Twilight: 10 Merchandise Jewelry Pieces From The Film (& Where To Buy Some)

The Twilight craze may be a thing of the past but the die hard fans still find plenty of items to purchase online, including these jewelry pieces.

Twilight was a big deal back in 2008 and so were the following sequels. It became the most popular teen vampire film to ever be released and created a cult following with thousands of fans. When a movie is that popular, it needs a good merchandise line.

Back then, Hot Topic was the number one store that sold all merchandise related to Twilight. There were Team Jacob and Team Edward shirts, stickers, and even bags. The film even had its own makeup line. Remember “venom gloss?” Above all, fans were fanatics over the Twilight saga jewelry. Here are ten jewelry pieces that were a hit in sales and where some are still available for purchase.

10The Cullen Rings

The Cullens were old fashioned and it meant adorning an old family tradition. Many of the members adorned jewelry pieces with the Cullen crest. There were only a few in the family that wore an actual ring.

Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) was one of them. He wore a big signet ring with the crest. The ring is still available online, but mostly through second-hand sellers. During New Moon, stores sold “Bella Swan’s Crest Ring.” It steered from the typical dark onyx and plain silver design and instead had a red stone and intricate Victorian metalwork. It can be found on Amazon. Oddly enough, fans can’t pinpoint when Bella (Kristen Stewart) wears the ring.

9Volturi’s Emblem Necklace

The Volturi are not to be messed with, They’re like a secret vampire council. Despite concealing their identities from humans, they had no issue showcasing their crest. There were some fans who catered more towards the Volturi.

The main merchandise sold was their crest necklace. Every member of the Volturi wore one and it was a bit showy. It had a vintage gold finish with two blood-red jewels. The item is still available online. Amazon sells it for a whopping $129. There are also replica stores that sell it for cheaper.

8Renesmee’s Locket Necklace

The company that was in charge of creating the jewelry merchandise, NECA still sells a lot of the film’s items on Amazon. One of them being the locket that Bella gives her daughter Renesmee in Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

Before the big battle, Bella gives her daughter a gold locket with her and Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) photos. The locket had a fleur de lis on the front and an inscription. “Plus que ma propre vie,” translated to “more than my own life.” The locket still sells on Amazon for $220 or certain Etsy sellers offer remakes.

7 Edward’s Masen Ring

An interesting aspect of the Twilight jewelry collection is that NECA created pieces that only briefly appeared in the film. One of them was Edward’s Masen ring. This was inspired by his previous human life before being turned by Carlisle.

Before being a Cullen, Edward’s last name was Masen. True Team Edward fans hurried to buy the piece. It was a simple silver ring with intricate etched detailing with an “M.” The ring can be found online by second-hand sellers or on Amazon for $30.

6Cullen Leather Crest Cuff

Besides Carlisle, the rest of the male Cullen members wore a leather cuff with the family’s crest. This can be seen in multiple scenes throughout the films, especially on Edward. The design doesn’t vary much by member.

Each male wore a wide leather strap with the family crest in metal. Thankfully for fans who are still obsessed with the films and Edward, Amazon sells a replica of the bracelet for $70.

5The Cullen Box Set

For any fan who wants the complete Cullen crest jewelry set, there is a better solution than buying the item individually. But it will still cost a pretty penny. The jewelry set by NECA sells on Amazon with an autographed photo card for $290.

The set includes Rosalie’s (Nikki Reed) huge pendant necklace, Alice’s (Ashley Greene) dainty velvet choker, both Cullen rings, Esme’s (Elizabeth Reaser) metal bracelet, and the leather cuff. Don’t worry, the items do sell separately like Rosalie’s necklace for $38 or the choker for $24.

4Bella’s Moonstone Ring

It wasn’t uncommon for teen girls to wear Bella’s replica jewelry during the Twilight craze. The jewelry worn by Bella created a fashion trend amongst fans. One of the items was her moonstone ring.

The ring was simple and totally Bella’s style. It was shiny silver with an opaque moonstone Instead of buying the over $100 version on Amazon, Etsy creators make better replicas. Hebel Design makes its own version for $40.

3Bella’s Engagement Ring

Fans always wondered why Stephenie Meyer picked a unique engagement ring for Bella. For all those die-hard fans, the oval ring with small diamonds was originally Edward’s mother’s ring.

The ring did slightly change in design by the last film but the concept was the same. It was a hit in stores. So much so that professional jewelry stores remade the ring design for public sale. There are many versions that are available for purchase like on Amazon or on actual Etsy jewelry sites that can range from $50 to over $100.

2Bella’s Charm Bracelet

For Bella’s high school graduation, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) gifted her a hand made wooden wolf charm. It had fans giggling in glee. Edward also had to take part and gave her a crystal heart to resemble him.

The bracelet represented a lot in terms of Bella’s complex trio relationship. The actual bracelet created by NECA is a bit hard to find. There are certain websites that still sell it during the Eclipse promotion but there are plenty of Etsy stores and Amazon pages that have even better replicas.

1Bella’s ‘Something Blue’ Hair Comb

Everyone knows the old wives’ tale when getting married. The bride has to have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. While Bella was getting ready, Charlie (Billy Burke) and Renee (Sarah Clarke) checked up on her before the big moment.

Renee gave Bella grandma Helen’s hair comb. It was silver with white and blue diamonds. It worked as her something old and blue. The comb was also replicated for public sale. According to the Twilight saga auction website, the real item is estimated at three thousand dollars. Thankfully, there are sites that have cheaper replicas like eBay or Amazon, but it sells for $300.

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