‘Twilight’: Why Kristen Stewart ‘Almost Passed out’ Her First Day on Set

To many, acting can seem like a truly glamorous job. Celebrities like Kristen Stewart seem to be constantly dressed in high fashion, gracing magazine covers, traveling to beautiful locales, and making tons of money. And while there are certainly parts of the job that are all glitz and glam, acting is also emotionally and physically demanding and can take a toll on actors. For example, one of Stewart’s arduous roles was the one that made her a household name, portraying Bella Swan in the Twilight movies.

Having spent over a decade directly in the spotlight, Stewart has gotten candid many times about how being in the Twilight movies took a toll on her mental health. She struggled with the constant attention she received thanks to the film franchise. Furthermore, she grew frustrated with how the media portrayed her simply because she was uncomfortable living a life under a microscope.

Filming the ‘Twilight’ movies was often very demanding for the cast

But the media circus that surrounded the Twilight movies wasn’t the only challenging part of the experience for Stewart. The actor shared that the films often wreaked havoc on her immune system. Because large parts of the movies were often shot outside, under intense weather conditions, she was often battling a cold when she was on set.

Stewart also found the Twilight movies to be fairly emotionally demanding as well. Fans of the films know that Bella runs the gamut of emotions throughout the five movies and it wasn’t always easy for Stewart to take herself to the emotional places where her character needed to be. In fact, Stewart nearly passed on her very first day on set while trying to prepare herself emotionally for a pivotal scene.

Why Kristen Stewart nearly fainted her first day on set

To be fair, Stewart’s first day on set required a great deal of emotion from her. She was filming the infamous scene between Bella and James in the ballet studio and had to dig deep in order to sell the heightened emotionality of the scene. “First day, we started with the ballet studio, so it was the whole climax of the movie,” the Twilight star revealed to MTV back in 2012. “I remember going to open the door for the first time and trying to rev myself up to this insane degree that I actually almost passed out and suddenly had this excruciating pain shoot out of my head.”

But there was no time to waste and Stewart was forced to power through the scene. Fortunately, she was able to get through it and even adapt a sense of ironic humor. “And they were like, ‘Action! Action!’ And I was like, ‘Ugh,’ and I got it together, and obviously, it was fine, but it’s kind of fitting,” she revealed. “I hadn’t had that experience before on a movie, so yeah.” It might have been a challenging first day on the set of Twilight for Stewart, but she was able to power through like a true professional.

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