that all he wanted in life was to protect and take care of Bella, dumping her and then leaving her alone in the woods doesn’t seem very nice or safe. Bella was understandably devastated. When he broke up with her she spent hours crying in the muddy forest until someone found her.

Not great, and also a type of heartbreak that lots of viewers could identify with, making it one of the least romantic moments of the whole book series.

Sure, there are other weird moments but what is sadder and less romantic than being left by the love of your life without a word?

Bella — and Edward — are lucky that that breakdown in the forest didn’t end much worse for Bella.

10Jacob And Bella Spend Quality Time Together

For Bella and Jacob shippers, the whole beginning of New Moon is just a dream. It features tons of time with Bella and Jacob with very few Edward appearances.

From riding motorcycles to working on Jacob’s truck or hanging out with each other’s families, it is just a nice normal time.

What makes these scenes great and sweet is that they are just genuine moments. In a series that is so crazy with the history of vampires and werewolves and tensions and rules, it is nice to see two nice high school kids hanging out like normal high school kids.

We wouldn’t say it is romantic exactly — but it is sweet and a step in the right direction.

9Bella And Edward’s First Kiss

The moment every Bella/Edward shipper was waiting for from the first moment of Twilight. What makes the vampire love story so romantic is that it is the concept of star-crossed lovers and dangerous love. Their first kiss is the first moment that we really get that.

Edward has been trying to take it really slow with Bella because he is testing his own limits and concerned that he is going to hurt her. While I never really understood that concept of being in love with Bella but being tempted to suck her blood and kill her at the same time, it is Edward’s constant battle.

Edward proving he has willpower and being able to kiss Bella shows that they have the possibility of really making this relationship work.

8Bella Tells Jacob To Kiss Her

Bella and Jacob’s kisses are far and few between so this moment is very important. It also shows that the pinnacle of this love triangle and the fact that Bella has feelings for both Edward and Jacob.

After Jacob overhears Edward talking about how he and Bella are getting married he storms off.

Bella follows him and asks him to kiss her — showing that while she loves Edward the most, she also loves Jacob.

For those who love a good romantic love triangle, this moment really tugged at the heartstrings. Plus, it makes it very obvious that Bella and Jacob do have some intense chemistry.

7Edward Brings Bella To The Meadow

This moment is the first real step in Bella and Edward’s relationship. It is a cute, romantic moment that is much more relatable to viewers than all things involving vampire problems.

At this moment, Edward and Bella are just two normal people who are falling in love.

And that is what makes this scene so great. Not only that, but it sets up future romantic moments which take place in this same field and can produce that sense of sentimentality.

It is also the first time that Edward is fully honest with Bella about who he is, which makes their relationship even more real and enviable for viewers.

6Edward And Bella’s Prom

If a vampire attack and a full out vampire fight isn’t going to stop you from going to your prom, what is?

But in all seriousness, this is a great moment between Edward and Bella. They have experienced trauma together but still want to ensure that the prom is a special night, Bella’s foot cast and all.

Dancing to music, getting all dressed up, and exchanging flowers are all normal relationship things, which gives us a breath of fresh air from the drama that usually follows Edward and Bella around.

It is also the first time in the movie that their relationship is fully out in the open for everyone else at high school to see. At that moment, Edward and Bella are fully relationship goals.

5Edward And Bella’s Wedding

The moment #TeamEdward fans were waiting for all along.

While Edward seemed to always know that he was going to marry Bella, it was still an exciting surprise for viewers to actually see it all go down.

The wedding is simple and beautiful, with Bella and Edward wearing traditional clothes and having a traditional wedding ceremony — even though nothing about their relationship is close to traditional.

Who could not swoon at the way Edward looked at Bella or feel excited for how happy Bella and Edward look in that moment with the support of their families on their special day?

4Edward’s Proposal

The beautiful thing about Edward’s proposal is how simple it was — because he knew Bella and knew she wouldn’t want something over the top.

Or should we say, proposals. Emphasis on the plural.

Edward had to ask Bella multiple times to marry him but finally convinced Bella that the only way he would turn her into a vampire is if they were married first.

Bella was obviously more than committed to Edward to want to change her human form to be with him forever- so for her, marriage was an unnecessary step.

For true romantics out there, it was nice to see how important the traditional marriage thing was to Edward, and he ended up convincing Bella to take this traditional step before changing their lives forever.

3Bella Stops Edward From Sacrificing Himself To The Vulturi

Nothing says love more than a self-sacrifice, right?

In our world of modern dating that might seem like a little much, but in this universe, it is how Bella proves to Edward that she wants to be with him no matter what — which at the end of the day, is pretty romantic.

Being able to see how much Edward and Bella love each other is heartwarming, even if it is shown in a way that is pretty out of this world for us.

Edward reveals to himself to the Volturi for sacrifice to keep Bella safe and Bella rushes to find Edward and stop him, no matter the danger of running into a room of vampires that would probably be more than happy to suck her blood.

Commitment is commitment and Bella and Edward definitely proved their commitment to each other here.

2Edward Can Hear His Baby’s Thoughts

Communicating with your baby when they are in the womb is pretty highly encouraged — whether that be through music, reading books, or just talking.

Well, Edward and his vampire skills are able to take that one step further — he is able to hear his baby’s thoughts. One of the reasons that Edward was so intrigued by Bella is that she was one of the only people whose minds he couldn’t read, which probably ended up being better for their relationship.

But Edward being able to read his unborn baby’s mind is a pretty amazing daddy-daughter connection.

We’ll admit it is probably pretty swoon-worthy to think of Edward being a great dad.

1Edward And Bella’s Honeymoon

Hands down the most romantic moment of the series for Edward and Bella. A beautiful suite? Gorgeous beaches? The first night with your husband?

This night is all Bella and Edward have been waiting for and they are able to connect on a whole other level, leaving fans swooning.

Edward and Bella are endgames and their picture-perfect honeymoon solidifies that for them.

Between swimming, playing chess, or just spending time with each other this honeymoon is definitely one for the books- and the downtime Bella and Edward deserve after a very dramatic love story.

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