Twilight’s Ashley Greene Reveals Which Sentimental Props She Kept From Set

Ashley Greene, who played Alice Cullen in Twilight, reveals which props she kept from set after the film franchise came to an end in 2012.

Twilight star Ashley Greene reveals which sentimental props she kept from the set once the beloved film franchise came to an end. Having first released back in 2008, following the overwhelming success of Stephenie Meyer’s book series by the same name, Twilight was an instant hit with young audiences. The story follows Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) as she moves to the town of Forks, Washington and meets Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) who, whilst appearing to also be a teenager, is actually a vampire who was born in 1901.

The mania that surrounded Twilight immediately saw its stars catapulted into the spotlight, with Stewart having recently been nominated for an Academy Award for her lead role in Spencer and Pattinson making his DC debut with a critically acclaimed performance as Bruce Wayne in The Batman. For many of Twilight’s stars, the film acted as a springboard for their careers. Greene, who played Alice Cullen, Edward’s adoptive sister within the film, has also gone on to star in a number of exciting projects over the years. However, Greene recently took the time to reminisce about her time within the Cullen clan, revealing some of the keepsakes she held on to following the saga’s conclusion with Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

In conversation with Insider, Greene revealed that a lot of the film’s stars held on to props to remember their time within the Twilight franchise. The star revealed that she kept “Alice’s Cullen crest,” which Greene wore a number of times throughout the films, as well as “a ring that Jasper gave Alice” that did not feature within the films. Greene went on to share that she keeps them safe along the “rest of her valuables” as they hold a lot of sentimental value for her. Check out Greene’s full quote below.

“I think we all did, I took Alice’s Cullen crest and then I took a ring that wasn’t necessarily featured in the film, but we decided was a ring that Jasper gave Alice. [They’re kept] with the rest of my valuables. Those two things held a lot of weight for me and so I will keep those forever, we have auctioned off a lot of stuff, but I think those two things will stay with me.”

Greene went on to discuss how she still keeps in touch with her former co-stars, despite the Twilight franchise having come to an end a decade ago this year. Greene recently announced the exciting launch of The Twilight effect, a re-watch podcast in which the star will revisit each of the films and discuss her experience working on them. Greene, who will co-host the 30-episode limited podcast series, will also interview a number of her previous castmates including Peter Facinelli, who played Carlisle, the Cullen family’s father, as well as Nikki Reed who played Rosalie, and Kellan Lutz who played Emmett.

It’s certainly sweet to hear that Greene has such fond memories of her time making the Twilight films, which were met with mixed reviews, and that she counts these keepsakes as among her most valuable possessions. Given the scope of the Twilight franchise as a whole, it’s not surprising that her character means so much to her, as she has discussed this on numerous occasions in the past. Knowing that many of Greene’s co-stars held on to various items from the set begs the question as to who kept what, and whether either Stewart or Pattinson might also keep some major Twilight memorabilia on display in their homes.

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