20 Wrong Things With Twilight We All Choose To Ignore

From problems with the romantic entanglements to issues with plot holes, the books and movies are full of things that simply have to be ignored.

The Twilight books drew a huge fan base, and the movies added to it. Starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, this real-life couple played star crossed vampire/human loves in the five movies.

Though fans young and old felt truly connected to the beloved characters, there are quite a few issues that have to be overlooked to see this franchise as entertaining or even good.

From problems with the romantic entanglements to issues with plot holes, the books and movies are full of things that simply have to be ignored. Looking at these inconsistencies too long drives viewers and readers crazy. However, it is important to recognize them so this young adult phenomenon can be put in perspective for actual young adults.

Not everything learned in Twilight needs to be taken to heart, and Bella and Edward are two very confused people with some damaging habits. Some of the unjustified plot holes and explanations that don’t make sense make us wonder if author Stephanie Meyer and her editors simply didn’t want to bother making anymore changes.

Luckily, the story of Bella, Edward and the third wheel werewolf Jacob is entertaining enough to seek out for simple pleasure. So, here are some things we choose to ignore.

20Bella And Edward’s Age Difference

Technically, Edward is in high school when he meets Bella and finds himself unable to resist her scent. However, Edward is a vampire. He’s been alive for centuries, so mentally he should have more in common with a very old woman than a high school student.

This fact is overlooked, and the teenage obsession Edward and Bella have with each other is accepted despite the fact that one of them is centuries away from his teenage years. The relationship should be creepy, and even the idea that Edward is somehow stuck at the age when he became a vampire doesn’t make it much better. He’s still an old man.

19Jacob And Renesmee’s Weird Pairing


Bella and Edward eventually marry and have a daughter, Renesmee. Jacob, the werewolf who spent so much time obsessed with Bella, is now relegated to the friend zone without a soul mate in sight. That is, until Renesmee is born. In a show of true weirdness, Jacob finds he has imprinted on Renesmee, which is werewolf language for finding his soulmate.

Of course, while Renesmee is young, Jacob feels more like her protector. We know, though, that Jacob’s feelings will evolve into romantic love as Renesmee ages, and no matter what world we live in, that’s gross to think about while she’s still a child.

18Bella Giving Up Her Future For A Guy

While some people find the Twilight books and movies romantic, there are plenty who find them disturbing because of how they portray the teenage Bella.

In the days where female empowerment is celebrated, Bella offers us an opposite example of a woman who gives up literally everything, even her existence as a normal human being, for a guy.

This book is fiction, so that’s a relief, but the example Bella sets isn’t great for a teenage audience. She decides Edward is more important than everything, and she gives up her own future to become intertwined with him. This isn’t the sign of a healthy relationship.

17Edward’s Possessiveness

Viewed as a heartthrob by some and a forbidden love by others, one thing is undeniable about Edward in the Twilight series: he’s possessive. His behavior falls outside of the lines of what is acceptable in healthy relationships, and it is important to acknowledge this fact no matter how much we don’t want to because possessiveness shouldn’t be mistaken for romance.

Following Bella without her knowledge, watching her sleep and controlling her world in manipulative ways makes Edward a classic possessive personality type. That it’s viewed as romance because he does it for love doesn’t make it any better. We can love people without exerting control over them.

16Bella’s Magical Pregnancy

When Bella agreed to marry and forever be with Edward, she gave up a lot of opportunities. One of those was the chance to have children. It shouldn’t have been possible for Edward, an undead being, to get a human being pregnant. This is part of the sacrifice Bella made when she chose life with him.

However, Bella does become pregnant, and fast. Edward mysteriously has a live swimmer and against all logic, Bella conceives a child. Not only is this never really explained in a way that makes sense, but it also makes Bella’s willingness to give up motherhood seem cheap.

15Edward’s Attraction To Bella’s Scent

It’s always nice to be found irresistible, but Edward’s undeniable draw to Bella is hard to accept as true love when it all stems from being drawn to the scent of her blood. Edward admits that it is Bella’s scent, something she can’t control and that has nothing to do with who she truly is, that catches his attention. She must smell amazing to him because he becomes completely, creepily obsessed.

The relationship between Bella and Edward seems to grow, but Bella’s scent is still the main attraction that is talked about throughout the books and movies.

Can a love based simply on someone’s smell really be that strong or healthy?

14Bella Dumping Her Friends

Bella isn’t a great role model for a lot of reasons. One of them is that she pretty much dumps her friends for a guy. When she first moves to the northwest, she finds some quirky friends and some non-vampire guys who want her attention. They help her make the moving transition and prove to be great allies, even showing up at her wedding to Edward.

However, Bella pretty much leaves them without a backward glance to be with Edward. When Edward is out of the picture, she simply replaces him with Jacob, and when Edward is back she is immersed into the Cullen family.

Her friends are simply props in this story.

13Edward Leaving Bella To Save Her

Lack of honesty in a relationship is a bad sign, and Edward lies to Bella’s face in New Moon. Supposedly his behavior is to save her, but it puts her at more risk than the truth would. When Bella is almost attacked by Jasper, Edward decides his presence is too big of a risk for Bella.

Instead of being honest, he breaks up with her in a very cruel way and leaves her reeling.

His departure causes her to be majorly depressed and puts both of them at risk when he goes to expose himself as a vampire halfway across the world. Honesty would have obviously been the best approach since what Edward did by lying was make everyone much less safe.

12Edward’s Tendencies

A guy who watches a woman sleep without her permission after he has broken into her house is a creep. The fact that Bella does not even know this guy likes her makes it even stranger. Meyer tries to pass this behavior off as romantic, but when a vampire obsessed with his partner’s smell stalks her at night, it really is just upsetting.

Edward has a lot of tendencies that make him seem more like a stalker and less like boyfriend material. As Seventeen reports, even his staring is creepy. Bella should have either stayed away from him or set some clear boundaries for appropriate behavior in a relationship. Instead, she swooned.

11Bella’s Self-Control As A Vampire

Young vampires are described as nearly uncontrollable. They smell blood and have a hard time not attacking, even if they have sworn off human blood like the Cullen family. Bella is quite the exception to this rule. As a young vampire she has no problems with self-control, and this is never explained.

She is simply a model vampire from day one without any normal struggles that the rest of them have dealt with for years.

It would likely have been less convenient to describe Bella’s struggles and taken up too much time, but this omission leaves a major hole in the story. Everything Meyer wrote about how vampires are simply evaporates when it comes to Bella.

10Bella Being Completely Edward-Focused

It’s always good to see an author who is willing to explore mental health issues. Depression, anxiety and other mental health problems are real for many people, and these struggles appearing in teenage novels helps kids understand they are not alone. Unfortunately, Bella’s depression wasn’t really used to explore mental health issues. It was all about Edward. The depression Bella falls into after Edward’s departure in New Moon is intense.

As opposed to digging deep and trying to figure out how she let her entire identity be taken over and then destroyed by a vampire, Bella simply fixates on Edward and sinks even lower.

Her depression over a failed relationship is romanticized instead of seriously studied.

9The Anticlimactic Ending

Breaking Dawn builds to a fight with the Volturi, a fight that never actually happens. In the movie, Alice imagines this fight to give some action to the viewer, but the meeting between the good and bad vampires is so anticlimactic it’s almost painful.

Writing a good story is hard, but it’s important to know that building to a non-existent fight isn’t a great technique.

Even fans of the books and movies found this to be a ridiculous approach, though many choose to ignore how much it takes away from the story. These vampires could have solved their problems over a cup of tea, but instead they met in the woods to do, well, nothing.

8There Are Better Ways They Could Be Spending Their Time

The Cullen “kids” don’t exactly look like teenagers, so we’re wondering why they would even bother attending high school. It’s already boring enough for normal teenagers, so imagine doing grade-10 math time and time again as a vampire who’s already so worldly. They should be travelling around and attending different universities and learning everything under the sun. They already dress like fashionable adults, so why not attend a school that has thousands of students so they could go unnoticed and stay in one city for longer than 5 years?

7A Vampire Falling In Love With A Human

There’s no curse to being a vampire in these books or movies, it seems, only perks. One perk is that instead of being uncontrollably bloodthirsty and being forced to live alone so they don’t hurt humans, they can actually just choose the “vampire vegetarian” option and even date their prey. It makes no sense.

Vampires are immortal and usually depicted as attractive and hard to resist. However, a vampire has to give up his place in the world to protect others. His other choice is to truly become a monster who preys on humans. Going to high school, dating and procreating with humans while snacking on wildlife is simply not an option. It takes away what is so essential to the vampire myth.

6Twilight Vampires Seem Invincible

Vampires are not supposed to be invincible. That would ruin most stories about them since an inability to defeat them would make it pointless to fight. However, Meyer wrote her vampires as if they are nearly impossible to kill. Forget garlic. Sunlight doesn’t burn them, it simply makes them glow. They can kill each other, but it’s almost impossible for a human to kill them.

Why haven’t these vampires taken over the world? Can the Volturi really keep them in line? Without any obvious vulnerabilities, these creatures don’t seem to have a lot at stake, and that makes the story less interesting.

5Bella Got It All

The one thing Bella is actually determined about is being with Edward. She’s weighed the risks, which will include giving up her family and losing her chance to be a mother, and she’s chosen to move forward anyway. This is the one thing she does that takes real guts even if it’s not the best choice. Unfortunately, Meyer undoes all of it.

For Bella, there are no real sacrifices. She gets to have a child while also keeping her friends and family close if she chooses to.

She doesn’t feel the withdrawal most young vampires do, and through some unexplained miracle, Edward gets her pregnant. All she supposedly gave up in her quest for love is given back to her, removing all the stakes. Meyer broke the exact rules she set up just to make sure Bella didn’t suffer.

4Alice’s Future-Predicting Ability Inconsistencies

Alice has a strange ability to predict the future, but not exactly. She can see a variety of possibilities, but they could change. This is less an amazing power than it is being able to sit down and view a situation’s outcome from many perspectives.

Somehow, Alice’s ability ensures the Cullens live the high life since she makes stock market predictions. The problem is, the stock market is extremely unpredictable, and Alice can’t exactly see the set future. How does she ever make any money? Guessing which way things might go when it comes to stocks is what everyone does, and most people can’t live off the money they make from this attempt.

3Jasper’s Lack Of Control Around Bella

Jasper is a vampire who exposes himself to public school and humans regularly. He’s probably been around plenty of human blood, and so far he hasn’t managed to attack anyone. However, one minute with Bella after she gets a cut is enough to drive him insane. He almost attacks her.

This is not logical. If Jasper has such little control, he should be attacking people constantly. Instead, it’s Bella’s blood alone he can’t resist. The attack was used as a plot device to send Edward away in New Moon, but it was a lazy approach since it doesn’t line up with anything else we know about Jasper and vampires who live around humans.

2It Inspired Another Series About Odd Relationships

As if one series about a manipulative, abusive relationship wasn’t enough, Twilight gave us two. As Business Insider reports, author E.L. James based her popular Fifty Shades of Grey series on Twilight, and those who know the content of her books should find that very disturbing.

Christian Grey is a controlling partner to the innocent Ana, but thankfully that’s where the similarities end. While Meyer even went so far as to have Bella remain a virgin until marriage, Fifty Shades of Grey is full of disturbing images of behavior that would put Edward off. Still, the fact that these series have a connection is too much for many readers to even think about.

1The Horrible Honeymoon

After waiting, per Edward’s request, to consummate their relationship, the honeymoon can best be described as a disaster. Edward is afraid he is going to kill Bella, and he has a right to be concerned. Though he has the ability to enjoy togetherness more than a human, Edward also possesses the strength to seriously harm Bella. Even being careful doesn’t keep her from having bruises after they are intimate.

The books and movies made these two characters wait for this type of interaction, then it made it seem like torture for Bella. It’s a sad way to present relationships to young women.

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