The Twilight Cast: What They Look Like From The First Movie And Now

It's been 10 years since the first Twilight film released...

The first movie of the Twilight series made its way onto the big screen in 2008. This supernatural romance film proved to be a hit, as had the book series by Stephanie Meyer. The success of the books and movies in the Twilight series was unmatched at the time.

Since the first Twilight movie premiered 10 years ago, a lot has changed. One of the biggest and most noticeable differences is the overall cast. For some of these stars—like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson—Twilight was a big break. They have grown quite a bit since they got thrown into the movie series.

A few of the actors and actresses were pretty young when they began playing their roles in Twilight. Some of them had very little prior experience and used the series as the springboard for their acting careers. Other actors had gotten started with their careers, but these movies seemed to give them an extra boost. Given the success of the films, this seems like a wise decision—no matter how experienced an actor was ahead of time.

Today—10 years later—these celebrities have changed drastically. Let’s take a look at how the cast of Twilight has grown up since the movie’s debut.

15Kristen Stewart Is All Grown Up

Kristen Stewart is basically the best-known actress in the Twilight series. She had the lead female role of Bella Swan. While she did have experience as an actress before she played Swan, Twilight really helped to get her out there. Stewart was only 18 years old when she starred in the first film, so it’s expected that she’s gone through some changes by now.

It seems like Stewart has learned to branch out and find her own personal style. Her shoulder length, chestnut-colored hair is no longer that. She now rocks a blonde buzz cut. Throughout the past 10 years, she has evolved from a teenager into a woman, finding her own unique style along the way. She’s still recognizable, but she’s not the same young girl we once knew.

14Ashley Greene Still Stuns Us

Twilight simply could not have been complete without Edward’s sister, Alice Cullen. This happened to be the role that gave Ashley Greene her big break. She had barely entered her twenties when she got cast to play the part of Alice. Though she had some experience leading up to this gig, it truly kicked off her acting career.

At 31 years old, she is showing some pretty noticeable differences in her appearance since she was Alice. One of these changes includes her hair color and style. For those who remember her in Twilight, the star did have darker hair that was in a short, flipped out haircut. She now has golden blonde hair that is that furthest thing from her old style. Her taste in clothing seems to be much more elegant than it used to be, too.

13Billy Burke Ditched His Fatherly Appeal

After Bella Swan’s mother—Renée Swan—got remarried in the film, Bella went to live with her estranged dad. This is where Billy Burke comes in. The then 40-year-old Burke played the role of Bella’s father, Charlie Swan. Most of us can remember him for having a mustache and being extremely worried about his young daughter. Of course, there was more to him than that. Those are just some of his more notable traits.

Well, he doesn’t have that mustache anymore. At some point—following his part in Twilight—he had some minor changes. His hair is still a little bit scraggly, and he has a little bit of facial hair. He’s not quite as recognizable as we would think. He’s now entering his fifties and is still keeping busy with other films.

12Nikki Reed Has Toned Up

Twilight was far from Nikki Reed’s most impressive role. This isn’t to say she didn’t do a good job in that position, but her prior experience was much more notable. Reed co-wrote and co-starred in the 2003 film Thirteen. From there, she went on to Twilight in 2008 to play Rosalie Hale. She was only 18 when she got this part!

Reed has managed to keep up with her pretty appearance since the saga wrapped up. Her hair has been darkened, as it used to be blonde. This is a minor change though, and it’s to be expected. She’s 29 years old, but she doesn’t seem to have aged much at all yet. Reed is still elegant, sophisticated and beautiful—somehow even more so than she was as Rosalie Hale.

11Kellan Lutz Is Better With Baby Blues

Back when Kellan Lutz first landed his place in the Twilight saga, he was barely in his twenties. Lutz got himself the part of Emmett Cullen. His role in Twilight might be a part of the reason why he is doing so well in Hollywood today. One big hit under his belt from a young age is pretty impressive.

Now, Lutz is in his thirties and keeping busy with even more films. We might not all be aware of this just because he seems to have changed a lot. For example, his hair is no longer jet black like it was in Twilight. He also used to be clean-shaven. He actually has blonde hair and has let it grow out more than he did previously. Lutz now has a full beard as well.

10Elizabeth Reaser Is Still Our Favorite Vampire Mom

When Elizabeth Reaser was cast as the adoptive mother of Edward Cullen, she already had some good film experience. She was 33 years old, but she had been in several roles leading up to this supernatural romance series. Reaser’s role of Esme Cullen was a decade ago, so we’re expecting some changes. Surprisingly, there aren’t many.

As Reaser has reached the age of 43, she really hasn’t aged much physically. She’s pretty recognizable when we compare her current photos to the ones of her as Esme. There are a few subtle differences. She does look slightly older, but this doesn’t stand out. Her style has changed with the times. Reaser has also darkened up her hair a bit. Overall, her aging process is barely noticeable. She’s still looking as beautiful as ever!

9Anna Kendrick Has Blossomed On All Fronts

Anna Kendrick is quickly becoming a household name. Fans know that she got a killer role in the Pitch Perfect movies. Before that came Twilight. Leading up to the series, she had a few roles. In Twilight, Kendrick played the role of Bella Swan’s classmate, Jessica Stanley. Though this might have seemed like a minor part at the time, it probably has something to do with Kendrick’s success today.

The now 32-year-old star doesn’t look her age. She has definitely matured since she began rising to fame a decade ago. Altogether though, Kendrick looks a lot like she did just a few years ago. It seems like she’s got some good genes! She has kept up with her acting career, and she probably has her beauty to thank for that. Her talent is definitely something to be admired!

8Chaske Spencer Keeps It Low Key

Chaske Spencer found his way into the Twilight saga when he was in his thirties. He got the role of Sam Uley. Sam was a Quiluete who was raised on the reservation. Back in the days of the original films, Spencer was likely most remembered for his muscular build. If somebody didn’t happen to be falling for Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), they were likely swooning over Sam.

Spencer has always had a very youthful look to him. Even in his thirties, he looked about ten years younger. This is probably one of the things that helped get him the role in Twilight. Now, Spencer does look slightly older. There’s not one specific change that we can pinpoint, but he does seem to have aged slightly. He still looks good for 40 though!

7Peter Facinelli Has A Whole New Life

As Peter Facinelli was 35 years old when the Twilight saga was in the works, we can hardly say that it was his first big success. He was an actor before the film became big. Facinelli got the role of Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Most of us will remember his blonde hair and striking gaze. Again, he naturally rocked the pale complexion as expected from the vampire-kind.

Now, Facinelli is in his forties. He has kept his acting career rolling. His looks aren’t quite what we grew used to when he was a part of the Twilight films. His hair has gotten darker, but his haircut looks similar to what it was a decade ago. His normally clean-shaven face can be seen with a little bit of scruff. It also seems like the pale complexion was only for the movies—it was.

6Taylor Lautner Hasn’t Lost His Boyish Good Looks

Nearly every fan girl was crushing on Taylor Lautner. If they weren’t, their pick was Robert Pattinson. Those who were obsessed with Lautner back in the day might have known him for his roles before Twilight. He had a couple of films under his belt before he made his way into this successful saga at the young age of 16. His role as Jacob Black proved to be important for his own career and for the movie’s success as well.

Lautner has since lost the long black locks that he was known for early on. He’s grown some facial hair, changed his hairstyle and has seemed to age slightly. He looks a little different, but he’s definitely still recognizable. His—or perhaps Jacob’s—biggest fans will still find him attractive for the same reasons.

5Jackson Rathbone Is Channeling James Franco

For those who may have forgotten, Edward Cullen had a brother. The character of Jasper Cullen was played by Jackson Rathbone. Rathbone was 24 when the Twilight series was created, and he’s now in his thirties.

Since his work as one of the Cullen brothers has wrapped up, he has been continuing his acting career. He’s not as familiar-looking anymore, simply because he has gotten older and we’re seeing him in a different context. He’s stayed busy with more than a handful of movies since 2008.

Rathbone’s hair is slightly longer and darker now. His face appears to be more structured than it was before. These past 10 years have been kind to him, giving him movie roles and good looks. He’s also married and has had a couple of kids.

4Robert Pattinson Looks More Like A Vampire Now

Team Jacob or Team Edward? This was the constant question back when the Twilight films were released. For anyone who was a big fan of Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson is the guy to look for. He was just 22 when the movies were kicking off.

Twilight, in addition to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, were Pattinson’s big hits back at the start of his career. He has starred in a handful of films since the release of those movies.

This dude looks a lot like what he did back in his Twilight days. One major difference is that we were so used to seeing him with pale skin. Now, that’s not visible as frequently. He’s also grown up and changed his hairstyle. Sometimes he can even be seen sporting a beard. Overall, he hasn’t changed too much.

3Cam Gigandet Is Warming Things Up

Cam Gigandet probably wasn’t a favorite actor of most Twilight fans. He played an evil vampire, James. A lot of people just tend to go for the good guy, and he was far from it. When Gigandet was 25 years old, he got the part of James. After this, he went on to star in countless other films.

Today, the dude is in his thirties. He has been keeping busy with making even more movies, but he doesn’t seem to show his hard work through his looks. Gigandet still looks as young as he did a decade ago. He’s definitely cleaned it up a bit though. He used to have long blonde hair and now rocks a buzz cut. He’s got a little bit of facial hair and looks a lot more sophisticated than he did as James.

2Sarah Clarke Makes Time Stand Still

Sarah Clarke played the role of Bella Swan’s mother in Twilight. Renée Swan was the close family member of the leading lady in the films.

Her transformation is a little bit less obvious than the others, simply because she wasn’t as young as the other stars were when she began working on the films. She was 36 when the first movie came out, so it definitely wasn’t her first rodeo.

Now, Clarke is well into her forties. Comparing her looks now to her looks back in her Twilight days, we can see that she has aged gracefully. Some fans would even argue that she looks better at 46 than she did 10 years ago! She naturally has undergone some changes, but she’s still totally recognizable as Renée Swan.

1Gil Birmingham Doesn’t Seem To Age

Gil Birmingham was 54 when he worked on Twilight. He played Billy Black, whom most fans know as Jacob’s dad. Black was also a member of the Quileute council. We saw just enough of him in the movies. His important role in Twilight was successful for him, but he’s managed to stay busy since then as well.

Now—at 64 years old—Birmingham looks about the same as he did when he was Billy Black. His face looks as if it’s barely aged over the past decade. He’s done away with the long, black ponytail that he rocked in the movies. Other than that, it’s hard to catch any major differences. Time seems to have been pretty kind to Birmingham. He’s been lucky to land a few movie roles and stay young-looking throughout his expanding career!

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