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Did ‘Peaky Blinders’ Have A Bad Final Season?

It seems like fans and critics have different opinions when it comes to 'Peaky Blinders' final season.

Netflix is a home for many hit projects, some of which rose in popularity thanks to being on the streaming platform. A great example of this is Peaky Blinders, which became a smash hit after debuting on Netflix.

The series went from cult hit to sensation throughout the years, and fans were ready for its 6th and final season. Little was known about its conclusion, and now that all has been revealed, folks are sounding off about the show’s ending. In fact, it sure seems like a lot of people are less than thrilled with the way things ended.

So, did Peaky Blinders end in disappointment? Let’s take a look and see.

What Happened During The ‘Peaky Blinders’ Finale?

For those that have not taken the time to watch the series, Peaky Blinders has easily been one of the best shows on the small screen in recent years.

The story itself is amazing, but in truth, what really elevates the show is the collective performance of the lead cast. Led by Cillian Murphy, Peaky Blinders is a perfect example of what happens when a dynamic script is brought to life by an outstanding cast.

For its first five seasons, the show moved along at a slower pace, infrequently releasing episodes.

Cillian Murphy talked about this, saying, “There’s always been a sort of long pause because, well, we do the show and then we all go off and do other jobs — we aren’t tied to the show the whole time. There’s always been a long-enough gap between each series since we initially started shooting this in, what, 2012? And now it is 2022, so when it comes to the math, that’s six seasons in 10 years. So, it’s been a long time!”

Nevertheless, it maintained it’s large following, and all of the events that unfolded led to what was poised to be an outstanding series conclusion.

There Was A Lot Of Hype For The Final Season

2022 marked the beginning of the end for Peaky Blinders. Fans had been waiting a long time to see the conclusion of the series, which promised to up the ante and shake things up forever.

When talking to Variety about what fans could expect with the final season, Cillian Murphy said, “What can they expect? I think this is the culmination of the series that hopefully improves upon the last season and makes the most recent one the richest and deepest one that we possibly can, partially because of all of the pandemic shit happening in the world and, of course, the really sad loss of [Helen] McCrory. I think we are determined to make this a special series and we have been extra committed to working hard. I think the fans will be pleased!”

The tricky thing about final seasons is that they can completely reshape the way that a show is perceived. Dexter and Game of Thrones were massive hits that dropped the ball with their final seasons, and to date, that’s all people mention when those shows come up in conversation.

That said, there seems to be some growing buzz that many fans were disappointed with the final season of Peaky Blinders.

Has It Been Disappointing?

So, has season 6 of Peaky Blinders been disappointing? Well, Rotten Tomatoes scores are great, but there have been some vocal complaints about the final season.

Some fans wanted more action, sure, but others simply wanted a better story.

As one user wrote, “People aren’t complaining about lack of action. The story just blows.”

As part of another fan write-up, someone took to Reddit to write, “This season has felt like a wasted opportunity.”

The show had an evolution in season 6, something that select fans were unhappy with.

Director Anthony Byrne talked about fans wanting the same old thing, saying, “Season 6 is a character piece about the darkness of Tommy Shelby’s soul and it’s how far down is he going to have to go before he can get out. And will there be any left of him? That’s what it is for me. And audiences who love the character will go with it because they’re on a journey with this guy, with Tommy Shelby. There’s always going to be an element of people who want just the same stuff, but we’re not in it for that because it has to evolve, and it has to change. And it has to challenge the audience’s expectations and take you on a far deeper experience than you’re expecting to go.”

So, was the last season of Peaky Blinders a disappointment? Maybe not entirely, but it sure seems like a lot of fans were left unsatisfied.

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