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Peaky Blinders’ Final Season: 10 Best Quotes From Season 6

The sixth season of Peaky Blinders was a fitting farewell to the show, especially with the finale, and delivered some typically excellent quotes.

After six incredible seasons, Peaky Blinders is now over as a television show, and it leaves behind a great legacy that will only be furthered by the eventual film. Despite having its issues, the sixth season was a fitting farewell to the show, especially with the finale, and delivered some typically excellent quotes that will long be remembered by fans of the Birmingham-based gang.

The finale, “Lock and Key,” in particular, had so many brilliant one-liners and badass quotes, but the season as a whole has so much to offer on that front, from Tommy’s genius on display to some overall hilarious quips at the expense of fascism.

10Tommy’s Latest Intervention For Arthur

“You’ll Change Your Ways, And I’ll Change The F***Ing World.”

One of the more touching scenes in season 6 comes in episode 4 when an unhinged Arthur struggles with his opium withdrawal, and Tommy falls off the wagon to drink with him following Ruby’s death.

This quote is so typical of Tommy, as he not only has another intervention for his brother but makes clear his intentions to rule once again, to take out his enemies and take over. There are a couple of sweet lines reminiscing about their childhood, and their always great-to-watch relationship is vulnerable, real, and a joy to watch. This Tommy quote is the best of the bunch, though

9A Mother’s Warning

“If You Get Lost In The Fog, The Peaky Blinders Will Get You.”

In the middle of the shootout between the Peaky Blinders and the IRA, a mother and her young children pass through the Small Heath fog, with the daughter running off and the mother telling her this harrowing line.

It proves that the Peaky Blinders are a legend of sorts, akin to the boogeyman, and it comes in the perfect setting, the eerie fog, and a shootout. It is a fleeting yet memorable line from an unnamed character that sums up civilian ideas of the Blinders.

8Michael’s Final Words

“Your Lethal Hand Is Always On Our Shoulders.”

One of the many twists and surprises to come in the show’s final season came when Tommy shot Michael in the face point-blank. Michael’s death was not necessarily a huge twist, many predicted it, but it was still brilliantly executed in a shocking manner.

This is Michael’s final line in the whole show and is one that does kind of ring true, backed up by the fact that only seconds later, Tommy murders him, swiftly and coldly. Michael may have been detestable, but he was one of the best villains in the show and a great opponent to Thomas Shelby OBE.

7Lizzie Tells Tommy The News About Ruby

“I Gave Her Your Kiss Goodbye.”

The illness and death of Ruby, brought about by a gypsy curse stemming from the infamous sapphire, was one of the season’s saddest and most horrifying occurrences. The scene where Lizzie tells Tommy about her passing is harrowing.

The one-sided dialogue, which sees Lizzie scream at and then detail to Tommy what happened to his daughter as he stands in the rain, shocked, silent, is fantastic and emotional. It may well be one of the harder scenes to watch in hindsight.

6No Tories For Tommy

“If You Want To F***, I’ll F***. But You’ll Have To Cross The Floor Because I Refuse To F*** On Tory Benches.”

In the fifth episode of the season, Diana basically uses her power, status, and her and Oswald’s necessity to Tommy to sleep with him. While he could not change that, in episode 6, he flips the power dynamic on its head with this hilarious line.

Not only is this a brilliant dig at the Tory party and the fascists whom Tommy is opposing, but it sees himself open up to the idea of having sex with Oswald’s partner, as long as she ‘belittles’ herself by moving to his side of the aisle as he displays his disgust for her side.

5The Reveal Of Aunt Polly’s Fate

“Ever Since You Began To Build Your Empire, You’ve Had A Crutch To Lean On, Last Night We Kicked Away That Crutch.”

One of the biggest questions fans had going into the final season was what would be done with Polly’s character following the tragic death of the wonderful Helen McCrory? The opening minutes of the season answered that question.

It seemed as though Captain Swing’s call would merely be the reveal that the IRA was the organization behind foiling Tommy’s attempt to assassinate Mosley. Instead, with this line, the show made clear they had gone even further; they had murdered the incomparable Polly Gray. Knowing that what she is saying is the truth, that Polly was a crutch for Tommy, makes this line even harder to take.

4Arthur Has More Respect For Dogs

“I Don’t Shoot Dogs, I Shoot F***In’ Fascists, Love.”

In what is the norm for the Peaky Blinders at the end of every season, Tommy and co. thwarted the plans of their enemies to kill Arthur Shelby, with Arthur, Charlie, and Jeremiah taking out the IRA officers who came for the Shelby brother’s life.

When Arthur takes them out of the pub to kill them, Captain Swing asks if they are being dealt with like dogs, prompting this classic, funny response from Arthur. In his mind, in many minds, the fascists that the Blinders are up against do not deserve the respect which is afforded to a dog at that time.

3Nobody Can Beat Tommy Shelby

“I’m Guessing You People All Decided That The Only Person Who Could Ever Kill Tommy Shelby, Is Tommy Shelby Himself.”

The big twist of the season came in the final few scenes, as it is revealed that Tommy does not have tuberculoma, that it was merely a ploy put in place by Mosley and co. to drive Tommy to suicide. When he figures it out, he has a new lease on life.

These are some of the last words he speaks in the series, saying them to his doctor, Michael Holford, as he holds a gun to his head. This all perfectly sets up the Tommy vs. fascism story for the movie. It is another epic Tommy line that showcases how he always beats his opponents, no matter their plan, power, or status.

2Alfie’s Typically Hilarious Bluntness

“Tommy, If You Are About To Express Profound Emotion, You Might Be Better Served Expressing It To Someone Who Gives A Fuck. Or Perhaps To Somebody Who Has Been Paid To Have To Pretend To Have To.”

Alfie Solomons, similarly to Ada and Arthur, may have been underutilized in season 6, but he still manages to steal the show when he does appear, particularly in the finale, where he delivers multiple fantastic one-liners.

The reveal that he and Tommy have struck a deal and are working together was a welcome sight, and leaves both characters with a huge amount of power, but still did not mean they were close friends, which Alfie pretty much says here. As always, he is inadvertently hilarious and wholly wise with his terrifically delivered lines.

1Tommy Proves It Again And Again

“I Have No Limitations.”

In season 6, Tommy is told multiple times by the likes of Michael and Captain Swing that he does not know his limitations, a thread that has been pulled on in the past by big bads who underestimate Tommy.

In one of the most Tommy Shelby moments ever, Tommy delivers this line seconds after he puts a bullet in Michael’s face, killing him. It is the kind of badass line that is deserving of a place in the final few moments of a show that has given fans a stream of epic moments from its beloved anti-hero.

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