Michelle Mylett(The Complex and Letterkenny) interview

Last week we got a chance to interview Michelle Mylett from Letterkenny and The Complex the new interactive movie/video game available now!

What was your reaction to the script of an interactive movie/ video game?

I felt overwhelmed and afraid…very, very afraid. Thankfully I had an amazing phone call with our director Paul Raschid right after I read the script a few times and he really put me at ease. We instantly got along and had the same vision for Amy…Ive said this in a few different interviews now but thank god for Paul being our director.

You’re so unbelievably funny in Letterkenny, was it nice for a change of pace and play a serious character?

Thank you so much! It’s always nice to branch out and try new things…in anything you do. I was especially excited to try out a brand new format of storytelling that I had never done before.

How long did it take to do each scene since there are multiple choices and outcomes?

It just depended on the scene…sometimes we flew through and other times we needed more time. We only had 4-5 weeks total to film this thing which is INSANE. I can’t believe the team pulled it off.

Are you a gamer yourself?

I’m not really… I’ve enjoyed Mario Kart from time to time though.

Was any of this improvised or strictly stuck to the script?

Umm…we stayed pretty close to the script. We had a few days of rehearsals in London before we started filming which was great and so helpful. We got to workshop different scenes and make changes if it felt right so that when we got to set we were as prepared as possible.

Did you find this to be more engaging than other projects you have done, knowing there isn’t a whole lot of interactive movies out there yet?

This was a special project for a few different reasons, the interactive element was exciting because we all got to figure it out together which bonded everyone very quickly on set. It was also my first time working in Europe which felt like a check off the bucket list…(I had a long weekend off and I took the train to paris, that was really dope). Everyone on this set ,and I mean EVERYONE, worked so incredibly hard to make this project happen, a labour of love in a way you rarely get to see. I’ll always feel blessed to have been a part of such a hardworking group of people.

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