‘Twilight’: Inside Bella Swan’s ‘Absolutely Gorgeous’ Home

The Twilight movies showcase some beautiful homes over the course of the film series adaptation. Fortunately, they aren’t all entirely closed off to the public, as many filming locations tend to be. As a result, Twilight fans eagerly seek out the properties, such as Bella Swan‘s home. Here’s a look inside of the house that remains rather screen-accurate to this day.

‘Twilight’: Bella Swan moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks in Washington state

Twilight follows Bella (Kristen Stewart), who is a high-school student. She has always felt like a bit of an outcast. However, everything changes when she moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Washington state. There, she meets Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), who is actually a vampire. Nevertheless, they develop a passionate romance.

Bella experiences a serious change of scenery when she moves from Phoenix to Washington State. However, it isn’t just the weather that offers a contrast. She moves in with her father, Charlie (Billy Burke), which is also an adjustment. Ever wish that you could get a peek at what the house looks like in real life?

Bella Swan’s house in ‘Twilight’ remains fairly screen-accurate

Valory’s YouTube channel posted a house tour of the Swan home from Twilight. The address is 184 S. 6th St. Saint Helens, Oregon. Valory hosts the tour through the infamous Twilight home. She begins in the walk-in area and shows the living room. The house’s aesthetic continues to carry many elements from the movie that make it feel like it’s straight out of the film, such as Swan family photos.

Next, is the dining area. A Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) cardboard cutout sits in the corner to look after guests while they eat. Valory walks around the room, repeatedly calling it “very gorgeous.” There’s a small map on the door that guides guests around each room of the Swan home from Twilight.

That door leads directly into the kitchen, which Valory calls “beautiful” and “enchanting,” featuring a green and white color palette. The final two rooms she shows on the first floor include a small washroom with a toilet and sink, as well as the “wolf bedroom.” This room has a Jacob (Taylor Lautner) cardboard cutout placed in the corner.

Valory takes her viewers upstairs and first shows a light blue-painted bedroom before continuing down the hallway into another bedroom. However, she points out that this larger bedroom in the home belongs to Charlie in Twilight.

She takes viewers into the second bathroom in the house. However, Valory emphasized that “in the film, there was only one bathroom, or so they say in the books, but this house actually has two bathrooms.”

Valory explores another bedroom, which she says is “Edward’s room or Bella’s aesthetic room.” A Stewart cardboard cutout stands in the corner. She further describes it as, “like you’re inside a Macy’s magazine.” There’s a shrine inside of the closet, which features trinkets and other Twilight home decors.

The final room of the house is Bella’s room, which has a film-accurate bedcover.

Bella Swan’s house is on Airbnb

The Swan house in Twilight is available for guests to visit. It’s on Airbnb, which can house up to eight guests within its five bedrooms and one-and-a-half bathrooms. The listing describes the home as a “charming 1930s home.” It’s located close to the historic riverfront and Portland.

However, bookings require reservations 12 months in advance. The system allows newcomers to book time on the 1st of every month for that month in the following year.

The rates require a two-night minimum, which includes varying rates depending upon the days of the week reserved.

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