Tiger King’s Joe Exotic Compares Relationship With New Fiancé to Twilight

Tiger King star Joe Exotic has compared his new relationship to the love story portrayed in Twilight, following his separation from Dillon Passage.

Tiger King star Joe Exotic has likened his new relationship to the love story depicted in Twilight. The former zookeeper is currently serving a 21-year prison sentence over an alleged murder-for-hire plot against his very public rival, Carole Baskin. Made famous for his somewhat chaotic presence in Netflix’s hit documentary series, Exotic’s personal life was also shown to be as eccentric as the man himself, claiming to be married to two men simultaneously. Upon his incarceration in 2018, Exotic continued his relationship with husband Dillon Passage, however, the pair announced their separation in March 2021.

Now, in a letter obtained by TMZ, Exotic compares his new relationship to the love story told in Twilight. Naming his new partner as John Graham, Exotic alleges that the pair have been together for just over a year and became engaged in prison sometime in August. Though he also writes that John is closer to his own age, he adds that the man “talks like he is from 400 years ago” and is a “practicing witch.” Comparing their attraction to Twilight, Exotic says that he keeps one of John’s shirts with him and that they regularly exchange letters while they are apart.

In January, a judge reduced Exotic’s prison sentence by just one year after it was found that he had been wrongfully tried for two counts of murder-for-hire. Though the case continues to prove divisive amongst fans, Exotic’s lawyers continue to push for a retrial claiming new and damning evidence will ensure his name is cleared. The 59-year-old’s conviction and the fallout from his imprisonment were key subjects in the second season of Tiger King, which debuted in November 2021. The events of season 1 were also revisited in the Peacock drama series Joe vs Carole, which saw John Cameron Mitchell take on the role of Exotic.

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