Sons Of Anarchy: The Non-Biker Characters, Ranked By Bravery

In the FX series, Sons Of Anarchy, courage is an essential trait for survival. But who among the non-biker is shown to have more guts than the rest?

Season 4 of Mayans MC is underway, and Sons of Anarchy fans will be looking forward to seeing the battle between SAMCRO and the Mayans which was teased in the trailers as well as by showrunner Elgin James. Given how callous the bikers in this fictional world are, the gang war is unlikely to be disappointing.

In the original series, members of the numerous biker gangs are the ultimate daredevils, but courage isn’t exclusive to the men on two wheels. The town of Charming, California, is depicted as a chaotic place where only the fittest get to survive. As such, even individuals without patches are quite brave.

10Charles “Chuckie” Marstein

Chuckie starts out as a bookkeeper for the Lin Triad before being traded to SAMCRO. Over the course of the series, he performs a variety of tasks around the clubhouse and its grounds.

Chuckie is never a threat to anyone. Neither does he ever stand up for himself, even making a habit of responding to insults with “I accept that.” He never uses weapons either, despite the fact that everyone around him does. On the brighter side, Chuckie’s non-confrontational nature earns him plenty of friends around the clubhouse. Additionally, his cowardice prevents him from becoming a victim of the endless chaos in Charming.

9Lyla Winston

Lyla is introduced as an adult movie actor at the Cara Cara. She soon falls in love with Opie and goes on to marry him. Sadly. their time together is cut short when Opie gets killed at the San Joaquin County Correctional Facility in one of the most emotional Sons Of Anarchy scenes.

One can bet on Lyla not confronting anyone. The risks she takes in her marriage are all tied to poor decision-making rather than boldness. Not only does she procure an abortion with Opie’s knowledge but she also goes on to take birth control pills without telling him, yet he badly wants children. She has a right to do this but not her failure to involve her partner puts an unfixable dent in her marriage.

8Wendy Case

Wendy starts out as a “Crow Eater” before becoming pregnant with Abel. She then spends most of the series trying to be in her son’s life.

Courage is something Wendy gains slowly over the course of the series. Initially, she backs off when Gemma threatens her but then she impresses fans by coming back stronger and determined to be in her child’s life by all means necessary. But unlike the rest of the characters, she lacks the guts to be a proper schemer. This is proven when she starts second-guessing her master plan with Tara.

7Wayne Unser

The Chief of the Charming Police Department is shown to be very accommodating of SAMCRO. He loses his job when the Charming Police Department gets absorbed into the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department but continues to be a useful ally to the bikers.

There are moments when Unser is depicted as being valorous but such moments are always a result of him trying to prove he is tough rather than actually being tough. For the most part, he is easily bullied by SAMCRO members, who keep forcing him to bend to their will. The best example of that is his decision to postpone his retirement plans just because Clay wants him to continue serving the club’s interests.

6Nero Padilla

After getting paroled, Nero starts the escort service known as the Diosa. He then gets to date Gemma and becomes close friends with Jax Teller.

Nero is generally a peaceful person, a trait that stems from his fear of going back to jail. He rarely gets involved in feuds unless there is no other way. His love for tranquility is also demonstrated during his relationship with Gemma. He always brushes her off whenever she tries to cause a fight. Even so, Nero being conflict-avoidant doesn’t mean Nero should be classified as a coward. It does take some guts to deal with gangs on the regular.

5Luann Delaney

The wife of incarcerated SAMCRO member, Otto Delaney, is also the boss of the adult film company, Cara Cara. She is forced to give the club a stake in her business after the Sons prevent the business from going under.

Luann is ever happy to make choices that might result in terrible consequences for her. She doesn’t think twice about defrauding the Sons, something that could have resulted in them cutting ties with her if she had been discovered. Moreover, she cheats on Otto with Bobby just so he can keep quiet about her skimming habits. Luckily for her, she doesn’t suffer because of these specific actions. Otto only gets to learn about her unfaithfulness after her death

4Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt

The head of the San Joaquin County Sheriff Department, Charming-Morada Sub-Station vows to strip SAMCRO of the freedom they have enjoyed but finds life in Charming to be much more difficult than he expected. The by-the-book officer is left with no choice but to try and be on the same page with the gang.

Roosevelt’s history says all there is to know about his lion-heartedness. Before coming to Charming, Roosevelt is reported to have been a Marine officer. He also took down 15 gangs across different towns after becoming a police officer. Moreover, choosing to go after the biggest gang in California shows how much valor he has in him.

3Tara Knowles

The St. Thomas Hospital surgeon returns to Charming to flee from her abusive lover, ATF agent Josh Kohn. There, she reunites with Jax and rekindles her relationship with him, leading to the formation of one of the best Sons Of Anarchy couples.

Tara might have the most decent career out of all the main characters but she is never afraid to get her hands dirty. She constantly defies her mother-in-law Gemma, even though everyone knows not to mess with her. She is okay with risking her job on multiple occasions too, going as far as to assault the hospital administrator Margaret Murphy. In addition to that, she even risks drawing Jax’s ire by attempting to take the children away from him.

2David Hale

The Deputy Chief of the Charming PD earns the nickname “Captain America” because he always sticks to the law. Like Roosevelt, he is initially focused on bringing down the Sons too.

Hale is so gutsy that he even takes up cases outside his jurisdiction. Such is the case with the Bluebird Assembly Warehouse explosion. He never hesitates to go against officers that outrank him either. He is shown to be totally against Unser and June Stahl’s end-justifies-means approach. And his biggest display of courage comes right before his death when he gets run over while trying to stop drive-by shooters during Half-Sack’s wake.

1Gemma Teller Morrow

Jax’s mother Gemma Teller-Morrow is the unofficial matriarch of SAMCRO. She is keen on matters of her own family as well as those of the club at large.

Gemma is unquestionably one of the least likable Sons Of Anarchy characters but she is the true badass of the show. None of the gun-totting bikers scare Gemma and neither do the villains. Playing with flames is something she enjoys a lot too. From organizing the death of JT to being the catalyst of one of the deadliest gang wars in Charming, there is no end to her mischief. And even when she realizes she has to allow her son to punish her for her actions, she accepts her fate.

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