Twilight’s Bella Swan Correctly Predicted The Batman’s Biggest Casting Choice

Twilight’s Bella Swan Correctly Predicted The Batman’s Biggest Casting Choice

In the early stages of The Twilight Saga’s key relationship, Bella Swan spends her time trying to figure out Edward Cullen’s big secret, and the reason for his strange behavior. Her detective work leads to a life-changing romance and the unveiling of a world bigger, and more supernatural, than she ever realized. The biggest connection between The Twilight Saga and The Batman is that Robert Pattinson plays Edward Cullen and Bruce Wayne. It’s actually a link Bella Swan predicted in the first Twilight novel.

When Bella meets her lab partner, Edward, he is initially hostile, but he eventually grows to be curious about her, even as she becomes more intrigued by him. That leads to her investigate Edward, and his reputation, as she tries to uncover an explanation for the unique qualities he seems to possess. After Edward saves her life from a car crash, Bella firmly believes he must be a superhero.

Unknown at this point to Bella, Edward has the ability to read minds. Well, all minds except for hers, which is a driving force behind his curiosity about her. It also means he can’t simply read, and must instead get her to freely admit her theories about him. She eventually succumbs to his request, and admits her thoughts align him with Bruce Wayne. His response is that maybe he’s not the hero, but instead the villain. However, Bella doesn’t believe him. Funny enough, she’s more right than she knows with the Bruce Wayne suggestion, considering that Pattinson is now the Caped Crusader.

This is a book-only reference, and doesn’t exist in the film adaptation of Twilight. However, a variation of the scene appears in the movie and also takes place in the school cafeteria. Instead of mentioning Bruce Wayne, Bella doesn’t reference a specific hero but radioactive spiders and kryptonite instead. So, in the Twilight movie with Pattinson, Bruce Wayne isn’t actually named. Still, that doesn’t mean that the book version of Bella wasn’t absolutely correct in the assumption of her vampire classmate.

Fans of the Twilight book were looped into the biggest casting decision for The Batman long before anyone else. Director Matt Reeves wrote the film with Pattinson in mind for the Caped Crusader, but Bella Swan guessed that he’d be perfect for the role first. Bella suspected that Edward was the Bruce Wayne type, and her belief in his heroism predicted the newest live-action Batman casting that brings Pattinson’s film career full circle.

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