10 Similarities Between Robert Pattinson’s The Batman & Edward Cullen

Robert Pattinson's performance in The Batman illustrates the similarities between the Dark Knight and Twilight's Edward Cullen.

As Robert Pattinson joins the DC Universe in The Batman, his portrayal of Bruce Wayne has brought new life to the legendary character. Pattinson’s nuanced performance was also a pleasant surprise to audiences, many of whom initially doubted his capabilities.

Pattinson’s moody take on the classic vigilante is reminiscent of another major character from his acting resumé, Twilight’s Edward Cullen. Aside from the obvious connection that both characters have to bats, Edward and Bruce share many similarities that prove Robert Pattinson was destined to become the new Batman.


Both the Waynes and the Cullens have more money than they know what to do with, somehow ignoring the fact that they could easily use their wealth to help the people they’re so desperate to find justice for. Acquired over centuries of living without the need of common human necessities, Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his family by extension have acquired a vast fortune.

In The Batman, the Wayne fortune along with several charitable foundations are left to Bruce after the murder of his parents. Bruce attempts to separate himself from that aspect of his life in Gotham and as a result, allows a criminal element with less than honorable intentions to take over without his knowledge.


Dwayne Johnson may have mastered the smolder, but Robert Pattinson has the brooding loner look down to a science. Edward Cullen’s morose appearance and sullen personality in Twilightmake him somehow irresistible to the humans around him in a similar manner that Bruce Wayne is desired by women. Their lack of overt desire for others makes them that much more sought-after.

While Edward’s melancholy stems from his struggle to refrain from drinking human blood and the inner torment of accepting his life as a demon, Bruce is plagued by the grief of his parents’ deaths and the loneliness of being the sole heir to their fortune.


Fans of Twilight will no doubt recall Edward’s “well-meaning” stalking of love interest Bella Swan by watching through her window at night. Pattinson’s performance as Batman features a similar motif, during which Batman watches Selina Kyle from afar to discover her secret identity as Catwoman.

In one of The Batman’s best scenes, Bruce parts ways with Selina, and the pair ride off in separate directions. Batman’s relationship with Catwoman differs from Edward’s relationship with Bella in this way as Bruce knows that Selina can look after herself while Edward believes Bella needs constant protection.


Both Bruce and Edward lost their parents at a young age following traumatic events. Edward’s parents died as a result of the Spanish Influenza, leaving him an orphan who would have suffered the same fate if not for the quick actions of Dr. Cullen.

Bruce Wayne’s parents, however, were murdered in an alley following an opera, leading Bruce to take on a life of vengeance and justice-seeking. Although both characters end up in better circumstances, they continue to feel the lingering loneliness as a result of Bruce losing his parents and Edward losing his humanity.

6Mysterious Love Interest

Bruce’s fascination with Selina Kyle falls under a similar category as Edward’s obsession with Bella. Both men are intrigued by women who appear mysterious or unreadable in their eyes. While Catwoman makes some of the smartest decisions in The Batman, she also risks her own life in order to save Annika, exhibiting a passion for justice that draws Bruce to her.

Selina’s natural distrust of strangers makes her mysterious enough to pique Bruce’s interest, another puzzle he longs to solve. Similarly, Bella is the one person whose mind is impenetrable by Edward’s power, making her thoughts that much more appealing for him to discover.

5Adopted Father Figure

After both characters lose their parents at a young age, their formative years and therefore moral codes are guided by their adopted father figures. In an attempt to save Edward from the same fate as his parents, Carlisle turns him into a vampire, teaching him to lead an afterlife without feeding on humans.

Orphaned after the murder of his parents, Bruce is taken in by his father’s right-hand man, Alfred, and raised in the Wayne Manor. Alfred tries to keep Bruce from heading down the dark path of vengeance over justice.

4Skilled Fighters

Although Batman’s fighting skills are limited to his human capacity and are not nearly as powerful as Edward’s vampire strength, both characters are accomplished fighters.

As evident from Edward’s fight against James, his brutality has no limit when it comes to protecting Bella. Batman’s combat style is much more disciplined and calculated, incorporating several different martial arts in his fighting. Edward, in contrast, fights in a much more animalistic way and intends to kill rather than bring his enemies to justice.

3Sense Of Duty

Both Bruce Wayne and Edward Cullen display righteousness in their approach to conflict, believing that they have a duty to protect the people around them and uphold a level of morality in their actions. There is a touch of hubris in both characters as they continually blame themselves for things that are often out of their control.

While Batman is active in his vigilantism on the streets of Gotham, Edward focuses his efforts inward, viewing himself as the most dangerous threat to civilians. After falling in love with Bella, Edward becomes consumed by the need to save her soul from the same fate as his own.


Another similarity can be drawn between Edward Cullen and Batman through their intellectual prowess. Edward, having had decades of sleepless days to read and learn, is obviously incredibly smart. Carlisle’s insistence on sending the Cullen siblings to high school every four years has also made Edward an expert in pretty much every school subject.

Robert Pattinson’s Batman excels in its comic book accuracy as he meets his intellectual match in Riddler. Often described as the world’s greatest detective, The Batman throws Bruce Wayne into the middle of a mysterious killing spree where the Riddler has left personalized clues to appeal to Batman’s curious nature. Although Batman is undoubtedly very intelligent, it is also possible that Riddler dumbed down his puzzles to ensure being caught.

1Concealed Identities

The final comparable aspect of both Batman’s and Edward Cullen’s lives is the necessity for anonymity. In order to continue serving the people of Gotham, Bruce Wayne has to keep his public life separate from his Batman identity. With the help of his mask and costume, he is able to work in the darkness without fear of being exposed.

The threat of Edward Cullen’s secret being revealed poses a danger to himself as well as the lives of everyone he knows. While the vampires of Twilight don’t face immediate death upon stepping into the sun, one of many ways Twilight‘s vampires differ from conventional ones, the Volturi would immediately kill them to prevent humans from discovering the truth.

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