Sons Of Anarchy: 10 Most Expensive Bikes, Ranked

Fancy one of the bikes from Sons of Anarchy for your very own? Find out how much it will set you back - here are the main motorcycles, ranked by cost.

Most movies and TV shows tend to prioritize cars over motorcycles. Action heroes, like Ethan Hunt or James Hunt, only ride a bike once or twice in a movie, instead, hopping into several supercars. Luckily, Sons Of Anarchy does a good job in providing plenty of motorcycle representation. In the FX series, Jax and his crew aren’t the only stars and the bikes take up plenty of screentime too.

Plenty of beautiful motorcycle models are featured during the series’ seven seasons. Understandably, fans of the show might want to get their hands on the same types of bikes that SAMCRO and the Mayans used. Wondering how much it’ll cost you? Just an arm and a leg, but definitely not an eye like Bobby Munson.

10Custom Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob – $7,000

Chibs’ history is emphasized enough in the FX series. He was initially a SAMBEL Prospect before being patched over to SAMCRO. At the Charming charter, he rises up the ranks to be Vice President and eventually President. To honor his Irish roots, his custom bike has a St. Andrew’s cross on the saddle.

The Dyna Street Bob is common in the streets of Charming, but Chibs makes his baby stand out from the rest. Its front fairings appear to have been removed and it has black Z-bars too that have been merged with risers. A similar bike can be bought for 7k.

92003 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport – $8,000

Jax tries out a couple of different bikes, but the 2003 Super Glide is his preferred bike of choice. It isn’t too costly for the leader of a biker gang and the bike looks so good that an abusive boyfriend decides to take a picture next to it without his permission. Too bad for him because Jax beats him up and rides away with his lover.

While the other Harley Davidsons in the series have normal T-bars, Jax’s bike has custom T-bars for better grip. Actor Charlie Hunnam has confessed that he is a huge motorcycle fan too. As expected, this bike currently lives in his collection.

8Custom Chopper – $9,500

Bobby rides three different motorcycle models at various stages of the series. During his glory days as an Elvis impersonator and bookkeeper, he moves around in a Custom Chopper.

The bike has a hard-tail frame, tall T-bars similar to those of a Softail, and mini ape hangers. There is also a springer seat. The front springer forks are raked so that the bike can have the ideal chopper appearance. It’s also one of the few bikes in the show to not have front fairings. A chopper that has already been customized is going for a decent amount too.

7FXDB Street Bob – $10,000

SAMCRO’s Seargent-At-Arms Happy Lowman is a man of action. He has killed a total of 23 people, which is an impressive stat, even in a town where gang members murder each other on a daily basis. He rarely says a word or makes a sound, but his bike does. The FXDB’s exhaust imitates that of a Ferrari.

One doesn’t have to wonder why Happy sticks with this particular bike from the first to the seventh season. Apart from the amazing sound, the bike only has a single-seat, meaning Happy can’t carry anyone, even in case of an emergency. Though he’s unlikely to sell it, anyone seeking to buy the bike from Happy will have to spend at least 10k.

6Harley-Davison Softail – $16,000

Most Mayan MC members own a Softail with raised handlebars. Their leader, Marcus Alvarez, often shows up while riding one during meetings with the Sons and other gang leaders in Charming. Interestingly, none of the Sons have a similar bike model, despite the handlebars giving it a very unique look.

Apart from the tall T-bars, the bikes have 2-into-1 performance exhausts and raised back suspension. Given the bike’s cool look, a Mayan needs to carry out a couple of heists to afford it.

52009 Screamin’ Eagle Roadking – $17,000

The Screaming Eagle is popular with the Grim Bastards. Their leader, T.O. Cross, normally arrives at random meet-up spots while riding it. It’s unclear if T.O. keeps the bike when he becomes the first Black American to be patched over to SAMCRO. The orange color of the bike is a nod to the official club colors of the Grim Bastards.

It would be a shame for its color to be changed so that T.O. can fit into SAMCRO better. The bike has cool features, such as the dual bending valve front suspension and a Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine. It costs a lot too.

41946 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead – $28,000

Classic machines never come cheap and neither does the 1946 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead previously owned by SAMCRO’s founding father John “JT” Teller. The bike, which stays parked at the Clubhouse, can be seen in numerous episodes.

It’s revealed to be the same bike that JT was riding when he crashed and lost his life. The bike was repaired and stored in the Clubhouse to honor his legacy, but it was destroyed again during a bomb attack by the Irish Kings. Jax repaired it again and used it to commit suicide in the series finale.

3Harley-Davidson Electra Tri-Glide – $35,000

Opie’s dad is the only character in the series who rides a tri-glide. He prefers this bike because he has age-related health-complications that prevent him from riding a two-wheeler properly.

Piney has been around for a long time, hence this is understandable. He was part of the First 9 and due to his age, his duties are now reduced. Needing a special bike means you’ll have to fork out more for it. The tri-glide even has an oxygen tank at the bank to make sure Piney breathes properly.

21949 Harley Davidson Panhead – $38,000

This bike belongs to Opie, but that might come as a surprise since the humble SAMCRO member was struggling for money. At the beginning of the series, he isn’t making enough from his job as a lumberjack at a Charming timber mill, hence he decides to rejoin SAMCRO. Well, Opie didn’t really buy the Panhead. It belonged to his father Piney.

Piney rode the bike during the Club’s early years. When he was unable to ride a two-wheeler anymore, he left it to Opie. In the series, the bike isn’t in good condition, so Opie is often seen trying to restore it. Anyone seeking to acquire a well-functioning Panhead today will have to spend more than what they’d spend on an average car.

1Custom Hellrazor – $90,000

The Custom Hellrazor was built from the ground up by actor and biker Rusty Coones via the Illusions Cycles company. Coones was cast to play SOA Nomads charter leader Rae Quinn and when series creator Kurt Sutter heard about his bike, he insisted on it being featured in the show.

The bike is reported to weigh over 800 pounds. It has a custom made S&S engine that has toned down from a 124 CI (2032cc) to a 114 CI (1868cc). Its auction price makes it the most expensive SOA bike ever.

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