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15 Behind The Scenes Pics From The Sons Of Anarchy Set We Can’t Unsee

Sons of Anarchy was something of a surprise when it hit our screens in 2008, but even more surprising is what went down behind the scenes.

Sons of Anarchy was something of a surprise when it hit our screens in 2008. The biker series proved to be a hit on FX and it went on to run successfully for six years before it came to an end in 2014. Like any other show that runs for so many seasons, there are plenty of behind the scenes secrets around the making of the series. Luckily, lots of them have been captured on camera so you can get a glimpse of what life was like on set.

So if you want to see the biker gang SAMCRO in ways that you never thought possible, take a look at all of the pictures in this article. By the end, you’ll probably not be able to watch the show in quite the same way ever again.

15 Seeing Two Jackson Tellers In One Place

Sons of Anarchy certainly has its hand full with just one Jackson Teller. Seeing two of them in the same place just seems like a really bad idea that is likely to lead to tragedy. Here, Jax actor Charlie Hunnam is on set with his stunt double.

14 Cooling Off Is Important On Set

Sons of Anarchy was filmed in California, so it should come as no surprise that days spent filming the show could get a little heated. Keeping cool is always an important factor on set to ensure actors are comfortable and don’t ruin their costumes and makeup.

13 Chief Of Police Unser Heartily Dancing

Chief Unser was never afraid of mixing it with the criminal bikers on Sons of Anarchy but he was rarely quite as jovial as he appears in this behind the scenes image. Dayton Callie seemingly likes to show off his dance moves on set, much to the delight of Katey Sagal.

12 Alternate Actors In The Pilot Episode

Not all of the characters in the full show were actually in the pilot. The first episode also had a few actors who would not make it over to the main series once it was greenlit. Seeing them with the rest of the gang makes you wonder what might have happened if they were still around.

11 Not The Diet You Expect A Biker To Have

It is important for actors on any set to keep fit and healthy, with a good diet being an essential part of that process. However, seeing Charlie Hunnam munch down on a salad seems strange when he is in character as Jax Teller. We doubt that’s part of a traditional biker’s diet.

10 A Behind The Scenes Spa

One thing that we are certain of without a shadow of a doubt is that the bikers of SAMCRO would likely not visit a spa. It is just not their scene and would probably affect their status as a biker gang if they were seen in such a place.

Ron Perlman And Charlie Hunnam Hanging Out

Ron Perlman and Charlie Hunnam both play bikers in Sons of Anarchy and, as a result, are not exactly the type who would just be hanging out having a good time. Seeing them in character doing just that is a bit weird, to say the least.

Just How Involved Kurt Sutter Gets In The Making Of Episodes

Kurt Sutter was a defining force behind Sons of Anarchy. As the showrunner, he was responsible for much of what happened on screen, despite being somewhat of an abrasive personality when all is said and done. This photo shows just how hands-on he was during filming.

A True Biker Would Not Be Seen Dead Like This

There is just no way that any self-respecting biker, never mind a member of SAMCRO, would be prepared to ride around on their chopper like this. Not only is he out of uniform but he is also giving a ride to someone else on the back of his chopper.

Not The Type To Pose For A Selfie

Happy Lowman and Tig could never be said to be particularly nice characters in Sons of Anarchy. In fact, one of them was actually a hitman. But that didn’t stop the two actors from posing for a selfie behind the scenes, despite it being something their characters would never do.

Seeing The Gang Relax A Little Too Much

Being a biker is not an easy job and it is plain to see how demanding the act can be by watching the show. It is no wonder then that the members of SAMCRO are keen to make use of any downtime they can to get in a bit of rest.

Katey Sagal Doesn’t Look Quite As Ruthless On Set

Fans of Sons of Anarchy will be aware that Katey Sagal’s character Gemma is not the laughing type. Throughout the run of the series, she is shown to be a ruthless and determined woman who is capable of taking extreme measures to keep her family safe and in power.

Chibs Telford Messing Around With Unser

As Chief of Police, you might expect Unser to have something of an uneasy relationship with the bikers. After all, SAMCRO conducts many illegal activities. But the officer remains on good terms with them for the most part, meaning he would likely never actually try and arrest Chibs Telford.

Charlie Hunnam Riding Around Out Of Character

Charlie Hunnam is one of the most imposing figures on Sons of Anarchy but you would never think that judging from this photograph. The actors in the show often rode motorcycles to get accustomed to them but it doesn’t stop us from seeing him look so normal on his chopper.

Opie Without His Signature Beard

Opie Winston is an important character on Sons of Anarchy and the best friend of the main character Jax Teller. Yet, he is always seen in the show with his signature long beard. Seeing the character without it is so weird, many people probably would not recognize him.

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