Twilight Impacted Robert Pattinson’s Friendship With Jamie Dornan

Belfast actor Jamie Dornan has revealed that his friendship with The Batman actor Robert Pattinson was affected by his casting in Twilight.

Actor Jamie Dornan revealed that his friendship with The Batman actor Robert Pattinson was affected by the latter’s casting in Twilight. Currently, Pattinson has been in the spotlight for his performance in The Batman. Pattinson is the most recent in a long line-up of actors to take on the role of the Caped Crusader and has been enjoying quite a lot of acclaim since the film was released on March 3rd. The Batman has seen many positive reviews since its release, with some fans claiming that it might even be better than Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, which has been the gold standard for Batman films for over a decade.

As most know, after a brief role in the Harry Potter franchise, Pattinson’s career took off with his portrayal of Edward in the Twilight films. Some may not know that at the time of Twilight, Pattinson was living in a house full of actors, including Dornan, Andrew Garfield, Charlie Cox, and Eddie Redmayne. Of course, all of these actors have since gone on to be a part of their own respective franchises. However, at the time, Pattinson was the only one working consistently. During the premiere for The Batman, Pattinson claimed that at the time, his roommates would only give him “pity invites” to events they would go to.

During the Critics Choice Awards, Dornan spoke to ET about Pattinson’s claim, clarifying that he and the other roommates did not only offer “pity invites.” For Dornan, he feels that Pattinson’s early success pulled him somewhat away from the rest of the group. Dornan has stated that due to Pattinson’s success in Twilight, the rest of the group would often wonder, “does he really fit in with us?” as the rest of them were not working at the time. According to Dornan, Twilight put Pattinson “in a different stratosphere” from the rest of the group. See his full quote below:

“The pity invite? No. I think with Rob it’s always been like, he sort of had success earlier, so we were a bit like, ‘Does he really fit in with us?’ Because we were not working, and he’s working all the time. He did ‘Twilight’ and was suddenly in a different stratosphere than us. We’ve sort of, not caught up, but we all started working more consistently, but yeah, Jesus, we’ve known each other a long time.”

Dornan makes sure it’s clear that the group never left Pattinson at home. The star even acknowledges that it would be absurd to leave Pattinson behind; after all, he was a working actor and a rising star. The rest of the actors enjoyed bringing him around to events because he could get them all the attention. This may be hard to believe for some, as all of these actors are at least somewhat known for their good looks. However, it seems that they relied on Pattinson’s instead.

Of course, none of these actors rely on Pattinson anymore. Dornan appears in the Oscar-nominated Belfast, Redmayne has his third Fantastic Beasts film coming out later this year, and both Cox and Garfield made appearances in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which was the biggest film of 2021. Not bad for what started as a household of unemployed actors. However, it seems that they will never forget Twilight star Pattinson as the one that got there first.

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