Seinfeld: 10 Quotes Only Die-Hard Fans Will Remember

"Yada yada yada" aside, these are some of the quotes that live rent-free in the minds of Seinfeld fans, delivered by Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George.

A cultural landmark, one of the best sitcoms of all time, yada, yada, yada — one of the reasons why Seinfeld is still loved by fans is that there are quotes a fan can’t simply forget, to the point it’s impossible not to hear these words in the voices of the beloved Kramer, George, Elaine, and Jerry.

While some lines from iconic episodes like “The Contest” and “The Marine Biologist” can be quoted by heart, they aren’t the only unforgettable quotes bursting through the doors in the minds of Seinfeld fans.


“We’re Living In A Society!”

One of George’s famous outbursts after someone uses the payphone before he reaches it is timeless. There are so many times where this quote can be used that a fan can’t help but think about it waiting for a table at a restaurant or seeing people disrespecting safe distancing rules.

Jason Alexander’s vibrant performance in “The Chinese Restaurant” makes the delivery just right: it sounds like a cry of indignation about what human civilization has become, but really it’s just the sound of a hungry, frustrated man, and that doesn’t make it any less valid.


“It’s Like A Sauna In Here.”

Like many underrated Kramer quotes that are even funnier today, this quote from “The Implant” doesn’t get old. In the club’s sauna with Jerry and George, Kramer announces the obvious, which has no right to be as hilarious as it is.

Part of the brilliance of Seinfeld was that it managed to make great comedy out of the most ordinary things, having as its backbone consistent characters like Cosmo Kramer. Simple but memorable quotes like this one illustrate one of the things the show simply nailed.


“I Don’t Have A Square To Spare. I Can’t Spare A Square!”

Elaine has some of the best moments of the show and the revenge of “The Stall” is right on that list. When she finds herself in a toilet without a single square of toilet paper, she asks the woman in the stall next to her for help, only to hear a big “no.”

The woman happens to be someone Jerry is dating, and in true Seinfeld fashion, by the end of the episode, Elaine manages to stock toilet paper only to say “no” to the same woman when it’s her turn to ask for a square. Elaine didn’t have a square to spare and she didn’t spare a square, which makes this quote not only comfortable to hear but also hard to forget.


“That’s Hennigan’s, The No-Smell, No-Tell Scotch.”

Kramer could do a commercial for Hennigan’s, and it would probably become a memorable commercial too. His Hennigan’s monologue is a fan favorite and one of the great performances of the talented Michael Richards. Asked by Jerry and Elaine to drink an old scotch called Hennigan’s, they then try to smell the liquor on him.

Kramer not only drinks the scotch but keeps pretending he’s in a commercial for the brand. Without missing a beat, he points out that with Hennigan’s, he can walk around drunk all day because he doesn’t even smell after three shots. Hennigan’s is a brand that Seinfeld fans can’t forget, just like this quote.


“Believe It Or Not, George Isn’t At Home.”

This quote sticks in everyone’s head like George singing that song from Les Misérables. This quote sang in the rhythm of The Greatest American’s Hero theme song is still remembered by fans, whether voluntarily or not.

While “The Susie” is far from being the sitcom at its best, this quote proves that not only the best episodes of Seinfeld have the most memorable quotes. Fans can remember George’s song just by reading this entry, and that says all about its significance.


“I’ll Go If I Don’t Have To Talk.”

One of the most loved aspects of Seinfeld is the fact the characters have great discussions, which makes them seem like real people. While Season 1 of Seinfeld is the less memorable of all seasons, that doesn’t mean that some quotes are still remembered by die-hard fans.

After being invited by Jerry to go to the cafe in “Male Unbonding,” Elaine says she’ll go if she doesn’t have to talk, which is something fans wish they could say in way too many moments.


“So I Grab Him By The Collar, I Take Him Out Of The Seat, I Get Behind The Wheel, And Now I’m Driving The Bus!”

With a talented actor that has many overdramatic performances like Michael Richards, some quotes become iconic simply because of their delivery. In “The Fire,” Kramer tells George and Jerry how he saved a pinkie toe by avoiding a robbery while driving a bus.

Kramer not only is the smartest person on Seinfeld, on many occasions, but he’s also one of the most unforgettable characters on TV. It’s because of monologues like this that he’s still loved by fans: One simply doesn’t forget that he kept making all the stops.


“The Answer Invariably Comes Back, Cinnamon, Cinnamon. Again And Again. Lesser Babka? I Think Not!”

Jerry is often pointing out things that don’t seem to be discussed by most. In “The Dinner Party,” while he and Elaine go through the ordeal of waiting in line at the bakery, Elaine gets upset when she misses the chance of buying a chocolate babka to bring to the dinner party. Jerry then becomes the cinnamon babka’s advocate, stating that people love cinnamon.

“It should be on tables at restaurants along with salt and pepper,” he says, not accepting Elaine’s opinion that a cinnamon babka is lesser than a chocolate babka. The quote is not only loved by the ones who agree with Jerry but remembered by fans every time there’s a dispute of chocolate versus cinnamon.


“But You Are, Blanche! You Are In The Shackles!”

Seinfeld pays gorgeous homages to several classic movies, giving new life to already memorable quotes. One of these references is to the movie What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, in which Blanche tells her sister (Bette Davis) that she couldn’t be harmed if she wasn’t in the chair, and Bette Davis says, “But you are, Blanche! You are in that chair!”

In “The Airport,” George gets the last magazine on the shelf before a criminal standing next to him can get it. Accompanied by two police officers and in shackles, the criminal threatens George by saying: “If I wasn’t in these shackles …”. George then impersonates Bette Davis, replying, “But you are, Blanche! You are in the shackles!” It is one of the funniest George Costanza quotes and is as memorable as the line it references.


“And You Wanna Be My Latex Salesman.”

It’s hard not to think of Seinfeld when one comes across the words “latex,” “industries” or someone named Art. The fact that this line was improvised by Jerry Seinfeld in “The Boyfriend” doesn’t make it less unforgettable.

This iconic quote is the perfect ending of an already hilarious scene: Kramer not saying “Vandelay Industries” on the phone, Elaine telling him to say it, George falling with his pants down and Jerry entering his apartment. These words stay not only in the minds but also in the hearts of Seinfeld fans.

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