How Many Episodes Are There In ‘Letterkenny’ Season 9? See Details About The Sitcom Here

Letterkenny season 9 dropped all over the world on December 26, 2020. Read more to know how many episodes are there in Letterkenny season 9.

Letterkenny is one of the most popular Canadian sitcoms for quite some time now. The TV sitcom is created by Jared Keeso and is written primarily by Keeso and Jacob Tierney. The show is set in the titular rural Canadian town, Letterkenny. The show helmed by Tierney shows the lives of people in a small rural community in Ontario. The primary characters of the sitcom run a farm and sell its produce. Debuted in 2016, Letterkenny is currently in its ninth season which released recently for the viewers all over the world. Letterkenny season 9 dropped on Hulu on December 26, 2020.

Letterkenny season 9 review have been mostly positive. Over the years, the show was praised for its approach on dry humour and the small-town life. It has also won several awards and accolades for its story and performances by the actors. As Letterkenny season 9 dropped for the viewers recently, a lot of people have been curious about the Letterkenny season 9 episodes and have been wondering how many episodes are there in Letterkenny season 9. For all the people thinking about Letterkenny season 9 episodes, here is everything you need to know about it.

How many episodes are there in Letterkenny season 9?

The is currently in its ninth season and the past eight seasons have had around seven episodes each in a season. Following the same pattern, Letterkenny season 9 has a total of seven episodes. Here is a look at the Letterkenny season 9 episodes titles and its official description according to IMDb.

Season 9 Episode 1: American Buck and Doe

Post fight with Dierks, the hicks/skids and hockey players attend an American Buck and Doe.

Season 9 Episode 2: Kids with Problems

Kids with problems are given important life lessons…and hot dogs.

Season 9 Episode 3: Scorched Earth

Katy takes her scorched earth strategy to Letterkenny. Gail gets some action of her own.

Season 9 Episode 4: Mitzvah

The hockey players learn about Judaism.

Season 9 Episode 5: Sleepover

Sleepover activities only; movies, board games and girl talk.

Season 9 Episode 6: Breastaurant

A breastaurant opens in Letterkenny.

Season 9 Episode 7: NDN NRG

Tanis starts her own energy drink.

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