Jared Keeso’s road to ‘Letterkenny’: How an ex-junior hockey ‘grinder’ became a streaming star

If there is one old story someone from the Kincardine Bulldogs is guaranteed to tell about Jared Keeso, it is the one from that night against Hanover. There was a fight, but there was something more to it than that, and it has stuck with all the Junior C hockey teammates for almost two decades.

There might have been 1,000 fans in the arena, but the Bulldogs were still listless when Keeso lined up for a faceoff in the defensive zone. An opponent looked over.

“We gonna go?”

“We’re not going here,” Keeso said. “We’re going at centre ice.”

So they skated to centre ice before throwing a punch. Nobody can remember precisely how it came off, but Keeso ended up without his jersey in the skirmish. And even after the fighters were separated, more pieces of equipment continued to fall off.

“Pulls off his shoulder pads, his elbow pads,” said Bulldogs teammate Steve Stepaniak. “Starts doing a little striptease.”

“I think he was completely undressed from the bottom up,” said teammate Dustin Catto.

“Dropped to one knee and did a flex,” said fellow Bulldog Corey McCrae.

“Flexing for the crowd,” said Catto.

“The girls loved it,” said Stepaniak.

So did his teammates.

“We’re laughing, laughing, laughing,” said Stepaniak. “But that’s who he was, right?”

“He’s a performer,” said McCrae.

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