The 10 Funniest Memes From the Twilight Films

I am asking you once again to make me a vampire.

Ah, The Twilight Saga. A book series that has spawned a movie franchise, soundtracks, a dedicated fanbase, a peculiar fanfiction, and much to our excitement, a brilliant supply of memes. Say what you will about Twilight, but one thing is for certain – the pop culture impacts it’s managed to hold for years after its initial release is an impressive feat on its own – even leading to uproar as it was revealed that the films would be leaving Netflix.

The films themselves, whilst of course intended to be drama, simply come across in a way that is much more humorous than clearly intended. This inevitably comes with a brilliant supply of memes across all the films, most of which are too good not to share.

Chatting With The Hallucination Of Edward

Starting off our list is the perfect example. Bella, carrying around an illusion of Edward, essentially has his voice in her head at all times. Of course, why wouldn’t you lie about how you were feeling, even to a question as simple as asking how you are?

The character portrayals of Bella, Edward, and Laurent, combined with the sheer silliness of the script, can’t be un-memed. What, you mean you don’t have a hallucination of Edward Cullen that you keep around at all times? Weird.

Please, Make Me A Vampire!

vampireguarddog / Tumblr / via

The entirety of Twilight: Eclipse follows Bella wanting to become a vampire, and making this very, very clear. The film comes to an end with Bella agreeing to do things Edward’s way – marriage, sex, and then becoming a vampire.

This doesn’t change the fact that Bella spends the entire film wanting to be turned. Her persistence comes off at humorous at times – but hey, clearly her tactics work. Of course, this absolute hilarious persistence combined with a good ol’ Bernie meme? You simply cannot go wrong.

Battle Of The Sitcoms: Twilight Style

jessicastanleyfanclub / Tumblr / via

While Bella isn’t portrayed as the bubbliest person alive, the stark contract between her sunnier disposition and outlook on life compared to Edward’s bleak outlook on life is laughable at the least. This works well with two fan favorites from The Good Place (Michael) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Boyle), who, in these moments, mimic Bella & Edward perfectly.

Plus, it goes without saying that applying a film such as Twilight to shows such as The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine is top-notch mememaking. Let’s not forget the massive crossover between all three of these fandoms – what’s not to love?

Friends x Twilight: The Crossover You Never Knew You Needed

bully-snail / Tumblr / via

Anyone who is even slightly familiar with Twilight is well aware of Edward’s, er… creepier tendencies. You know, just the standard sneaking-into-girl’s-bedroom-and-watching-her-sleep trope. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary with that.

Everyone (and I mean everyone) telling Edward to stay away from Bella, and him translating this to breaking into her bedroom, perfectly mirrors when Phoebe tries to teach Joey French in Friendsand his response is way, way off. It’s definitely not in the realm of breaking into people’s bedrooms to watch them sleep, but the connection is there.

Tragedy!: Capitalism Strikes Again

tennisballtentacles / Tumblr / via

It’s your typical Romeo & Juliet conundrum – our Romeo, Edward, thinks that our Juliet, Bella, is dead, so he prepares to be destroyed himself. Mistakenly believing that Bella has been killed, Edward decides to step into the sunlight in Italy, to expose himself as a vampire.

In the midst of all this, he fails to hear that Bella is indeed still alive. Because, of course, he has AirPods in! It’s your run-of-the-mill romantic tragedy, but luckily, all goes well for our modern Shakespearean couple in the end.

Snack vs. Snacc

twilight-af / Tumblr / via

All it takes to understand the humor of this meme are two things: the context, and the facials. Context-wise, Edward is ready to attack when James, the main antagonist of the first film, refers to Bella as a “snack”. He means a delicious delectable, but in true meme fashion, they memed the other type of snacc. You know, the sexy kind.

This, combined with the utterly perfect freeze-frame of Edward’s face in this particular scene, makes for an absolute treat. God bless Tumblr indeed.

For The Love Of God, This Is Torture

littleblairwitch / Tumblr / Via

Picture this. Your son has a girl over. You can hear snippets of their conversation. Of course, he’s saying all the wrong things and behaving in a way that you just know isn’t right. You can’t interrupt. You have to let him learn. So you keep your mouth shut, and all you can do is listen.

Throw in vampires and the strong urge to feed on humans, and you have the inner turmoil of Carlisle. At least he’s able to resist his urges for human blood.

Twilight Meets Claire Saffitz

breakingisabella / Tumblr / Via

It’s common knowledge that Edward is flawed. See the earlier meme referring to his frequent breaking into Bella’s bedroom. In fact, Edward himself is aware that he is a flawed being. He doesn’t pretend to be perfect, and it’s one of his more likable traits.

This doesn’t mean that he needs to be called out on his mistakes, such as falling in love with a human. Yes, the same human whose blood he really wants to drink. As the pop icon Hannah Montana says, “Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.”

Edward Is Jim Halpert, Confirmed

twilight-af / Tumblr / Via

Those of us who have the luxury of working a good ol’ 9-5 office job can relate to the antics of those in The OfficeThose annoying coworkers who just don’t know how to keep their business to themselves and all the while, you’re just trying to get your work done.

Enter Jim Halpert, Jim is Edward embodied, if Edward in a parallel universe was a human who worked at a paper company. When Mike and Bella get all up close and personal in class, right by Edward’s side, he is unbothered, cool, and flourishing.

Please, Just Find A Girlfriend

volturialice / Tumblr / Via

What family doesn’t want happiness for all of their relatives? For 80 years, the Cullen family has been trying to get Edward his happy ending, and Edward just wasn’t having any of it. Of course, Edward then decided to fall in love with a human, much to the dismay of the rest of his family. You know what they say – still a better love story than Twilight!

Fundamental issues with loving a human as a vampire aside, Edward finally got his happy ending. In the process, he may or may not have turned down every single plausible option, but focusing on the happy ending part is definitely the way to go.

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