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Peaky Blinders: 10 Scenes That Are Hardest To Watch, According To Reddit

Among the many gruesome and disturbing scenes on Peaky Blinders, these are the hardest to watch according to the fans on Reddit.

With the new season of Peaky Blinders underway, the fans cannot wait to see what holds for Tommy and his family’s future. Season 6 is also the last season of the BBC crime drama and now fans can’t help but reminisce about the show. Fans on Reddit talk about the scenes that are hardest to watch.

Being a crime drama, the show is filled with some of the most gruesome and emotional deaths. Many of these scenes are not easy to watch and there are some other scenes that are extremely cringeworthy.

Tommy Apologizing To Father Hughes

Father Hughes is one of the most vicious antagonists on Peaky Blinders because, behind the holy exterior, the man is a pedophile. He kidnapped Tommy’s son and blackmailed him to apologize to him in front of the Russians.

A Reddit user, Decision_Happy, talks about the scene and says, “I just watched that the other day, hope that priest goes to hell with his smug face.” Seeing Tommy apologize to the awful man is exceedingly irksome for the audience.

Death Of The Digbeth Kid

A Reddit user, alainabobaina, recalls a scene from season 2 as one of the most disturbing. In their words, “The innocent Digbeth kid who the peaky blinders had thrown in jail to fill the quota for illegal betting arrests… then Sabini’s guy slits his throat to send a message thinking he was a real peaky blinder. That one was gruesome and messed with me.”

Many other users agree with them and Licorishlover comments, “They really messed with an innocent child there. It was so sad and horrific to watch.”

Michael Shaming Polly

Polly was forced into sex by Inspector Campbell in exchange for freeing Michael from jail. She did it to save Michael, but Michael shamed her for it and fans hated him for it.

A Redditor, Sapiencia6, says, “I couldn’t believe Michael treat her that way after we’d just learned about his own sexual abuse.” Michael should have commiserated with her instead of acting like that.

Bonnie’s Crucifixion

Many fans said that the scene where Bonnie Gold is crucified is one of the hardest to watch in the show. A Reddit user, sessy_sasquatch, tells that in that scene, they “always have to look away.”

The gang, Billy Boys, crucified him and shot him in the head in front of his father, Aberama Gold. Most fans feel that it would have felt satisfying if Aberama was able to take revenge for his son’s death in the season 5 finale, which might’ve made this a bit easier to sit through.

Grace’s Death

In the opinion of a Reddit fan, Aissathebeergod, the scene where Grace Shelby dies is the most disturbing scene on Peaky Blinders. Another user, LopsidedHeart455, agrees with them and comments, “Same for me… my heart sank. They [Thomas and Grace] were so beautiful together.”

Vicente Changretta sent his men to kill Tommy but Grace was accidentally shot and she died in Tommy’s arms. It was a big turning point in the show because Grace’s death worsened Tommy’s mental health for years to come.

Polly’s Rape

Inspector Campbell is one of the most hateful characters on Peaky Blinders. A big reason for that is the way he forced Polly to have sex with him in exchange for getting her son out of jail. A Reddit user, fkngbueller, tells that “The hardest would be for me the rape scene for Pol. Only watched once, always skipped.”

It is not surprising that this scene would be disturbing to watch for many fans and for some, it may be triggering as well. Due to this reason, the scene in the season 2 finale where Polly shoots him is satisfying for many fans as she gets her revenge.

Linda Seducing Arthur

Linda is also a character that the fans of Peaky Blinders can’t stand. She has always wanted to control Arthur and drag him away from his family against his will. One time, she went as far as to seduce Arthur into sex so that he wouldn’t attend an important meeting.

A Reddit user, RavagerOutlaw, describes the scene and shares their opinion. In their words, “When Linda goes into Arthur’s office to have sex and throws some cringy lines and acting, I wanted to die after ‘keep his balls empty and his belly full.'”

John’s Death

Many viewers found John’s death to be extremely upsetting to watch. A Redditor, Muffalicka, comments, “I was heartbroken when John died. Just recently rewatched the show and it still stings seeing him go out like that.”

There is no doubt that seeing him being shot multiple times as he refused to back down and the scene after where Esme is crying over his body is incredibly painful. It is a huge blow to the Shelby family and fans of the show can never forget it even though they might not rewatch the scene.

Aberama Being Shot

Aberama Gold became a likable character especially after seeing his romance blossom with Polly. Also, he had to see his son being killed brutally in front of his eyes, which evokes sympathy in the hearts of fans towards him. TheBigBadWolf01 names the scene where Aberama is killed in the season 5 finale as a hard-to-watch scene.

Another user, Gilgongojr, agrees with them and shares their viewpoint by saying, “Yes. What a heartbreaker. Talk about subverting expectations.” The killer of Aberama is still unknown and it was one of the most shocking deaths in Peaky Blinders.

Danny’s Death

A fan on Reddit, Gloomy_bodybuilder47, talks about the scene in the season 1 finale and says, “Danny whizbangs death was sad.” There is another user, IamTheOnlyAJ, according to whom the scene becomes satisfying two seconds later “when he shot Billy Kimber in the head was well transitioned and super satisfying so come on.”

Danny fought in the war with Thomas Shelby and like Tommy, he had PTSD too, but his symptoms were much worse due to which many fans empathized with him. So, his death wasn’t easy on many of the viewers.

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