10 Twilight Quotes That Would Fit Right Into The Batman

While Gotham and Forks may seem to be worlds apart, here are 10 Twilight quotes that prove otherwise!

Robert Pattinson’s performance in The Batman has earned him acclaim from critics and fans alike. Under the direction of Matt Reeves, he gives a depiction of the caped crusader that is infinitely darker than many of its predecessors. Yet this is not the first time Pattinson has embraced the role of a morally-ambiguous, brooding hero.

In 2008, he starred in the first film of the blockbuster series that defined an entire generation of teens: Twilight. With his ice-cold skin, defining hair, and melancholy laced looks, Pattinson gained immense popularity as the perfect realization of Stephenie Meyer’s Edward Cullen. While Pattinson’s career has come a long way since then, The Batman is reminiscent of that teenage-angst that kickstarted his stardom.

Bella Swan On Her Life-Changing Decisions

“I Can’t Bring Myself To Regret The Decisions That Brought Me Face To Face With Death.”

Bella Swan states this in Twilight, in between musing about how dying in the place of someone she loves seems like a good way to go and how the choices that led her to face death also gave her a vampire boyfriend for whom she’d gladly risk it all.

Much like Bella, Batman too is often shown as unapologetic for the tricky situations he lands himself into. While he shows remorse for civilian casualties or accidental Alfred injuries, ultimately Bruce keeps firm faith in his morals and fights for justice. Despite being faced with death on multiple occasions, he never appears to regret the actions taken in his quest for vengeance.

Edward On His Abilities

“As If You Could Outrun Me. As If You Could Fight Me Off.”

In the famous forest scene, Edward makes it clear to Bella that everything about his vampire body is designed to kill and invite prey in. As Bella confronts Edward, he shows his many strengths as the “world’s most dangerous predator.”

Just as Edward Cullen had his supernatural talents, Batman’s suit and technologies provide him with super enhancements that no mere human can handle. This is epitomized especially in the car chase scene with the Penguin. While Bruce’s enemies try time and again to get the best of him, they constantly fail to do so and he eventually emerges victorious.

Edward Cullen’s Conflicted Beliefs

“What If I’m Not The Hero… What If I’m The Bad Guy?”

Edward Cullen is constantly consumed by his ideas of what it means to be righteous or evil. Despite Bella’s insistence that he is good, he frequently regards himself as an eternally-damned monster, bringing into question what it truly means to be a hero or a villain.

The Batman also calls into question this distinction. While Bruce believes himself to be right, his methods are often criticized by many of Gotham’s citizens. Even the Riddler himself draws parallels between the two, going so far as to believe that he and Bruce are working together to rid the city of corruption. While Bruce appears to find some redemption and clarity by the end, his morals are not left unquestioned throughout the film.

Bella Swan On Her Personality

“I’m Really Kind Of The More Suffer-In-Silence Type.”

One of Bella’s more frustrating qualities was her constant need to downplay her own needs and wallow quietly in despair. Even while she was surrounded by her friends, Bella often repressed her own emotions and was a loner without her superhuman squad.

Batman is also portrayed in a similar light. Other than brief intimate moments with Alfred, Bruce is left to himself and his thoughts and prefers to operate either alone or with as little trust involved as possible – as shown with his first mission with Selina. Like Bella, Bruce is guarded, quiet, and prefers to suffer in silence rather than be open and vulnerable to those around him.

James On Edward’s Anger

“His Rage Will Make For More Interesting Sport Than His Feeble Attempt To Protect You.”

In Twilight, James – one of the evil, baseball-crashing vampire trio – states this as he records Bella writhing in pain while he slowly tortures her. He intends to send the footage to Edward afterward to incite a revenge vampire hunt, all for some twisted form of entertainment.

Given all of the hostage scenes and videotaping present within The Batman, this line would fit seamlessly into the film. It could be used by any of the villains present, however, it would particularly fit the Riddler as he shows another one of his tapes to the world – especially since the Riddler uses his nefarious crimes to set up a twisted game and manhunt, exactly like James.

Edward On His Feelings To Bella

“I Feel Very Protective Of You.”

Immediately after being miraculously saved by Edward, Bella asks him whether he followed her. His response is to tell her he feels the need to protect her, foreshadowing how he always put her life and welfare ahead of his own.

Similarly, Selina is also followed by Bruce after their initial meeting, as he strives to learn more about her and her involvement with the recent cases. Although Batman, like Edward, struggles to establish proper boundaries, everyone knows that he is trying to protect her from Falcone and stop her from being embroiled in Gotham’s corruption.

Edward To Bella After She Discovers The Truth

“Say It… Out Loud. Say It.”

In one of the most memorable Twilight scenes, Edward Cullen growls out this line after Bella tells him she knows what he is. It’s a very monumental moment in the movie, finally revealing Edward’s true identity and granting him full supernatural, hero status.

While it remains one of the top quoted Twilight lines, this quote is very versatile and could potentially fit anywhere within The Batman. Whether it be an interrogation, a fight, or a moment with Selina, this quote goes well with any Batman scene that has even a shred of conflict or tension – which the film has plenty of. All that matters is the delivery, and Bruce Wayne’s turmoiled energy easily matches Edward’s.

Edward And Bella Talk About Their Feelings

“I Don’t Have The Strength To Stay Away From You Anymore.”/ “Then Don’t.”

Edward tries desperately to keep himself away from Bella, for her sake. But he finds himself irrevocably drawn to her, just as she can’t resist his sparkly vampire allure.

Bruce and Selina share a similar palpable energy, made even more intense by Robert and Zoe’s on-screen chemistry. While Bruce is initially hesitant about pursuing Selina, their ongoing interactions slowly chip away at his resolve. Their will-they/won’t-they tension stays constant throughout the film until their slow-burn romance is finally culminated by their first kiss, a scene where these two lines would have fit right in.

Bella Swan Confronting Edward

“I Wasn’t Going To Tell Anybody. I Just Need To Know The Truth.”

Having just witnessed Edward save her from being crushed by a very heavy van, Bella knew there was something more to him. But when she confronted him, he just dismissed her, afraid she’d expose him and his family.

Given that The Batman features multiple disguises and nearly everyone keeping their respective secrets, this quote would fit in with multiple scenes and pairings, such as Gordon and Batman, Bruce and Selina, or Selina and Falcone. It would have also gone interestingly in a scene with Batman and the Riddler, especially during the latter’s confession as he believes Batman to be his comrade, and appears to know his true identity.

Edward To Bella About His Feelings

“You Don’t Know How Long I’ve Waited For You.”

Edward Cullen had been waiting over a century to meet his soulmate. Despite undoubtedly having other prospects, Edward could not find himself connecting with anyone until he met Bella Swan (his future wife and mother to his miracle child – aka the one human whose mind he couldn’t read).

Like Edward, Batman is shown as being alone and distant from the world. But then he meets Selina, who he finds intriguing right from their first interaction. Although he is still hesitant, Bruce finally finds in Selina a match for himself. Their sizzling encounters and apparent chemistry show how incredibly compatible they are, as partners in crime-fighting, motorcycles drives, and beyond.

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