Twilight: Bella Doesn’t Go To College & 9 Other Things Fans Can’t Get Over

Fans of Twilight have a lot of opinions about Bella Swan's relationship with Edward Cullen, friendship with Jacob Black, and becoming a vampire.

While fans enjoy following Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s relationship in Twilight, fans have some strong opinions about the decisions that Bella makes as soon as she meets the vampire in Forks, Washington. Right away, Bella alters her entire life so she can be with Edward, and sometimes the storylines in the books and movies feel more confusing than romantic.

From Bella choosing not to pursue higher education to the way that she acts around Edward, Twilight fans have some thoughts about the things that bug them about this character, and they’re sharing their frustrations on Reddit.

10Why Doesn’t Bella Go To College?

Bella has a sad life in Twilight and a lot of horrible things happen to her throughout the story. Fans find it frustrating that she doesn’t go to college, even though it seems like she wants to since she’s said to be smart and studious. Although Bella is accepted to the University of Alaska, she often says that she wants to be turned into a vampire, so why would she become a college student?

Redditor arrianym wrote, “she would have really grown in college” and Redditor snagglepanther agreed, ” I much prefer the idea that she goes to college.”

9Bella Often Talks About Being Different

Another thing that bugs fans about Bella’s personality is that she spends a lot of time talking about how different she is from her peers.

Redditor shofaz doesn’t like that Bella often says that she is “not like the other girls” and says that she’s “plain looking.” Fans feel that Bella is focused on what she looks like and what other teenage girls look like.

8Bella Is Obsessed With Edward

While Bella is a relatable teenager in some ways, as she moves to a new town and gets used to living with her dad and meeting new people while being fairly shy and quiet, fans don’t understand her behavior toward Edward as soon as she meets him.

Redditor zoecornelia doesn’t love “Her obsession with Edward” and Redditor Wanderlustgirl21 agreed that Bella “doesn’t have her own life.” While the love story is the heart of Twilight, Bella could definitely explore her own interests more.

7Bella Isn’t A Great Friend Because She’s Focused On Edward

Fans often say that Bella and Edward’s relationship is cringworthy, and for several people who have read the books and watched all of the movies, Bella lets many aspects of her life fall to the wayside because of her romance with Edward.

Fans don’t think that Bella is a good friend or makes much of an effort with the people in her life. Redditor alicewhitlock wrote that Bella’s “relationships took a very distant backseat to being with Edward.”

6Why Is There A Love Triangle?

The love triangle in Twilight may be one of the most intense aspects and it’s something that people associate with the story. But because Bella always seems destined to be with Edward, several fans dislike the love triangle in Twilight as it never seems like she would choose Jacob.

Redditor madamehoneybadger said they would prefer if “Bella and Jacob’s friendship” was kept platonic. Redditor Erbearlee agreed that the love triangle is “unnecessary drama.”

5Bella Shouldn’t Get Pregnant

In Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward sleep together and Bella ends up getting pregnant. This is a big shock to everyone, as the Cullens aren’t aware that this could happen, and the couple didn’t expect it, either.

Many fans wish that this storyline never happened and that Bella could focus on being with Edward and having other goals and dreams. Redditor lulunyx said they would have “loved to see Bella in the role of just appreciating the immortality she desperately wanted for so long.”

4Bella Hates The Idea Of Marriage

Bella and Edward’s Twilight romance is confusing at times, and several fans have pointed out that Bella often talks about thinking that marriage is a horrible thing.

When it becomes a possibility for Bella to commit to Edward in this way, Redditor its233am thinks that it’s strange “how against the wedding Bella was” because being turned into a vampire is more of a change than marrying Edward. Fans also wonder why Bella feels so negatively since she has always said that she loves Edward and wants to be with him forever.

3Bella Is More Interesting In The Books

A sticking point for many readers of the Twilight series is that Bella’s personality seems fleshed out and detailed in the novels, but she’s not quite as compelling in the movies. Redditor ihartgraves98 wrote, “We like book Bella better because we know her every thought.”

Fans wish that they could hear more of what Bella feels and thinks in the movies, and they would have loved for the movies to follow the books a little more.

2Bella’s Bond With Her Child Is Strange

Just like there are cringeworthy quotes in Twilight, many fans think that the way that Bella behaves around her daughter is confusing and odd.

Redditor angbhb333 wrote that “everything about Renesmee is so nonsensical” and several fans agreed, including Redditor 4everdreamer27 who wrote that Bella is “incredibly detatched from Renesmee.” Fans think that Bella should be interested in her child.

1When Jacob Imprints On Renesmee

When fans look back on the series, Jacob imprinting on Edward and Bella’s daughter is one of the storylines that stands out. This means that Jacob and Renesmee are connected and that he will keep her safe.

For many people, this is a terrible thing for him to do, and it feels creepy since Renesmee is so much younger. One Redditor mentioned this plotline and wrote, “It was really odd to me.”

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