Peaky Blinders

Good news Peaky Blinders fans, there’s a possible movie spin-off in store for you

The flat-capped gangsters of Peaky Blinders may be coming to the big screen...

Set in post First World War Birmingham, Peaky Blinders is one of the best (we think) shows on television and is back this month for a fourth season. But a fourth season definitely won’t be the end of the conniving and dapper tweed waistcoats from the baddies of Birmingham: creator Steven Knight and star Cillian Murphy told Deadline they would fancy making a Peaky Blinders movie. Rumours about a possible movie spin-off have been in the air for years, with producer Caryn Mandabach telling us last year that actual Julia Roberts was keen to appear, yet it has never been discussed officially.

“We’re probably going to do it,” he told Deadline. Series lead Cillian Murphy, who plays baby-faced gangster Tommy Shelby, has also stated that he’s up for a movie “in theory, absolutely”. “If the writing’s as good as it is for the show, then for sure, yeah,” Murphy said. One cast member is less certain, though. Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby) admitted that the troubled history of previous TV-to-film translations concerns him.

“I don’t know if a Peaky Blinders film would work, or can work. Maybe when it’s sort of done, then maybe a movie? There is talk of it, and if I believed in the script enough, and thought it could work, then why not? But like I say, there’s very few TV shows that do that. You wouldn’t want to end a good TV series with a bad movie. That wouldn’t be right. And TV’s such a great medium. A movie is over in an hour and a half, or two hours, and you shoot it for four months or less, and then it’s done. But we’ve been doing Peaky Blinders for four years now – four or five years. And I’d never spent much time with one character. It’s really special.”

For now, it’s all hype and speculation. We’ll have to settle for the antics of Season 4 for now – which you can get excited about in the trailer below.

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